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Dolphins defeat NY Jets, 30-25!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Wipe that sweat from your brow because this one was a three-hour thrill ride.

The Dolphins, riding two, count 'em, two kickoff return touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr., one fumble return TD by Jason Taylor, and some heart-stopping defense play by the defense on the final drive, beat the New York Jets today.

The Dolphins improve their record to 3-4 and 3-0 in the AFC East. The Jets are now 4-4.

The Dolphins are living dangerously as their offense had only one TD. The defense yielded scores on three of New York's final four drives.

The offense gained a grand total of 104 yards while the defense allowed 378. The Dolphins had the ball only 25:54 to New York's 34:06.

But those are just details that do not trump important things -- like the final score.

Amazingly, I just got back from the locker rooms and while the Dolphins were fairly humble about winning, Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a bit of a jerk after losing. Judge for yourself.

"They're a great team," Scott said of Miami. "They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a tremendous offense -- great running backs, a great quarterback, a great tight end. They are stacked across the board. I'm serious. They are great."

And later he continued.

"They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way." 


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NJ PHIN FAN.... They were rolling him out to buy time from a 7 or 8 man rush.... No matter what there isn't goin got be much time.

...are OVER!

who said teddy ginn couldnt come through and put some points on the board i have faith in this guy that he can maybe just maybe be a factor to the miami dolphins, either in the slot or kick returns he showed his skills to break defenses ankles on kick returns get him into a spot where he can stretch the field and make plays, fins offense didnt do too well today but the one thing that is always a good thing in an offense zero turnovers, defense did come through with some good plays but also got baited on some bad ones, overal not the best game but a win is a win. if the defnse can play with a good front rush like today getting after qb and cause turnovers could be a bad day for pats next week, miami can run the ball better against pats better than they can against the jets but look for miami to run the football and establish the run to set up play action or stretch the field on occasion. me being a fins fan my whole life and a die hard fan good game today you guys deserved it lets go get the pats and show the entire devision that afc east does come through the mia just like porter said good game guys and welcome back matt roth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It not grove , he good and is a upgrade. it's the guards. Smiley and in particular thomas played poorly in pass protection getting burnt by up the middle rush and stunts, I saw thomas get burnt numerous times. Lets just say smailey and thomas are mush better in the run game.

It's , he's

WTH are you guys talking about? Ginn is not back. Ginn is a WR last time I checked! He can't do the job that he was drafted to do. So that means he needs to take a pay cut next year IMO.



The Plumber is the biggest tool on the blog, any disagreements on that??

Their docuhe bag coach thinks they outplayed us. I guess special teams and turnovers aren't a part of the game.

stop it with the pass protection and the o line. they were blitzing and sending 7,8,9 or more guys ALL DAY! you can't run into that. and its hard to throw when your receivers can't beat man to man coverage. what do you want henne to do? what do you want the o line to do block 2 guys a piece? the receivers need to step up to keep defenses honest or we are not going to be able to run and henne is gonna take some hits. its that simple. when you blitz that many guys someone HAS TO MAKE THEMSELVES AVAILABLE and get open or CATCH the ball when they do. its that simple. until we hit on some of those plays the o will struggle against good defenses.

and the jealousy continues....

Ted(Alligator arms)Ginn still sux as a wide out, though he's pretty good at returning, but that should be to hard to understand, ginns running towards the defenders, where as when he's receiving he doesn't know where the defenders coming from which results in him either dropping the ball, falling down, or running out of bounds, I say leave him as K.o, returner..



NJ, Did you attend the game??

did any notice that nj phin talking to show off and not speaking in any way about how good the fins are .he's just here to pick on things to show off .

Did Allagator arms set a NFL record with his 299 yd performance?? NJ your the guy with the stats, whats the word??

ng phin hates teg ginn.he only love the fumble boy fasano .

Guys, I think we should relish this victory as much as possible. I win is a win, no matter how you look at it. However, one thing that really bothered me is our offensive play calling. Namely, how come we never even attempted a screen pass to ricky or ronnie when they had a zero blitz on us? Twice, we saw the O-line trying to move the pocket laterally to give Henne time to throw the ball. Are you kidding me? Both times he got sacked. That's just embarrassing.
Also, wildcat on 3rd & 8? I mean if we had lost this game today, we would be ripping the offense coordinator just like we were on Ginn last week.
Finally, please keep Ginn as a KR and use him as a 3rd WR to spread the field and go deep on occasions.
Go Dolphins!!!

WOW just when i completly give up on this kid he takes over a game and completes the sweep over the hated jets good job teddy,hey jet coaches,players and fans LICK MAN BALLS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when the head coach defended ted ginn , i knew he's a great coach .these players get paid a lot of money and you can't not do that since ted ginn is a great player and human being .as for the haters i can't spot any of them tonight.

time for my tea .

Hard to call who is the bigger jackass: Bart Scott or Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan is fat all over. Bart Scott is well conditioned but an extremely fat mouth. Someone tell Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, any other stupid Jets player this: YOU LOOK STUPID WHEN YOU CONTINUE TO TALK DOWN THE TEAM THAT HAS NOW BEATEN YOU TWICE IN THE LAST MONTH!! SHUT THE HELL UP!!
There now - hopefully that's a lesson learned. Ever notice how the Jets fans don't do that stupid J-E-T-S chant when they are losing. Ted Ginn still didn't impact the passing game but the way to get all of us vultures off his back is to keep doing what he did today - perform. Most fans are blow hards. We are relentless. Shut us up by playing well. Our two young corners are impressive. V. Davis brought the wood today. And, lastly, hats off to Gibril Wilson on his two smackdowns of Sanchez. Both got me off the couch with a gutteral scream. When a guy sucks let him know. When he does good let him know. GO DOLPHINS!!

Damn....the Dolphins played like crap and still won.Too bad for the Jets.

Ginn did great!that will get me off his back,for now...lord knows I hate the jets,don't this feel great!I live n die with my fins,where dem gay ass jet fans now!speak up u fifthy jackasses!GO FINS!

I still think our Offensive Coordinator needs to pull his head out of his butt. When the Jets blitz all game long find a play to burn the blitz. Terrible play calling all game. Way to go Ginn. Way to go JT (he hates the Jets and loves nothing more to score a touchdown on them). Way to go defense even though you guys made all fans nervous. Overall I think our rookie corners did well for their first game together with Will Allin out for the year!

Next up, the Cheaters next week and hopefully this Phins team stays undefeated in the division!! Our schedule is going to get a little easier than it has been the first half of the season! Should be an exciting 2nd half of the season!! GO PHINS!

No sympathy for the jets!


3-0 in divisional play,yes!

So everyone was mad that we didn't sign Faneca over Smiley but it doesn't seem like the guy is any better. On the second down play at the end of the game near the jets endzone Starks peels off Fanecas block and ankle tackles Sanchez before he can score a TD. Then on third down Starks completely manhandles Faneca throwing him aside like a rag doll and sacks Sanchez for a loss. We're talking about RANDY STARKS against a pro bowl left guard. Could it be that Fanecas best days are behind him and Smiley is still young enough to improve, which was the round about explanation after the signing? I'm just sayin....

I lost my FFB game today but it doesn't hurt as much after sweeping those sewer rats from jersey. I won my FFB game last week but would trade it for that fumble posing as a td in the saints game. This was an ugly win but I will take it over an 'teasing loss' like colts and saints games. Flush all the jets stuff and start looking ahead. Pats game can change the season, move us into second, one game behind ne, and put us 4-0 in the division!! This NE game is now the Must Win game.

To any and all of the Sparano haters; do you people realize that the Dolphins are 5-0 on the road in division games since he's taken over? And take a look at the team he's done it with, we have some holes as we are all well aware. But that is friggin' impressive as hell considering the mess this team was before the trifecta arrived. FIVE WINS ZERO LOSSES ON THE ROAD WITHIN THE DIVISION. I'm not saying he's perfect and neither does he. Coach T. has room for improvement like everyone but if you're going to give your own coach hell every week even when they win, you HAVE to give credit where and when credit is due.

Mando!!!!!!!! Your boy Faneca is slipping already!

We finally got a couple of breaks, good to see a game withouth pass int. Calls, what is up with D Bess all of a sudden he can't hold on to the ball, we played our worse game of the season and got a W, season on the line against NE, hope they don't figure the WC like the jets did this week, good to get this win, jets have no class whatsoever beginning with their coach, first game in 4 years we can actually say our special teams won the game.

I can't help but notice that the comments here are almost impossible to comprehend.Who cares........the Dolphins won the game even though they didn't play that well.It almost makes up for the games that we played well and lost! This was a very big win for us boys and girls.Ted did awesome on the kick returns and I just hope he can get better and maybe the whole team will get on the same page and play a solid 60 minute game.Jets suck,suck,suck!

Aloco, I would be considered a hater by your standards. Ted Ginn had one great game on special teams,one that he probably won for us.

Props props props, That said, he got tackled by the kicker twice, and he is no wide receiver.

So, going forward i would like to see him stay on special teams to focus on what he might do best. I say might, because one game does not a superstar make.

Ted has had more bad games than good ones. I hope to hell this rockets him to stardom and helps us. I Am a realist though.

One Guy I do believe in is Ricky. That cat is all heart.

mando what else do you expect from those NY jerks? no class idiots, just like their fans!

Aloco - I love Korean's.

I am so proud of this win, because this is what great teams do.

Big game, backs against wall, one unit struggled, the other two picked up the slack.

This has been lacking recently,, yet this week we find a way to win. Pretty? Who gives a F.

We might have finally found the formula. I can't wait to see how we handle Brady and company.


Ginn is bonafide Jet Killer.

Pats look out.

Bart Scott, you will never be a winner with this type attitude (and team).


Posted by: Cam Cameron | November 01, 2009 at 08:30 PM

Hey cam cameron , I will trade you Ted Ginn for Ed reed, and a first rounder next year.

Can everbody see why dolfans hate the NY Jerks and the fans. They have no class and are so losers. ( IN YOUR FACE) lmao!

Everybody giving love to Ginn, also time to give love to Gibril Wilson after having great game and destroy Sanchez twice with big hit!

Vontae Davis has a big hits too!

Why isn't Wake playing more? Porter largely ineffective and not even double-teamed. Wake only played STs that I saw. Roth needs to work off the gut - but good to have him back.

Henne was pretty bad other than one drive. He regressed with CP chirping in his ear all week.

i dont care what anyone says tony sparano will never win us anything this guy is worse at handling the game than wanny someone please help our future

So Tedd Ginn is the only kick returner to get tackled by the Kicker? He got tackled by the kicker in the middle of the field...in a crowd...after he had returned it 30 yards. That's what you are going to harp on? Maybe thats why they stacked the friggin line, b/c Ted wasn't out there to get behind the secondary. Bess slow catching Ginn in fumbles passing Ginn in game changing fumbles and getting a free pass today, Camarillo slow, Hartline is Camarillo before the knee injury...certainly not fast. If we lost this game all of the Ginn haters and converted Ginn haters would be blaming Ginn somehow for this loss. Most likely it would be the fact that he got tackled by the kicker (why was the kicker not BLOCKED) even after he had decent returns. And the ESPN guys seriously don't like the dolphins, they are amazing in how they refuse to give them any real commentary.

Jkl are u a jet fan?

Ginn is a great ko returner, have not seen much on punts, or as a rec,he needs to stick with kickoffs don't think he will get the job done as wideout. He needs to take a pay cut and stick with it. Defence is up and down last 2 games would like to see a all round game from them. I'm in Alaska so never get to see games but I Liston to them on field pass.

I meant catching Ginn in dropped passes regarding Bess

way to stick it to the jets and that idiot they call the coach!!!

how about mr TED GINN take that haters way to go sparano let him do what he does well and we will see him blossom as a solid reciever.

Good Win Way to finish the Game!!!!

Go dolphins Super bowl Champs 2009!!!

Spank the pats next week

I am so proud of Ted Ginn Jr. I watch all the pregame shows & I listened to the "experts" criticize him as usual.Even some former Dolphins greats talked about him, at least according to some articles I read prior to the game.I hope he continues the good work.As for the rest of the Fins they did a great job.After the Texans/Bills game,I had to watch the Fins & I was nervous especially when the game was on the line and once again we drew a flag.We made plays when it mattered,and are 2-0 against the Jets for the first time since 2003.I can watch ESPN and read the sports section in my local paper tomorrow.Congrats to the Fins.A win next week would really make the critics shut up.But for now I will enjoy today's win.Go Fins!

How can you say that he needs to stop being a receiver? Who on this team can say they have had 150-175 receiving yards in one game. Only 1...and that is Ted. Yes he needs to be more consistent, but he ain't gonna get consistent sitting on the bench. That is the second example of how he can take over a game.


Just to remind someone that is obviously short-sighted such as yourself, Tony Sparano was runner up (and should have won) Coach of the Year last year. This guy is our best coach since Shula (best coach of all time).

Eat it.

Just so you know, I've been taking "English Lessons" from a very sexy american girl so you guys stop making fun of my English.

Hey Ziggy...the sky is falling. Why don't you go catch it. And someone needs to tell Bart Scott that you can't talk a win before or after the game. No class, gutter trash.

To all Dolphins fans,

I still think Dolphins should have challenged Braylon Edwards "touchdown" Sean Smith, clearly stripped him while Clemons was holding him short of the td

just got home from the game and i would like to apoligize to that pathetic excuse of a fan fireman ed for soaking him with that beer in the third quarter. i would also like to thank that other dolphin fan for helping me make it look like an accident hahaha see ya next year eddie

poor stupid jet troll... can't find anything to say that makes sense... you've LOST the last 3 to the MIGHTY MIAMI DOLPHINS. 2 in your dump... this house of cards has fallen apart. Geez.... it must REALLY SUCK TO BE YOU!

Four points,

Sparano is not perfect but he is instilling the correct attitude.

Ted Ginn is an enigma, needs more consistency, and more focus on returns.

Paul P needs to notice our older guys get gassed on the pass rush, Don't think substitutions are being managed well.

The officiating again was horrible. I counted at least five no calls , or bad calls.

The most blatant was the call on B edwards TD, Smith ripped that out before the goal line, worst case would be forward progress stopped(which it was). Best case would be a fumble, which I think it was. Curious no review on that one.

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