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Dolphins beat Panthers to hit .500

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins accomplished something Thursday night they hadn't been able to manage since before the season began.

They put as many victories as losses on their record. They are 5-5 today following a 24-17 victory over Carolina.

The Dolphins got 119 yards on 22 carries from Ricky Williams.

They got great play from Davone Bess.

They got a TD saving tackle from Yeremiah Bell.

They got a couple of sacks from Joey Porter and great pressure from Cameron Wake.

Yup, the Dolphins got a great team effort.

And now they can lick their considerable wounds for the next 10 days. Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Nate Garner, Jason Ferguson all went out of the game with injuries. All but Grove returned.

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Centers where like revolving doors,good call Tony!

I'm not mad at all, an I'm certainly not a jets fan trust me. I just don't believe in that argument of not kicking a field goal due to a potential block returned for a td. I'm glad we went for it purely for field position. That argument of te td return is ridiculous though, because we gave the ball to a guy who's had a total of four carries in the NFL, and Im Canadian, but would have voted for McCain probably

We win. 4-0 vs. Panthers. Nothing else matters. Go cry about play calling somewhere else

I know Jets fans are clueless, but what true Dolphin fan won't be rooting for the jets this weekend? And if we beat the pats we can be in 1st place

If my only criticsm is the 4 down call then the Dolphins did pretty damn good otherwise. It was a heck of an effort on the opponents field with a lot on the line. It was a complete team win and they now have ten day to get well. GREAT EFFORT DOLPHINS!

I like to think of it as cheering for a patriots loss, not a jets win

"1st Quarter Porter"!

His new nick-name until he sacks someone trying to score on us at the end of the game!

Go Phins!

Do people in Canada look like the canadiens on southpark?just playing!!!!

The Dolfans in the crowd were awesome. We were louder than the Panther fans at the end. What a fun game to watch. Glad to see the Fins finish this one.

cause field goals get blocked all the time

he had no faith in our FG team and our kicker?

our kicker is $$$

tony is a bad game day coach

Fergie did not come back. His loss hurts us all, except perhaps NJ, who wants Quentin Moses at NT.

I heard jets suck n pats swallow!

Haha only canadians that are pats and jets fans look that stupid

Lol Gertie

Henne did a great job.. Time to put our give him our energy to make

I'd say Porter came to play tonight. Way to go Ricky. Good bend but don't break defense and 4 sacks on third down plays. Nice job defense. Hopeflly the injuries will have time to heal before our next game with the Bills. And then we get New England at Miami. Go Dolphins!!!

O.k.,I choose to believe u cuz u on the right team,so good win for us huh?

News on feurgeson???

We played extremely well on third down tonight on both sides of the ball.

Ferggy does not look good, his career is in jeopardy. I hope Solei will be ready in 10 days. Henne is the man, Ricky is a hall of famer.

2 big ass games comeing up n I'm stoked already!

fannut: "Time to put our give him our energy to make". ...huh??? Is that Canadian?

40 seconds left. Pooch punt. The extra 25 yards is important. The burning of 4-8 seconds is also important.

FG maybe. Running it up the middle. HIGHLY QUESTiONABLE.

I'm afraid Saprano has a fair bit of Andy Reid's game/clock management skills. This is the 3rd time this year that he's screwed up managing the game.

And gertrudys, absolutey huge win.

KEVIN,i was about to type the same thing,ha!

Glad to see u got a sense of humor,fin fans must have one!

We WON the Game!!! I can't believe people are complaining about HOW! You know, this ain't like Beli*ick's 4th and 2. Sparano made the call and it worked out. In the future, he might make the same call and get beat. Let's just enjoy .500 for a moment.

Too funny!

Banged up center,that's why u don't kick the FG!McFly?anybody home?

I'm watching animal planet in Spanish...nature is scary!

Hello Dolphins nation.

I am happy and a little tipsy after a great win, here are the players of the game in my eye.

Joey Porter
Chad Henne
Davone Bess
Randy Starks
Nate Garner
Lousaka Polite
Nate Jones
Ted Ginn?

This was an all around good effort for our fins

Finsfan34, you want to get picky with a guy over that kind of comment, that is funny. And your comment is logically wrong. It’s a different circumstance guy. New England went for it on forth and 2 from their 29 yard line because they hoped to win the game because they didn’t think the D would hold for 70 yards. I didn’t say, in fact I suggested otherwise, that the dolphin defense deserved tony’s trust. But instead of trying to put of three points to ice the game, and for the same reason for not punting is not kicking the FG, attempt to pick up the first down. There are less variables in that operation to go wrong regardless of success and then trust the D. Bill went for it because he didn’t trust them. Tony went for it because he felt like he could. The same action, for different reasons because the circumstance was different.

And before you start telling people to learn about the game before whatever, consider that a runner in that fourth down will have two hands on the ball. That they are coached to go down and not fight for the extra yard because possession is more important. Further, a fumble on a draw play like that is not likely to result in points. In fact, its probably going to be the same as turning it over on downs. However, a blocked field goal can more likely be taken the other way. You’re one of those people that even when people agree with you on one level, if they don’t agree on everything you got to get feisty about it. Relax and enjoy and have then next six pack.

Oh Canadian, that explains it.

What is up with SParano clock management

We won,yes!goodnight godbless America,shout to Canada o.k.!!!

Haha shots at my nationality, no worries man. I got a half a can of skoal left and in ready to go. And I didn't mean to shoot you down like that and be aggressive as I was, were all here for the same cause and we shouldn't be arguing. I think that if any change I couldve made in that last play, was to put someone more experienced than hilliard in, or change the play call. Mt hood, i agree with you on your logic of same call with different reasons, I was just being a dick by pointing out that mistake, my apologies, but hey man, we got a win, and I think we all can agree that no matter how we got here, were at 5-5, and hell I'm willing to toss a lip to that eg


I was at the game 10 feet from all the players, I was screaming at the guys to fire them up they loved it!!!! Our players were very fired up I told teddy way to hang on to the ball! Peezy was fired up too!

Mt hood I never said that I don't disagree with the fourth down attempt, but I think we can agree we'd prefer to see a different play called then hillard on a dive up the middle when the linebackers are blitzing a and b gaps that entire drive.


Did you tell anything to Henne the Hero? Mr. Third Down?

Wow!!!! M hood Oregon your funny and dumb at the same time. Multi tasking idiot! That was way too many words to prove a point that I didn't get because it was tooooooo looooooong! Go phins!!!! Henne is great! M hood is dumb as f'n billicheck's 4th and 2...u thought about it tooooooo much lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did I was impressed how he kept his cool on the sidelines he is really starting to fill this roll with class. He would walk the sidelines giving encouragement and fist fives to his offensive line. I yelled to him way to take it to the bank chad! He waved. I was impressed how many fin fans were there and the Panther fans were so depressed, it was awesome!


Go Dolphins! You are good phin fan, thank you for your efforts tonight!

Henne the Hero!


It was funny if you scream there first names they look at you like you know them personally some people were screaming last names or numbers they won't give you the time of day. Like Justin Smiley he was friggin antsy on the sideline to go in, I told him when he goes in to bring it hard, when he finally got to go in he brought it alright he was jumping up and down.

We even got a Ricky Ricky chant going and he is so humble that guy, but he brought it to the bank tonight when we needed him Coach Sporano went overto the bench and was screaming at what a great run he had on that 35yd touchdown, our coach is very emotional I will say that about him he really loves to win.

Ricky is the most tuff vegan in history


Pat who?

Wild what?

Henning finally gets a clue. Too bad it took losing Ronnie Brown for this dumbsheet to finally get scared enough to come up with a good game plan.

Dan Henning you are truly the Barney Fife of offensive cordinators.

Ricky joined the ranks of Mercury Morriss and Larry Csonka in my book tonight. What a feel good story.
Henne? Henne is Henne!!!! Say something bad about him. YOU CAN'T 5-2 as a starter.
Davis was in Smith's face all night. Him and Sean Smith both took a step forward tonight.
If Delhome didn't know who Cam Wake was, he does now!!!!
I love Herm Edwards quote tonight. He said "it's not the wildcat anymore, it's hammer time".

Carloto I have to say tonight with exception of why we did not kick that field goal on 4th down with like less than two minutes is beyond me. What were the coaches thinking, it certainly gave the Panthers a chance to tie it up. All in all tonight was a 10 out of10 I am still fired up.

If Dolphins miss that fg or it was block it would be much worse than they don't make 3rd down run the ball

What did you guys think of Sperry, that guy is psyco looking, he was pacing and fan looking all night I guess being in the show hasn't sunk in with him yet he will probably be a good player in the future.

Odin I yelled to your boy TeddyGinn way to hold onto the ball it seemed to work tonight at least.

Wayne Fontes,

What did I TELL YOU!!!!

A lot of people do not realize what a goof ball chicken sheet Dan Henning is!
He didn't have enough confidence in Henne or this offense in general. Up until he was forced to make a change(Ronnie being injured), he was afraid to go to the bread and butter(smash mouth football).
I hate to say it, but injuries more so than Henning, have steered the offensive ship for the Miami Dolphins!
Henning keeps dumb stumbling along.

I was really surprised that they didn't use Pat White at all.They might be saving him for the Patsies.

you are a moron, PLEASE hire someone to check your articles before you submit them. Ferguson DID NOT return to the game. Do you REALLY get paid by the Herald? Please try harder next time, slacker.....

well, all you fair weather fans that wanted to see bess benched. In the last 2 week he has shown his worth. I still think he will look great in New Endland next year. Bess is the go to guy on third down no ifs ands or buts. He will be missed

I can't believe the amount of bitchin and moanin from all you wimps on this blog. Did we win? Yep. And you are still crying about linebackers and better get a receiver. WTF is the matter with you Jets fans.
Should have kicked the field goal? Are you people retarded? should have did a play action pass? Same question.
Stop your moanin and get on the band wagon. Read that they only scored 17 points. 17 points. Did I not see Steve Smith there and Jake Delhome? Great players, both of these guys. Our d played great.

great game and great team effort last nite! hilliard looked really good last night. ricky was amazing! i would like to see him dominate the rest of the season and make the pro bowl. the guy deserves it. henne looked good. always looking downfield for a play and only checks down when he has too. bess is money.

Ricky played like he was 23 again. How nice wasthat? Henne gets better each game. The O- line held together during the toughest challenge. Joey Porter played like a crazed dog. Good work Peezey! Bess, Ginn and Hartline came through at critical times. The Defense played tough and came up with the INT in the red zone..congrats to Nathan Jones. And how fast is Yeremiah Bell to run down Deangelo Williams like that! Overall, I call this win very satisfying. Keep on truckin' Fins.

Correction... Ferguson did NOT return, contrary to your statement.

What about Ted Ginn. I have been frustrated with him as much as anyone, but the guy caught every ball that came his way and made some tough grabs in tight coverage.

What about that call to go for fourth and two instead of field goal. WTF

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