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Dolphins defeat NY Jets, 30-25!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Wipe that sweat from your brow because this one was a three-hour thrill ride.

The Dolphins, riding two, count 'em, two kickoff return touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr., one fumble return TD by Jason Taylor, and some heart-stopping defense play by the defense on the final drive, beat the New York Jets today.

The Dolphins improve their record to 3-4 and 3-0 in the AFC East. The Jets are now 4-4.

The Dolphins are living dangerously as their offense had only one TD. The defense yielded scores on three of New York's final four drives.

The offense gained a grand total of 104 yards while the defense allowed 378. The Dolphins had the ball only 25:54 to New York's 34:06.

But those are just details that do not trump important things -- like the final score.

Amazingly, I just got back from the locker rooms and while the Dolphins were fairly humble about winning, Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a bit of a jerk after losing. Judge for yourself.

"They're a great team," Scott said of Miami. "They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a tremendous offense -- great running backs, a great quarterback, a great tight end. They are stacked across the board. I'm serious. They are great."

And later he continued.

"They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way." 


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wilson the tickler did better today but ted ginn had the best ever looking return TD In history .haters ,where all you have gone ?

to drink to forget ?
or went to meatball sub place?
or dropped dead ?

jkl sounds like a plumber helper .


Did you really spill beer on fireman ed or you just talking? If so, you are my hero for 3 minutes.

Great win offence was offensive ginn showed what he could he do today finally and the jets are gonna run there mouth no matter what they got beaten again and yet they still run there mouth they lost look at the score bart scott you lost period does not matter how it happend you still lost all new york teams suck


Check my post at 8:50. I agree complete. Braylon Edwards did not score a td! I can't figure out why they didn't challenge!

Ginn is hero for KR this week. Those lil gator arms dont matter in that spot. Anyway without the pressure from fans media coaches he would be running out of bounds. No free pass yet.


The Gerbil made Sanchito look like he run over by 18 wheel truck, more than one time. Clemons also look good at safety, things clearing up in secondary. Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are young studs who work well together.

Aloco , please....

Ms Taylor,

agree w/ you that all these so called experts are just empty suits filling air time all day long ,where ever the wagon is ,they jump on it but once things turn the other way they of it w/ no shame .that's what they do .

time for my ben andd jerrry ic crem which is ( FISH FOOD )

Jets = Fail.

Fasano continue to drop every pass to him, good to see Haynos perform well.




yes carlito. another fins fan kinda stumbled into me "accidentally" and i turned into eddies aisle and the fireman got doused with the suds. was it planned-yes, was it childish-yes, was it worth it -yes


congrats to you, that is awesome.

Was'nt there a similar play as the muffed punt where if a fair catch is called the punting team can not touch the ball untill it has hit the ground? The way i saw it, goes through bess's hands hits his knee then hits a jets hand then to the ground. if my memory serves me this is what happened earlier this year.

Its a good time to trade Ginn... he ran for 2 TD's,thats great.. but we need him for more than that! Offense is terrible... ugly win but i'll take it ! The jets made the wildcat look silly..NO DEEP THREAT AT ALL !


Here is my post-game list of guys with good game. Tell me what you think or if I forget someone.

1. Tedd Ginn
2. Vontae Davis
3. Jason Taylor
4. Gibril Wilson (can you believe?)
5. Randy Starks
6. Reggie Torbor
7. Joey Haynos


I really like Davone Bess as slot WR, but the last two games he have very bad fumbles and even one that was not called today.

Ginn needs to go back to starting wr. Even though he not very good at catching his speed stretch out defense and take extra defender out of box. Maybe this was what stalled our offense so bad today???????




Fasano forgot how to catch. He drop many balls today and last week. Joey Haynos look very good with his playing time.

Oh I forgot, Paul Solai also played VERY good today.

Glad to hear Fireman Ed got likked with the beer.


Whoever said Ginn has to be out there just to spread the defense is right. Teams just don't fear Camarillo or Bess. They know that they can catch those guys.



And to Bart Scott:

Miami would take it all the way if they played you're sorry team every week.

The fireman ed story is BS !

I have been saying all along Ginn has game breaking potential with his speed. People have to get off his back. Did everyone notice that missed long pass to Hartline for the deep ball? Hartline could not get to it but Ginn would have scored easily. We need him to stretch the field. We will beat the Pats next week and be in the thick of the chase.

Miami might not make it to the SuberBowl - but they don't have loser big-mouth players like Scott/Pace and Nutrisystem Rex.

Oh - by the way Boo Hoo Hoo....

And good bye until next year JETS ---


Your right Donald Thomas got chewed up on pass protection but this is like his rookie year and still has good upside. Smiley now he plays well some games like Jets losing to us at home and bad like today at the Jets.
BUt im' not completley sold on Grove and he is a upgrade over Satele but I want to see more from him and the cold months are just ahead we need to get that running game going again.

But this is a very good defense from the Jets and they lost for the third time against the Dolphins. Cant say enough about defense and we've had bumps and bruises, but we are getting better and the more games we play the better our team will get.

Im out!!
Go Dolphins!
On to foxborough and the patsies.

gosh, jet fans are just like their coach hex ryan...ugly, fat, and stooopid...that stadium is a toilet bowl and the fans are loser rats conditioned to be losers all their lives...they dont even beat up fish fans, they beat up each other cuz their loser mentality has been ingrained for 42 years...they wheeled out OL Winston Hill for the halftime ceremony and all the 1969 SB winner geezers..thats the only joy nyets fans will have for at least another 40 years....what was with the 2 pt conversion attempt when a PAT would have guaranteed that the nyets would have needed two td's at the end - not possibly a td and fg to tie it up, which is where they were left..too bad the poorly coached swamp rats could not exewcute a simple 2 pt conversion...they are a horribl coached bunch, and the dolphins only slightly less so...just win baby - on the road in division - dont matter how ugly...go fins...foxboro or bust...

ps chatted with marty schottenheimer who prefers sanchez over henne, without a doubt, therefore assuring that the dolphins will win a sb with henne, cuz schottenheimer is a loser just like his brother/son on the nyets sideline go phillies!!

I don't know why everyone is suddenly so excited about Ginn. He had 0 receptions for 0 yards and didn't even draw PI penalty so he didn't factor in the passing game. What he did is what he does best which is returning kicks. He should also be returning punts. As a starting WR he is still a joke.

We still have many glaring holes, namely a number 1 receiver, and db's, but if Sean Smoth, Vontae Davis, and Chris Clemons ( today's pleasant surprise), continue to get experience and Chad Henne can develop in to a bonafide starter, we'll be great. We are on the right path to being perennial contenders. Wouldn't it be great if we made a play for Vincent Jackson in free agency? We need that #1 guy. Hartline and Bess are nothing more than slot guys, and while Ginn did a great job today in returns, he's not a great wr, and will never be one.

Here is my post game Ball:
1- T. Ginn
2- Jason Taylor
3- P. Solai-( Super Great game)
4- V. Davis
5- C. Henne

Vontae Davis and Sean Smith already look as good or better than any cb duo Miami has had in a few years.

Sean Smith is the sticky fingers coverage guy and Vontae Davis is the speedy guy with a big hit!

Sean "Stilts" Smith

Vontae "The Vutlure" Davis


Are you the Mascott?

P.S. "super great"????

I imagine Ginny got the game ball? No?

Dolphins4life , continues to see through aqua and orange glasses. LOL ! This defense is getting better and better. What ? My god ! This defense is average. They got some good promising players on the DL and CB ( clemons ? ) . The lb corp NEEDS to be upgraded like yesterday.

Bart Scott is a dumb ass


I also agree Clemons did pretty good and was pleasant surprise when I saw him in the game.

Rex Ryan sucks,I hate fat people.Where all the jet fans now?


My comment is, as you and I both know we're still incomplete, both sides of the ball.

In slight defense of the o-line, I was wondering why Henning didnt run any screens or short quick slants to slow down the rush? Everytime 3rd and longs Jets were bringing 5-6 or more rushers and we were play action faking in 3rd and long. Thats at least a 1/2 sec more Henne could have had to survey the field.

Anyway, anyone playing Fins in 09 better get thiers licks in now because pieces that will be added in 2010, will have us kicking ass and taking names. LOL

Good to see nj NOT in jail,dolphins run this sh@t!

I'm trin to put Ginn in a positive sentence,I need practice!

i fear the Wildcat is dead. That's 6 straight quarters of inability to run or really do much on offense. Ronnie looks really tentative for some reason now.

Also - gotta give Ginn props, but at the same time he's still way too scared. If he was so great at returns, why was his first today after 3yrs. Unknown guys do better than that.

CC Sabathia is shoving baseballs right down those Philly kids throats!!!

Wildcat is not dead,an o.k.team defended it real good,it happens.

Go yanks,I'm watching that game too...

The wildcat will be roaring 'gainst new England,watch,160 plus yards next week!!!

EDS is a donkey

Maybe this was all part of a master plan so NE has no tape to look at of our offense from this week, lol!

Don't give up on the wildcat don't forget we just played these guys a couple of weeks ago it is still all fresh with them.

I wouldn't dout that these guys r synical like that.

Wilson surprised me today sacking old dirty Sanchez he just flew at him, hopefully next week he will knock the Gezelle out of Shady Brady.

Eds-Cobbs had been returning kicks cause he is coaches (and ALoco)pet.Now he gone and ALoco has meatball sub.Num. Meatball sub.Made by latin lady.Gimme sauce.

We didn't much need it with the means in which we scored today.

Wildcat isnt dead it needs new wrinkle. Jets followed blueprint of New Orleans by corner bltzing the edges. We mifht need to counter that by bringing in a bigger body running back and sitting the smaller wr for better run blocking.

Just had a thought, juxtapose how the Phins won in the first meeting, a long drive capped by the GW TD run by Ronnie; vs. this one...Jets had the ball in the red zone late, and couldn't punch it in... I like that...

No question who the tougher team is...it is Miami.

Gertrudys13 . yeah i saved you 20 bucks from your girls debt card . No jail.

Good to see yo screen name on this thing,we did it dawg!!!

Drinks is on the Miami herald/fins app on my iPhone!

Charge it to Mando even!

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