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Dolphins beat Panthers to hit .500

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins accomplished something Thursday night they hadn't been able to manage since before the season began.

They put as many victories as losses on their record. They are 5-5 today following a 24-17 victory over Carolina.

The Dolphins got 119 yards on 22 carries from Ricky Williams.

They got great play from Davone Bess.

They got a TD saving tackle from Yeremiah Bell.

They got a couple of sacks from Joey Porter and great pressure from Cameron Wake.

Yup, the Dolphins got a great team effort.

And now they can lick their considerable wounds for the next 10 days. Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Nate Garner, Jason Ferguson all went out of the game with injuries. All but Grove returned.

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Well, I'm from the old school of Don Shula. PUT UP THE POINTS kick it to the end zone and let the D do it's job.

Ricky had to play big last nigth and he did. What makes Ricky special at this point of his career is his state of mind, he's a unique talent and has mastered the power of his state of mind to take control! I believe this amazing performance will continue and I won't be surprised if he and Polite both make the Pro Bowl! Polite has been blowing holes open all year long and key short yardage conversions.

I'm more concern with winning our division than being in the wild card race. Here's where we are:
We beat the Bills next week, Pats lose to either Jets or Saints and we beat the cheating Pats the following week to take 1st place in the division! We are very much in this thing

How bad was the Ferguson injury will he be ready by next week?

pricemaster is obsessed with the "back door". No surprise there. jets suck

Hay folks. I loved the win. Best of the year. BUT! It reminded me of last years wins against bad QBs.

(My first post ever) Even after all he's put us through, isn't Ricky Williams arguable the second most beloved dolphin player of all time(behind Dan Marino, of course)

It was a pleasure to watch this game. The road to developing a running game has been painful. Thank Shula Ricky has overcome his troubles. He has redeemed himself. I never thought I would say that. It was a good night to be in NC. The call not to go for a FG in the 4th could have led to a tie. Bad call imo. A better offense from Carolina (better QB) could've tied it up. But......regardless, we WON! Yeah Finz!

Let's talk Henne for a minute, the guy has a good game in spite of three center changes, a shifting o-line and coming out on wildcat plays. I love Dan but even he couldn't that.

GREAT WIN!!!!!! Does anyone else see's that ricky williams is enjoying playing football again,

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