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Dolphins downgrade Joey Porter to out

Joey Porter will not play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday.

It is not because he is injured.

It is because coach Tony Sparano has decided to sit him for this game.

The official line is that Porter is out because of "coach's decision."

Club spokesman Harvey Greene tells me that is different than the coach deciding Porter cannot play because of an injury. Were injury the reason, the Dolphins would say Porter is out because of a knee or ankle or whatever.

They obviously are making a distinction that injury is not the reason for the benching. The Dolphins are not offering details for the benching but one can assume performance is also not the reason. Even in the case of benchings for performance, the Dolphins would still use Porter in the game. He will be inactive.

Porter missed two days of practice on Wednesday and Thursday because of a toubled knee. But he returned to practice Friday and was listed as probable on the team's injury report.

Something clearly happened between Friday afternoon when Porter left the practice facility and this afternoon to cause Sparano to bench the weakside outside linebacker. Sparano, it should be noted, seemed quite pleased with Porter during his Friday press conference.

The coach was asked if he believes Porter has been frustrated seeing as the player hasn't had a full sack since September.

“No, I don’t, certainly not," Sparano said. "I see no frustration, I don’t think that he’s affected, but what I do see is a guy that’s played in enough football games to know ‘there’s some things I need to do better out there.’

"There’s a lot of things that people say about Joey that are not always favorable, but one of the good things about Joey is [that] the guy’s a pretty good pro. He sees it, he knows. When he sees it, and he knows, he takes it personally. The guy cares, and I think that’s a hell of a quality to have when you’ve played the game for as many years as Joey, Jason [Taylor], Jason Ferguson, [Chad] Pennington, those kind of guys who’ve played the game.”

Porter has been under the microscope this week after a game in which he had neither a sack nor even a tackle against New England. Prior to that game, Porter called out the NFL and New England quarterback Tom Brady -- basically making the point there exists a conspiracy between the league and Brady on roughing the passer penalties.

After he failed to contribute in Miami's 27-17 loss to the Patriots, Porter refused to speak with the South Florida media most of the week. He did do his weekly scheduled interview on NFL Network in which he vowed to continue being himself.

"I'm going to be me," he promised. "That's the good thing you have to like about me. Win, lose or draw I'm going to tell it like it."

I doubt he'll tell it like it is after this episode.

With Porter out for the game the Dolphins are likely to start Charlie Anderson at weakside outside linebacker or move Jason Taylor from the strong side to the weak side and start Matt Roth on the strong side.

The St. Pete Times, meanwhile, is reporting WR Antonio Bryant and DE Stylez G. White did not travel with the Bucs to South Florida and will not play Sunday.


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PFT is report that Cardinals will make bigger effort to trade Boldin this offseason. The article also say that they will not be able to get what they were ask for him last year.

This is all good news my friends.

Maybe Porter being inactive is a small message to "Play More/Talk less" but don't be surprised if:

Wake now gets more playing time and

Turner gets his roster spot!

Porter, WE LOVE YOU!!!Keep on doing it!!Lady Chowchilla

Posted by: Lady Chowchilla | November 14, 2009 at 10:40 PM

You women all sound alike. Love love blah blah blah. Don't stop, don't stop, do it, do it, DO IT!!!!


Was sup? You said earlier that Armando was aces?? Hey I thought I was ace. WFT LOL

Whatever the reason, and I assume it has more to do with the fact he is not healthy, and the team has 2 games in 4 days. That, along with the team probably wants to see some other players who are rested and somewhat healthy. Anderson, Roth, and Wake.

Might also put a little pressure on Peezy to put up or shut up. I like others, do not expect his return next year so why not get some others involved? Makes complete sense to me and gives him some much needed rest.


There's so many imposters on this blog I don't know who I am half the time.

Then again, it could be because of the RUM?

Great.........now I'm even more confused......

Even in the case of benchings for performance, the Dolphins would still use Porter in the game. He will be inactive.

I think the key phrase is "inactive".

I think they were planning on activating Nalbone due to the injury to Fasano.
Since Fasano will play, I'm thinking we'll see Turner some tomorrow.

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I'd like to see Cameron Wake see some action.

basically making the point there exists a conspiracy between the league and Brady on roughing the passer penalties.... IT'S A TRUE STATEMENT. BRADY IS A SISSY.

Whatta bucs team were playin today. So now if we kill em than it's just the 1-7 bucs. But if we lose then we ain't sh!+.than we Suck bad and were done. But I'll still take the Win allday. Take em down!

Dear Mr. Turds Faster then sound Sux

"basically making the point there exists a conspiracy between the league and Brady"

I agree totaly.

NFL commissioner Gisele Brady Buchum is digitally altering TV signals during NFL broadcasts to erase Gisele's adams apple and also Digitally placing an adams apple on Tom Brady Buchum.

When will these lies stop.

Soiled :)

All I know is that it's gameday!!! Beautiful weather 70s sunny and no humidity!!! My Heinikin Lights, my old lady and me are packed up and ready to head down to the Stadium!!! Let's go Phins!!!!

Play Taylor in Porters spot, let Wake relieve him on third down. Play Roth. While they're at it, Torbor could play for Crowder. Then there would be no one that would be talking instead of playing. As for Sparano saying he sees pro bowl potential in Crowder, I think Crowder should either prove it or shut up.

Ok, so I am from out of town and I am in Miami for the game today. Unfortunately, I was naive to think there would be Dolphin stores all around to buy merchandise for my family. Any suggestions of where to find such a store. We plan on going to Dave's pro shop but is there anything else? Thanks fellow Phin fans, dolphins 28 bucs 13

SoiledBottom is a man of integrity .

sad day when fin fans dying in waiting for a win vs the bucs .

google ( dolphin's merchandise in the miami area ).

Everyone remember the typical fish tank with the pirate ship sunk at the bottom of it. Well the bucs coming to the fish tank! I thought it was funny. Lol

Carlito i know we need a big play wr but boldin isn't the answer. he has been injured all year and only has 35 catches for 404 yards and 1 td. and that's with a accurate qb and fitz and breaston drawing coverage from him. unless miami brings in another wr to help boldin out he won't do squat for our phins. Miami shutting porter down is good. rest joey and give wake a shot. he can't be worse than joey.

Play wake & Patrick turner , and Ronnie brown must hit tha hole hard and stop tip toeing

They say that the real reason he is inactive is because coach sparano told porter to get some rest on the bad knee or hamstring, whatever injury he has, but instead he was seen out friday night partying and and having fun when he should of been resting. So in return, sparano told him he was going to be inactive for the game.

i'm glad to see that the "All Mouth" joey porter is not in the line up today, with the way he was playing lately, we don't give up anything on defense with him out of the game.

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