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Dolphins defeat NY Jets, 30-25!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Wipe that sweat from your brow because this one was a three-hour thrill ride.

The Dolphins, riding two, count 'em, two kickoff return touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr., one fumble return TD by Jason Taylor, and some heart-stopping defense play by the defense on the final drive, beat the New York Jets today.

The Dolphins improve their record to 3-4 and 3-0 in the AFC East. The Jets are now 4-4.

The Dolphins are living dangerously as their offense had only one TD. The defense yielded scores on three of New York's final four drives.

The offense gained a grand total of 104 yards while the defense allowed 378. The Dolphins had the ball only 25:54 to New York's 34:06.

But those are just details that do not trump important things -- like the final score.

Amazingly, I just got back from the locker rooms and while the Dolphins were fairly humble about winning, Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a bit of a jerk after losing. Judge for yourself.

"They're a great team," Scott said of Miami. "They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a tremendous offense -- great running backs, a great quarterback, a great tight end. They are stacked across the board. I'm serious. They are great."

And later he continued.

"They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way." 


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John Scottland

What are you taliking about?? Its all phases of the game including special teams the hell with desrving the frk? Its part of the game and no way you should even talk like your sorry about this game it was a thing of beauty if yo ask me.. well I guess we all intitled to opinion.

I'm proud to be a DOLFAN and I hope YALL are too! If you dont like the W, go play in traffic! 1-2-3......I HATE THE JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw a sweep, those jet fools need a sham wow or some zorbees, to soak up the regret and failure.

Big win, not possible without Ted Ginn. Been real hard on you. You stepped up today. Keep it rolling.

Marc. You are looking at one game ofcourse....... And the fins scored when they needed to against a really good defense...how many minutes did the Jets offense have the ball??? Basically the entire second half. I'm more then happy with our offense. I dont remember the last time we scored offensive TDs against good D's when it mattered. Last year we did at times. But not like this and it was against less then stellar teams.

Luis, Teddy has been on the sideline watching Cobbs and Bess handle returns...


I'm a troll with no life AND my team just got swept by you guys. FML

Its all about momentum and the Dolphins just got it with this game now build on this ball of MO' take it to the Patsies!!!

"Good teams win games that they should win, we haven't. That's why we are 3-4 and not 5-2"


Ziggy, that's true, but that doesn't mean we won't win some games we actually should lose in the future. It's all about correcting your mistakes and putting yourself in a position to win.

Case in point: Giving Ginn primary KR duty and reducing his reps on offense.


find pleasure any way you can because you won't find it with those losers you call a football team in jersey!!!


Stinky FIsh 3-4
Jets 4-4

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | November 01, 2009 at 04:55 PM

Reality, you failed again.

We swept you. In your own cesspool.

This will be our inspiration.

This will be your downfall.

Sanchez is a HOBO.

You are a Lonely troll.

Have a nice day.

Reality (after a poll of Fish Fans):


No secondary
Terrible coaching
No receivers
Best player unsigned next year

You still suck



What thats how many games against the joke-jets?
Yes baby and the rookie corners played great and nice to see Nate my Dogg Jones play well and even saw Clemons play some and do all rigth.. looking like that draft no matter what
Davis and Smith and HOMERUNNNSS!!!

"Reality" Jets suck !!!!

I'm really glad for Ginn to have the game he did. He deserved critcism but not the amount he's been getting lately. I still remember the kid getting booed by Dolphin fans just for being drafted. Good for him and hopefully this will help rebuild his confidence that has gotten hammered lately.

No secondary
Terrible coaching
No receivers
Best player unsigned next year

You still suck

Posted by: TorturedDolphan


We still won.

Are you insane?

And we still beat you like a Drum you loser!!!!!! Two year Now!!!

Yes, praying to Odin and his son Thor did help, I agree. Great game for Ginn, keep him where he's at on kick off's. We still need receivers and TE. Great game Phins. Now let's stop the Patty's.

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"I'm serious.. Someone please justify saying we don't have an offense.....

Posted by: Chase | November 01, 2009 at 04:38 PM

105 Yards, 1 TD, 1 FG =justification. We had a couple good games. I'm afraid that since the 2nd half of the NO game, when they shut down the "Wildcat", it won't get much better! It's not helping us having our BEST WR on the bench.

I wanna say thank to the miami dolphins as a whole team for the sweep of the jets......now I wanna point out that even though will allen wasnt there I wouldnt say the corners were terrible I thought they played fairly good and how bout that 20 year old in that 35 year olds mind ....JT is such a gamer he is well on his way to canton.... how bout those kick returns from Ginn....confidence that may have boosted that up some ..... miami needs a #1 but Ginn can be the #2 and kick off duty...the offense sputtered around today but I expect them to bounce back against new england

TorturedDolphan, your douche bag team sold the future out for this crap team! LMFAO!!!!

How Sweet is this Sweep of the Pests, F..k You,Puss Belly Cry a-- baby joke of a coach,
and your cry a-- baby of a QB..

Reality..Rex Ryan is obese, Jets talk better then they play, it's been 40 years since Joe Namath..Fins future is bright and WE have Bill Parcells...you have Buddy Ryan's son!!!!

Great game in the medowlands now we need to bust up the Pats.

Jets = sold their future for crap team!

I'm REALLY not looking forward to next week. that's for sure. I have little to no confidence in our coaching staff

Reality (after a poll of Fish Fans):


No secondary
Terrible coaching
No receivers
Best player unsigned next year

You still suck

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | November 01, 2009 at 05:07 PM

I have to give you credit, even though you are a loser, you are a dedicated loser.

I get the feeling you are a guy that lives in mommies basement. I also assume you are a fat corn hole with a masturbation complex.

Although we all rub one out on occasion, your obsession with the jets is approaching friction burns in your case.

Seek help Tubby.

Reality ... Tony Fatrano is ALSO obese you moron, Dolphins also talk better than they play (3-4 aka Porter), its been 37 years since Grease Ball, you still have no QB and Bill Parcels hasn't won anything since the 90s (Ryan has a ring from this DECADE).


Reality (after a poll of Jests Fans):


QB for NY can't play in bad weather
Lost 3 out of last 4 games
No picks in draft
The Jets haven't been to a Superbowl since SB III 40 years ago

We still suck

Oh, if that wasn't proof enough Chase. Here it is in black and white:

C. Henne 12/21 112 1 0
R. Brown 0/1 0 0 0
R. Brown 11 27 0 13
R. Williams 8 27 0 11
L. Polite 1 3 0 3
C. Henne 3 -5 0 -1
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
R. Williams 2 41 0 28
J. Haynos 2 20 1 15
D. Bess 4 18 0 6
A. Fasano 2 16 0 10
G. Camarillo 1 15 0 15
R. Brown 1 2 0 2

Mando didn't just call Ted being on kicks...anybody with sense was asking why he wasnt returning kicks. Joe Scmoe, JC tight on with your comments. And as much as I hate to acknowledge it Tortured, you are right it is rather Ironic that the kid who has been unfairly attacked for weeks is the gamechanger to winm this for us. Come on Bess, get your head back into the game. You are better than this.

We own the Jets, Any one think we could get a bag of Foodlion chips for em?

"105 Yards, 1 TD, 1 FG =justification. We had a couple good games. I'm afraid that since the 2nd half of the NO game, when they shut down the "Wildcat", it won't get much better! It's not helping us having our BEST WR on the bench."

Posted by: Marc | November 01, 2009 at 05:10 PM

I strongly disagree Marc. 1 TD and a field goal with zero and i mean absolutely zero field position against a defense as good as the Jets. I'll take that. Its not like we had the ball a ton either. Wow we had one bad half against the Saints. How good was our offense in the first half again??? How did it do with there backs against the wall against the Jets in the first game??? I dont see how our offense was soooooo bad against the colts either...

We might have to stop calling Dolphins-Jets a rivalry since the Dolphins are repeatedly beating them. Maybe we should just call the Jets a scrimmage team. What do y'all think?

Now your starting to make sense HaHaHAaaaa!!!!!


Phinswin. Great idea!

because he needed to be called out he has all the talent in the world now he grew up and will be a thorn in your side for the next ten years

Jekyll & Hyde Ted Ginn Jr Delivered this week...whats in store for next week. He's a friggen crap shoot. As responsible for the loss to NO last week, he was just as responsible for the win this week. I hope he can find some reliable consistency but as for this week Ted Ginn responded like a pro.

Ginn has always been a returner and everyone has been calling for him to be placed back there again and not at the #1 WR glad the coaching staff wokeup... Jets Suck!!!

that INT that Davis gott was huge!!! whent eh jets whent for two!!! our Defense made a stop at the end something we have not done yet and Jason Taylor recovered a fumble for a td!!!

Boys I'm telling you our Defense is gonna come around again!!! Reggie Reggie! Reggie Torbor Played really well!!!

104 yards of offense is a real source of concern.
Nonetheless, I will worry about that tomorrow.
Today I am going to enjoy the win against those puke - green clad ladies who call themselves the Jets.

OK, I'll put this in perspective. Sanchez, who you all say sucks threw for 260+ and 2 TDS. (More than doubled Henne) Thomas Jones ran for over 100 Yards. (More than double all of our backs combined)...

As a whole, our WR's have exactly 2 TD's! TWO!

Look, I'm as happy for a win as anyone, but, that is NOT good football!

Marc the game is played on all phases' of the game can you give the special teams stats please!!!! yaaa moronnnnnn!!!!

not afraid of the Pats we can beat them this team is different every week we played NO and had them beat played the Colts and had them beat now it's time to overcome the let downs and beat a good Jets? not a good team should not have been this close but that's rivalries for yuh Thank you JT another TD!

I don't live in my mommie's basement! - she let's me stay in the main house. I wouldn't say my masturbation is a problem, but i do get a new keyboard weekly. (Have YOU seen the Sanchez GQ?) and it's not a weight problem either - i may try out for the team to replace Jenkins.

You guys are hilarious. You are talking about the bright future when you needed TWO 100 Yard KO returns and a 50 yard fumble return for a score???

You talk about not being to the Super Bowl in 40 years. You idiots haven't been since Marino (84 I think) and haven't won since the early 70s.

You had 100 yards of OFFENSE. IN SIXTY MINUTES!

Yes Ryan is a fat pig, but guess what so is Sparano and Parcels makes him look like model.

I will be here at the end of the year having a laugh and next week when the Patsies destroy your pathetic secondary.

Dolphinsforlife. Moron? I'm AWARE of STs. That wasn't the point OR argument! it was that our OFFENSE was "GREAT" But, if you wanna bring that up, why has it taken this staff, 23 games to put Teddy back there? That's a good point. Thanks for bringing it up!

Look, I'm as happy for a win as anyone, but, that is NOT good football!

Posted by: Marc


We played "good" football against the Colts as far as time of possession (broke a record, I believe) and lost. I'll take an "bad" win anyday!!

Yes Ryan is a fat pig, but guess what so is Sparano and Parcels makes him look like model.

I will be here at the end of the year having a laugh and next week when the Patsies destroy your pathetic secondary.

Posted by: TorturedDolphan

Won't change the fact that we won today.

Yes, a bad win is a win just as bad sex is still sex, but, if sex is your job you better be able to perform! (Pun intended)



The Jests will not lose next week!!!!

(We have a bye)

Nice win, but the 4th quarter defense still remains a huge concern against good teams. Sparano also making another head scratching decision by choosing to go for 2 is concerning. I'm not convinced he has the mental makeup to turn the corner. For the second straight week you would think the Tuna will set him aside and lecture him. As for Ginn, they placed him into a position for him to shine. Well done Ted. Now, how about also having him return punts, as Bess cannot be relie upon. You have an elite return guy, why not use that guy?

I just got back from the locker rooms.

Check out what Bart Scott said in the updated portion of this post. I am stunned by his sarcasm and lack of class.

TorturedDolphan, It must suck to be a loser for the last 3 times we met? Tell us how it feels.

Armando, It's a reflection of the coach. He's crass. They're crass.


Stunned by lack of class from any thing that has to do with the Jets?

Mando please....

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