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Dolphins defeat NY Jets, 30-25!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Wipe that sweat from your brow because this one was a three-hour thrill ride.

The Dolphins, riding two, count 'em, two kickoff return touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr., one fumble return TD by Jason Taylor, and some heart-stopping defense play by the defense on the final drive, beat the New York Jets today.

The Dolphins improve their record to 3-4 and 3-0 in the AFC East. The Jets are now 4-4.

The Dolphins are living dangerously as their offense had only one TD. The defense yielded scores on three of New York's final four drives.

The offense gained a grand total of 104 yards while the defense allowed 378. The Dolphins had the ball only 25:54 to New York's 34:06.

But those are just details that do not trump important things -- like the final score.

Amazingly, I just got back from the locker rooms and while the Dolphins were fairly humble about winning, Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a bit of a jerk after losing. Judge for yourself.

"They're a great team," Scott said of Miami. "They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a tremendous offense -- great running backs, a great quarterback, a great tight end. They are stacked across the board. I'm serious. They are great."

And later he continued.

"They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way." 


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Chase in case u missed the game 21 points came on special teams!!!!!! 9 points on offense=crappy offense.

Ziggy i'm pretty sure we almost beat the Saints and Colts who have as good as or better passing attack then the Pats. So please explain why you dont the think the dolphins have any chance against them?????

I agree with Chase...Plus if you return to kick offs for scores AND get a defensive score, of course the offense will not have numbers.

They did enough today...like not turning it over. That is what Shoene Green did and it lost the game.

I agree with Ziggy, if we show up in new England next week with that offensive game plan, and the horrible no pressure defense we will lose by 50!!! C'mon pasqualoni send some frigging bitzes you moron!!

Clemons played well. Vontae is REALLY coming on & starting to prove his draft worth. Smith is pretty solid but he seemed lost a couple times out there and gave up playes.

The blitz was great in the first half. I thought the weak links played exceptionally well. Ginn & Wilson. I think they are going to have to put Jason Allen out there in the secondary next week, just a numbers game when NE spreads it out.

And as I said here all week, people need to cut Ginn some slack. Not because he ran 2 ko's back for TD's. Did anyone notice how NOTHING on offense worked today? Do you really think it had nothing to do with Ginn being on the sideline?

Ginn needs to be on the field for better or worse. If not, you're going to see 9 & 10 man boxes to stop the run. The Wildcat has been shut down 2 weeks in a row. Teams have figured it out. It's gotta to be a complimentary package now. Henne is going to have to step up and make some plays here on out. Sadly, without Ginn out there, I don't see how he can.

And for the Ginn bashers, worse than Ginn has been, is Bess, 2 weeks in a row. BIG drop and a special teams fumble that cost 7 points. AND, 2nd week in a row, he got bailed out on another fumble not called!

My word to the Dolphins, keep ginn on the field EVEN if for just the threat of him. He can make people miss in space, he showed it today. Throw him some screens. A Base offense of fasano, Haynos, camarillo or Hartline or Bess doesn't scare ANYONE!

I think jets have a better defense then New England, but our defense needs to better against NE

I'm no jet fan idiots, just a realist. If you are happy at 3-4 then fine go celebrate mediocrity. I however see a team that should be 5-2, and would be with strong coaching!

Ziggy beat me to it. Offense only scored 9. 2 ST TD's and a defensive TD, which, as I pointed out, puts JT in about 3rd spot (Behind Ricky and Ronnie) in TD's for the entire team, LOL.

Ziggy in case you forgot.. HOW DO YOU KNOW MIAMI WOULDNT HAVE SCORED ON THOSE TWO DRIVES THAT TED GINN SCORED ON THE KR... The Fins didnt get the ball the entire third quarter. And they scored a Td when it mattered most! Miami put up how many offensive TDs in the last two games. Can you remember the last time the dolphins have done that???? HINT: go back to marino era..

Our Miami Dolphins won in spite of their coaches. I still have hope for Sparano but he's got to get rid of some of his assistants.

Anybody who has been a supervisor knows, you're only as good as your help is.

We need to calm down. I'll take an ugly road win vs Jets anyday.

Chase , first we were at home for those two games, second you answered the question yourself, WE ALMOST WON!!!! which of course means we lost!!!! Coaches lost both games!!! Where is our go to receiver? Are u really satisfied with the gameplans on both sides of theball?



TEDD F!!KN GINN!!!!!!!


Let's not worry about the pats yet, let's enjoy the swwwweeeep of the Jets! How friggin sweet is that??!!!!

Ted ginn redeemed himself as a team player (not WR) and gibril wilson also finally had a good game...sean smith needs to learn how to turn around and look for the ball, vontae played great

We got lucky today. Def cannot play like this against the Pats. O-line gets an F from me. We need to win next week to be in this race. Go FINS.....

Mando right on 100% twice in row!!! Said Sanchez would have bad game in wind and cold two weeks ago AND said Ginn needs to return kickoffs!!!

Well, I hope we can somehow improve and somehow make the playoffs. But if we don't beating the jets twice is a worthwhile season.

Props: Ted Ginn, Jason Taylor, Randy Starks, Henne for making a lot of smart plays (i.e. protecting the balls and taking the sacks) and the defense for finishing the game.

Flops: The secondary was shaky at best and the receivers are still dropping way to many balls. This includes Bess on the punt return. Help the quarterback and the team: CATCH THE DAMN BALL!

OK CAppps off!

No hey! its off that thing i said about the other day,....FORGETTABOUT..ok.?

Rex Ryan has learned a lesson to be quiet. You could tell the Jets thought this was going to be easy. Ha!

The quiet methodical teams win out.
The loud mouths go down in flames.

Look at the Steelers, Patriots, and Colts.

That is what we are aspiring to be. Thus, no TO, B.Edwards, and such on this team.

Ginn could have given up on the team and himself with all the bashing. Is he not a winner we want based on what we saw from him today.

Thank you Mr. Ginn and Mr. Taylor. I also believe Smith and Davis will be great and Torbor needs to play more.


eat it rex!

Fish still suck. It took 2 KO returns and a fumble return to win. Pathetic. Nice job by Sparano going for 2 when he should have kicked a single. Glorified cheerleader terrible coach. Fish will lose more than they win all year.

Wow, we STOLE this game from the Jets thanks to Ted Ginn. For those of you who say he cost us the win against the Saints last week (he did although he wasn't alone)...without a doubt he single-handedly WON this game for us. Talk about redemption.

Ziggy seriously. You forgot my argument!!! I said our offense isnt the problem. I think our offense is playing great! I think our Defense is having problems. As Armando said. Good defenses dont keep giving up leads. Our defense in fact is scarily consistent at giving them up.

Ziggy you hershey highway a*s licking f*g you should be use to taking it up the a*s from the fins by now HaHaHaaaaa!!!!

How great was it watching Dirty Sanchez scraping himself off the ground.

Good road victory. Anyone not happy with it is too stupid.

Ziggy, go play with yourself and let us be happy with the win.

Still can't believe some people wouldn't be happy with this win. SERIOUSLY???? Do you guys remember losing to the Jets like 7 times in a row?

Tortured Fake Dolphan. Go to your actual Team's page and comment there. Pretty obvious your a Jet fan. Feel the pain loser. Your team sucks and you have no picks! another decade of losing. Hahhahahahahhahah

If the dolphins suck so much what are the jets then... they lost to us twice...sad. Jets supposed great defense gave up 40 something points to the dolphins offense

Chase did u see what our offense did in the first half??????? NOTHING!!!! Are you gonna make any valid points? Offense scored 1 freaking td today 1. And if you ask me how I know the offense wouldn't have scored on those two drives Ginn scored on, I give you the first half stats. Thank you I rest my case!!

coach: "this guy takes alot of sh$t, alot of sh%t", gives game ball to ted ginn


OK CAppss off!


Its starts with one I was telling dying bred the other day!!!! Now off to Foxborough Mass and the frkn patsies!!!!

Bitterness only hurts you torture. If the fins suck, but they swept the jests... Well you guys traded up for a hotdog eating, overrated(like USC usually is), sancho of a bum now didn't you?

This is what I saw Ginn as when the Mueller- Cam drafted him in 2007...an excellent kick returner and 3rd/4th receiver; (which is not worthy of early first round pick). If you remember, even in the 1-15 horror season, Ginn had several returns for TD's nullified by terrible penalties. What is scary is THE FACT that the "Trifecta" has just now figured this out, and they are supposed "football talent evaluation guys".

The look on Rex Ryan's bloated face when he realized he would lose was priceless.

Now let's see if we can get a glimpse of Belichick's grill when he gives his post-game, congratulatory (but super-quick) handshake to Sparano!!


Stinky FIsh 3-4
Jets 4-4

This has to be one of the most pleasurable moment in the last two years having the Jets eat our sh*t!!!!LMAO!!!!!!

Enough with the b/s of our offense only scored 9!!! What's the difference?? A win is a win...sometimes good teams and offenses have bad days, but can win a game with Defense and special teams and that's what happened today!!! And whover said we would lose more then win needs to get off the crack pipe...our schedule sets up nice the rest of the year, we in decent shape

Here's another reality: undefeated in the AFC East!

For this game I take back my comments on Ginn. What is going on with that? 2 Tds from kickoffs. Wow. You showed us!
Great game all around. Defence did show up when needed.
We didn't get a real chance to run the ball as New York had the ball most of the 3rd and 4th quarters. Remember 3 tds were no scored by our offence. And Henne got that last Td.
So we gotta stop being so critical and get on the band wagon. Yay Phins

Breaking news...

Per Rex Ryan: "We totally outplayed em"

Dying Breed

Its starts with one baby same time last year we had the same record and were counted out...we could go 8-2, maybe even 9-1, and I'm telling you our D' is getting better and when Henne or as Henn gains more confidence...no one will want to play us!


Ted Ginn where have you been all this time..

Hey killerdolphin, which is the dumbest name by the way, my points are valid and supported by facts so yell obcscenities at me all you want. It only frustrates you because I'm right!

Tortured Dolphin, I at least give you credit for showing up, but own up - you were wrong - they found a way to win, period. How would you like the crow? How does it taste?

Don't know if we played well enough in all phases to really deserve the win today, but I'll take it.
We scored the points that put a W in the column and that is sweet.
Even sweeter is the fact that Ryan has to shut up for a year. It is really sweet to beat him / them when we have played poorly. Imagine what we will do to them when we play well.

More breaking news...

Per Calvin Pace: "We let a clown quarterback beat us!"


Must suck to be you...


In the NFL you are judged by wins and losses

That's how you EARN respect!

The Dolphins lost just about every relevant statisitcal category while being outgained 378-104

Chase, if 104 yards is "Great Offense"...Well, that's just stupid!


Dolphins - 2 - Jets - 0

Good teams win games that they should win, we haven't. That's why we are 3-4 and not 5-2 .

Yes the crow tastes like poo.

All in all a win is a win and the phins pulled it off!

Jets fans we beat you like a drum two years in a rows you losers take up the rectum like a real F*G!!! You losers HAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!

TorturedDolphan, Also please stop using Dolphin in your post name. It makes us all feel dirty.

Reality Tortured??? Jests spent 9 draft picks/players on Sancez/Edwards thinking that's all they needed for the Superbowl!!hahaha Sanchez can't play in bad/cold weather and Edwards is looking at a suspension for an arrest...That's reality...Dolphins ARE the future bubba, not the Jests!!! Hahaha

Funny that the guy who beat the Jets was the one you all spend every waking moment calling out.

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