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Dolphins downgrade Joey Porter to out

Joey Porter will not play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday.

It is not because he is injured.

It is because coach Tony Sparano has decided to sit him for this game.

The official line is that Porter is out because of "coach's decision."

Club spokesman Harvey Greene tells me that is different than the coach deciding Porter cannot play because of an injury. Were injury the reason, the Dolphins would say Porter is out because of a knee or ankle or whatever.

They obviously are making a distinction that injury is not the reason for the benching. The Dolphins are not offering details for the benching but one can assume performance is also not the reason. Even in the case of benchings for performance, the Dolphins would still use Porter in the game. He will be inactive.

Porter missed two days of practice on Wednesday and Thursday because of a toubled knee. But he returned to practice Friday and was listed as probable on the team's injury report.

Something clearly happened between Friday afternoon when Porter left the practice facility and this afternoon to cause Sparano to bench the weakside outside linebacker. Sparano, it should be noted, seemed quite pleased with Porter during his Friday press conference.

The coach was asked if he believes Porter has been frustrated seeing as the player hasn't had a full sack since September.

“No, I don’t, certainly not," Sparano said. "I see no frustration, I don’t think that he’s affected, but what I do see is a guy that’s played in enough football games to know ‘there’s some things I need to do better out there.’

"There’s a lot of things that people say about Joey that are not always favorable, but one of the good things about Joey is [that] the guy’s a pretty good pro. He sees it, he knows. When he sees it, and he knows, he takes it personally. The guy cares, and I think that’s a hell of a quality to have when you’ve played the game for as many years as Joey, Jason [Taylor], Jason Ferguson, [Chad] Pennington, those kind of guys who’ve played the game.”

Porter has been under the microscope this week after a game in which he had neither a sack nor even a tackle against New England. Prior to that game, Porter called out the NFL and New England quarterback Tom Brady -- basically making the point there exists a conspiracy between the league and Brady on roughing the passer penalties.

After he failed to contribute in Miami's 27-17 loss to the Patriots, Porter refused to speak with the South Florida media most of the week. He did do his weekly scheduled interview on NFL Network in which he vowed to continue being himself.

"I'm going to be me," he promised. "That's the good thing you have to like about me. Win, lose or draw I'm going to tell it like it."

I doubt he'll tell it like it is after this episode.

With Porter out for the game the Dolphins are likely to start Charlie Anderson at weakside outside linebacker or move Jason Taylor from the strong side to the weak side and start Matt Roth on the strong side.

The St. Pete Times, meanwhile, is reporting WR Antonio Bryant and DE Stylez G. White did not travel with the Bucs to South Florida and will not play Sunday.


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Wow. That is crazy

It will be intresting to find out the real reason.

Give Wake more reps! Probably feel Porter has little left in the tank and want to get moving on to life without him! The benching could also serve as a motivator and Joey may respond and play well in other games but I find it really hard to believe that Porter will be back next year regardless of what he does. He did great last year rushing the passer but he is not good against the run and I can not recall seeing him in coverage. The LBs need a major upgrade and moving beyond Porter is a part of that.

Hey Armando, twice this week on your blog I mention the dolphins should move J Taylor to Porter's side and start M Roth on the other side...

do I get any credit ?????

Kicked us around again. We wuz asleepin'


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Tool that he is.

FZB, You Do get the credit. Good Work. (That is if we win).

Good, J Taylor returns to his natural position, Roth is a good run stopper and Wake needs to have plenty of snaps tomorrow. We need to apply some pressure. I hope the Dolphins remember they still have to play a full game against the Bucs. We need wins.

i bet they figure he can only go for one of the two games this coming week and would rather save him for the panthers. either that or he keeps re-injuring himself and they want him to finally get right.

i hope ths allows them to activate turner!

Nevil, thats an interesting point. Any chance of that actually happening?

we better win....the bucs are a sorry team...

Still no Wake? I'd rather have a guy bust off a 15 yard run or have him blow a coverage in exchanges for 2 or 3 of Wake's sacks.

Dolphins Moneyline Bet? Anyone? Some feedback here!

Something like this may have happened:

Coach tells Joey he won't be starting Sunday and Joey turns into J Peezy and goes crazy on coach. So Joey gets benched for the entire game.

It's common sense to rest porter. He will never heal and perform to his full potential if they did not rest him. I hope sparano is still looking for a go to wideout for henne. We are going to need one down the stretch. We are also going to need the services of zach thomas. We had better bring him in and get him ready before someone else grabs him.

joeys been preparing for life after football instead of practicing. i went to davie in summer of 2008 but he missed alot of practices because he said he had headaches. he's a headcase. all mouth; no tackles! legend in his own mind


how can you not even mention cam wake??

must have been bad wow

Dont mess with Tony Saprano

Porter got the Patriots so motivated they totally shut him out. He did nothing. He should shut up. Why motivate the Patriots?

So much secrecy w this team

GET ZACH!!!!!!

I think Porter voluntered to be benched. He does have nagging injuries, and he has not been 100% for this reason or that. He knows very well that he has been talking the talk and might have voluntarily sat so he can figure things out. In that it also shows the respect he has for the team and Coach Sporano.


I love Zach, but he is not the answer in a 3-4 defense. He needs to be 6'2" or more and at least 245 to play in this scheme. He would go out on a stretcher if we plugged him in today.

We need to get healthy, Ferggie, Smiley, Solei and Porter. There are alot of bumps and bruises from the first half of the season. Better pass protection, and a little better catching and FINS might make a wild card.

GO FINS>>!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Did he get caught playing Dominoes while not talking about football ?

Soiled :)

Maybe he can work the comentators booth, he's good at talking :)


Let the rumors and assumptions begin.

We have 2 games in 5 days, saying that, with his nagging injuries they will let him heal this game. So he will be fresh against Carolina. Not because of performance, Armando you do like to try and create chaos. Think of the situation and the teams we play.

could it be that we have 2 games in 5 days. guys need rest.

Dear Mr. J Dub

"could it be that we have 2 games in 5 days. guys need rest"

Old people need rest.
Football players play football

Soiled :)

BP had enough of JP's BIG MOUTH! Don't expect porter back next season...

I cannot believe how many people here are saying the Dolphins are resting Porter or he volunteered to be benched.

I am stunned at the level of stupidity of some posters here. Makes me want to puke.

Hey, stupid posters, the Dolphins might want to bench Ronnie Brown too because he looks tired and needs rest. Maybe Jason Ferguson needs a short vacation also. He'll be back in two weeks.

then don't read them and go to the bathroom along with mr soiled

Dear Mr. J Dub

"then don't read them and go to the bathroom along with mr soiled"


In fencing, touché (French pronunciation: [tuʃe]), the French word for "touched", is used as an acknowledgement of a hit.

You Sir are a Wordsmith

Soiled :)

I'm hoping it's just a matter of production.
For wharever reasons he's not getting the job done.
I'm thinking the way guys like Henne, Smith and Davis have stepprd in and produced, has finally given these guys a clue.
I don't care who you are. If you're not getting the job done, lets find someone that will.

PS: Joey, did you get the get well soon card I sent you? No?
That's because I didn't send it!!!!

so we're going to see more of cameron wake, right??

That's good for Joey. It's a reality check! What do we have to loose?sacks? Tackles?


While we're on the subject of honoring our vets, I would like to take this opportunity to pay homage to our Hometown sportswriter.
I like the job you do Mando, in my book yer ACE's
I think you throw some blogs out there as bait, just to stir the pot. I like that too.
I remember the old days when those of us not residing in south Florida were just out of luck. You are doing a great service for many Miami Dolphin Fans.
Thanks Armando, and keep up the good work.

Joey Porter is a fiery type leader, whatever seems to be the problem, whether physically or mentally he needs to come back strong and help this team the second half..this team has zero room for error in the second half

hey at least porter has produced for the most part since hs been here i havent done squat and i never get booed or benched

I'd like to second odinseye's point about what this blog means to those of us outside of the South Florida region (or out of the country in my case).

I am not surrounded by many Dolphin fans, so this community feeds my need for Dolphin chatter among die hard supporters.

Aside from just making this place Available, I also agree that you stir the pot and get us thinking at times. I salute the work you do here, Armando - thanks!

Second that LipsinToronto

Anyone can remind me what the Dolphins are losing by put porter on inactive?

We really going to miss zero tackles and zero sacks? Let Roth and Wake get some time working together.

I have a bigger question, is Ferguson going to play?

not a big deal anyway,Porter will be on the sidelines in pretty much the same role he's played on the field lately....INVISABLE!!!!

I like to surfing very much ever since I was small. Today I drive up to Palm Beach County to surf in the very good 6-8 feet waves today. I paid respects to Neptune, god of the seas, and he tell me the Dolphins are sure to win tomorrow with the stars being:

Vontae Davis
Cameron Wake
Ronnie Brown.

Now porter can play the same role as he did on field,a big NON-FACTOR!!

at least we don't have to be treated to porters big pregame fight festivities this weekend but then again im sure he'll take a swipe at one of the Bucs training staff, just to let them know that he's still there.


Miami Dolphins' Cameron Wake hungry for playing time

Also doubtful for the Dolphins is nose guard Paul Soliai, which is good timing for the bad news as starting nose guard Jason Ferguson is ready to return after missing Sunday's game with an elbow injury.

i believe we will see turner. nothing lost on special teams, still 4 olb with this substitution.


Thank you, that is good news. You ever meet Neptune? I hear he is big Dolphins fan. You in MIchigan right? I hear people sometimes go to surfing on the great lakes even.

Neptune sure, he's an old friend of mine.

Taught me how to water ski....barefoot.....

I like to think with so many players injured or benched for other reasons (Porter) that Pat Turner maybe finds his way on to the active roster.

Needs rest -gooey
They should be ready wek in and out. Rest??? Please

Swamy thinking, Swamy sees Dolphins running, running and wait... passing more more and doing something new, never seen before... it's good... sorry can't tell you everything

Armando--- you do a great job. Ur mom would be proud. Thanks for your columns! Keep up the good work. Go fins

Well, one less big mouthed, whining, washed up crybaby on the field is ok by me.

Porter, is a great guy, loves the game he has contribute something into the game that will never be forgotten.

Please don't think one second that "THIS IS IT" for J Peezy it Only the BEGINNING!!(just watch)

Where was the Dolphins before JP?
What about the remaining of the players that are on the field?

Porter, WE LOVE YOU!!!Keep on doing it!!Lady Chowchilla

Trade Porter.

(Maybe you can get a 4th round pick for the loud mouth.)

They really need two (Parcells sized) 6'4 260 Pound Middle Linebackers.

...They also need a #1 and #2 Receiver (as if THATs a revelation...)

(I realize dudes like that don't grow on trees...but I'm just saying)

...Anyway, why cant somebody just 'Rub a Genie' somewhere and make all this happen? I don't want to wait out the normal time-frame.........Actually, you know what: I'm going to go out tonight and try to rub some Genies!!...let me know if that helps!!!!

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