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Dolphins defeat NY Jets, 30-25!

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Wipe that sweat from your brow because this one was a three-hour thrill ride.

The Dolphins, riding two, count 'em, two kickoff return touchdowns by Ted Ginn Jr., one fumble return TD by Jason Taylor, and some heart-stopping defense play by the defense on the final drive, beat the New York Jets today.

The Dolphins improve their record to 3-4 and 3-0 in the AFC East. The Jets are now 4-4.

The Dolphins are living dangerously as their offense had only one TD. The defense yielded scores on three of New York's final four drives.

The offense gained a grand total of 104 yards while the defense allowed 378. The Dolphins had the ball only 25:54 to New York's 34:06.

But those are just details that do not trump important things -- like the final score.

Amazingly, I just got back from the locker rooms and while the Dolphins were fairly humble about winning, Jets linebacker Bart Scott was a bit of a jerk after losing. Judge for yourself.

"They're a great team," Scott said of Miami. "They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a tremendous offense -- great running backs, a great quarterback, a great tight end. They are stacked across the board. I'm serious. They are great."

And later he continued.

"They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way." 


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Waitin' Rivera to come to pitch,C.C. is on fire.

Danm...no one to comment with?

Sabathia= human lawnmower LOL

NE fans already saying things on ESPN.com like

"If you take away special teams play..."

"This is a 3-4 team..."

"You have no QB..."

"Blah, blah, blah..."

NE fans very scared

So much for cc. Utley owns him . Who's your daddy ?

I'm in the city right now having dinner with my wife watching the Yanks. What a life.

On W 55th st and 7th ave

Awesome game F*** the jests... We own them! Patsies are next...LET'S GO PHINS!

We, always do better against the Pats than the Fails=jets, don't know why, but I feel better about the upcoming game than the last.

Huge game, we win this and we are back in the mix.

henne looked horrible today. bird dogging recievers 9 people in the box im scared to death.And yes the saints shut down the wildcat second half of last game and it took us a long time to run it this game. Brown looks tenative

they wheeled out OL Winston Hill for the halftime ceremony """""

Ha, DJ rob I have his football card, I will burn it. :-)

Early prediction. Saints bad beat, Jets redemption. Pats, Rape.......34-10. Hell bent for leather.

Today I'll take an ugly win anyday despite our offense not happening and big plays coming from special teams and defense. And I'm happy for Ted Ginn Jr that he became the difference maker today. I'll still be an SOB in stating what I feel when he doesn't step up and be aggressive. And I'm happy for Paul Soliai for forcing the fumble that JT took to the house. This is a young team with rookies like Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Chris Clemons going through their growing pains. But I love their aggressive play and that's the sign that these guys will develop into veteran-tough outstanding players that can be counted on. I hope that Ted Ginn develops that fire in the belly that's better than having a fire lit up under your a*s. Just keep being aggressive like today.

Ginn is what we thought he is! He's a returner and a second-string receiver. He is not worth a 9th overall selection. Let the Dolphins bring in a real first-string receiver and led Ginn return kicks and punts.

NJPhin fan

Let me just say this yes our defense has had better moments against some good teams and looked bad at times. But down the stretch they mad playes. And that got the most important stop!

Yeah well thats a stepping stone and on the road lets not minimize the defense. Starks sack was huge and his stop before that.
Taylor and Soliai combined for a cause fumble and fumb. return for TD. Com on now we got sacks hell even G Wil got a sack and knocked the hell out of Sanchez.
Maybe its me and my aquavision! lol
Allright have good night Go Dolphins!

Sorry typos I'm completely sauced!
Good nite too you all.

I think Ziggy and Bart Scott are the same person.

Starks had an awesome game, saw him get held at least twice (no call). We have the hunger now, lets eat some cheat!~!!!!

Dolphins4life , Miami's defense gave up 386 yds of offense and 3 tds. It's the aquavision glasses Buddy ! LOL ! :) Good night to you my friend sweet miami dolphin dreams. Throw in a few cheerleaders. LOL ! :)

I've seen Ginn:

get deep behind secondary, score deep, score on reverse, score on kick off, score on punt return.

This dude is officialy not a bust; Ginn is officially a gamebreaker. Inconsistent? Yes, but a gamebreaker nonetheless. Gotta keep in on the field as much as we can, and put in him situtations to break it open.

I'll say it here, since I'm not a man and couldn't say it after the game:

Miami was the better team THIS YEAR. They owned us THIS YEAR. Congratulations to the BETTER TEAM. Henne did well for a rookie. They are a complete team. They scored on us with offense, defense AND special teams. Hooray for the victors. I'll shut up now. For the year.

That was easy....then again it's the jets.

What's up with ESPN and NFL net not giving the Fins any credit for the win? What a bunch of haters!!

2 wins against the nasty jets tastes real good. Rex and his pathetic gang of losers can just shut their mouths now. They won't, but they should, because they got beat twice. We have better things to think about, like beating the pats.

henne did well to hold on to the ball. he's a tough guy and seems to handle it well. while in the wildcat brown could not get a pass off. tough tonight for the offensive line.. was wondering why they continue to put henne in a tough 3rd and long when he is on the sideline for 2 plays and the wildcat is not working. guess they think he can work wonders.

Funny thing is, no one is willing to admit that it's even POSSIBLE that Ginn, besides stretching the field, is simply a better blocker, more often than not, than Bess or Hartline at the moment. Me, I'm not giving up on either Ginn or Bess (or Hartline). But I'd sure like to see Fasano come down with the ball more; seems like he's more just a blocking asset this year. Gee, maybe they should play Turner a bit at tight end (he's strong, but as of yet not nearly tough enough... maybe a stint on special teams would blood him?). But at 4.6 he could stretch the field... and very few linebackers could cut with him. Might have been the way to beat the blitz, cuz it's not as if Henne had time to find outside receivers very often. Though really, that's the kind of wrinkle you come up with in a bye week; no time to practice that now.

Ziggy... Cuy me some slack, man! Do not try to pretentiously appear as a better knower. Sparano is a young coach and also in a learning process. Last season he took us from having been a laughable bunch of losers to east champs, so please be a moron some where else... Not in OUR Blog against OUR Dolphins! Enjoy the victory, brothers!

And rock freeking hard: http://www.myspace.com/dirtywomandf


NFL Network to replay the game tuesday at 8pm.

WTF? is this? everyone complaining AFTER a win over the HATED Jets? I don't care how it happened!!! (I am not blind to the needs of this team) But I am thrilllllllllled to have beaten a stupid cocky team that hasn't wont sh*t and thinks they are Super Bowl bound!!!!


pointing out

It's about time the fins won a game like that! and that says a lot! so many times we pound the ball and play good football only to loose. the indy game, the saints game... it's about time we got one these kind of wins!

sanchez eats rex sausage!!!

Ginn is good at what he was drafted to do; return kicks. He is not a good receiver at this point in his career but he is an asset on special teams. Glad to see him doing what he does best but we need Turner or Hartline to step it up as the main WR. Bess and Camirrillo are good guys but they will not draw double teams.

Next week could very well be the make or break game of the year. I don't think 104 yards of offense will win against the PAts but if the Fins play good D they have a chance to win.

Good for Ginn he still sucks as a WR.Once again how many TE'S are going to have there way with are suck ass linebackers.Please address this position in the draft [BRANDON SILER].


That Pests TD where we had two defenders trying to keep him from going into the end zone and then we stripped him at the end of the play, if you looked closely his knee was down while the ball was on the 1 yard line before he got in. Who knows what would have happened had the refs got that one right, the score could have been 30 21 had we held them to a FG then.

The refs have it in for us again this year, I think Arlen Spector should start another investigation but this time investigate the refs.

This team hasn't jelled like last years team, but this is the same record we had at this point last year and we won the AFC East title. If Henne can find his groove, the defense can finish those tackles like they did yesterday, and make those picks that Smith should have had yesterday we can do it again.

I'd keep playing Ginn, Hartline, Camarillo, Henne together. This team is still very young in the passing game. Yet, we've seen some good things over the last four games, notwithstanding the drops and the sacks.

thank you ted ginn.you single handedly beat the jets.the d played well in the first depite being on the field almost the entire first half.all the 3 and outs put our d in bad situation.plus in the 3rd quarter we score 2 td's on kick returns. no time to rest.we got to do more 4 henne protection wise.he is a rookie and little game experience.maybe 2 te and 2 rb's then throw to cammy and hartline.bess needs to start looking over his shoulder as well as ginn.can't hold on to ball got to sit.

sorry I mean brandon spikes. ziggy is moron sounds like a jets fan

I think the Wildcat needs to stay in the locker room this coming Sunday-we played it too much and the Jets knew what we were doing...the Patsies will know its coming before they leave the huddle! We've over extended it so shut it down this week. But we need to get some body to catch the ball and pick up some chunk yards...What happened to Hartline getting in yesterday? Anyone know what he was non-existent when Sparano said he was getting playing time?

I think we should start Ricky Williams instead of Ronnie becuz Ricky runs harder the Ronnie. Just bring Ronnie in on wildcat and when Ricky needs a brake. Yall better check the stats. If u disagree with mr

We can't abandon the Wildcat until these WRs & TEs catch some balls. If anything we need to spice it up with some passes and by Pat White. Those Safties will be playing in on the clay (to borrow a baseball expression) on Wildcat plays. Get the ball in the hands of a QB who can run or pass and the defense won't know where to be. Sorry Wildcat haters, but it's here to stay.

Sorry but Pat White is too small and frail to run the wildcat. When he gets nudged by a defensive linemen he fAlls to the ground. I'm afraid he is gonna get tackled and fumble everytime he touches the ball. This is the NFL. Not the Weak BigEast

A few of you want to point to the questionable timeout last week and the decision to go for 2 point conversion in the jet game as some sort of negative against Sparano. What Crap! The two point conversion comes down to the field from one of the dolphin assistants in the press box. I don't expect the general to be trying to figure out algorithems during the heat of battle. Someone upstairs probably got Sparano up in their grill this morning over that one. Sparano's grit and fortitude and preparation have been sorely missing in Miami for years or have you all forgotten that. Sheeeeesh!

Can't wait to see the might Pats smash the weak, wannabe Dolphins in the mouth this week! The week Dolphins got lucky against my boys last week (yes, the cocky, brash Jets--who will be back to finish at 10-6 with a Wild Card) and any team that plays as poorly as the Fins did (did nothing against the Jets stiffling D, except for three lucky plays) will get crushed by the Pats. Oh, and to those posters who said the Pats are 100 times better then the Jets? Go back to week two and watch the game and stats - the Jets dominated the Pats, pushed them around the field. Jets will beat the Pats in two weeks AGAIN! Weak Dolphins, weak Dolphins fans!

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