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Dolphins, Jets scoreless to start 2nd Q

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- There's been plenty of pushing and shoving but not much moving of the football.

And definitely no scoring.

So the Dolphins and Jets will keep bobbing and weaving and trying to make the other team blink first in the second quarter.

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TIme to blaze hopefully i bring dolphins some luck

Terrible coverage by Vontae on that completion to Edwards.

Here we go

look at the time sanchez has. we have to pressure him

Soft coverage on Edwards. Can't have that.

come on vontae gotta play tighter D than that

Davis played a little scared there.

IS the D gassed or are their spirits broken?

commentators talk about jets and more jets!!!

come on dolphins.. starting the game now

That sweep was blocked up nice. Nothing you can do about that.

Look a wide receiver open in the middle of the field.... I have never seen that before watching the fins games.

Running it right at us now, not good.

holding them to a FG would be nice here.

new york bias!!! i hate it - just patethic

Wow 24 got STUCK on that last play. way to get your butt kicked

So soft, I thought Davis was in zone coverage.

Defensive line is getting roughed up. Offense looks absolutely terrible.

i hope we can trade porter for something in the offseason. they are getting 5 yards every run.

The Dolphins are going with a four man line on some running downs with FERGUSON and SOLIAI at DT.

i really hate that my tv coverage is three seconds behind wqam


Pathetic Fish. Hey Sparano aren't you going to run up and down the sidelines fist pumping. Give me a M. Give me a I.

Great pressure on the 2nd down throw.

You guys can't really be suprised that the commentators aren't focusing on us...we pretty much suck...

listening to simms, jaworski and collinsworth is nauseating

watch the qb senak

U truly are pathetic tortured.

Watch qB sneak

ohhhhhh sean!!!

Ouch... nearly a 99yd return. Great coverage.

that was almost a pick 6

Damn, Smith almost!!!

Sanchez saw the blitz, called a max protection and Sean Smith blew what would have been a 99 yard interception return.

That is a pick 6...must have cannot win without that

nice play by Smith


almost sean smith!!! that was 6 pts!

24 again. WTF? Bown up on a block,. pick 6 in the hand is dropped!

that was a gift

Ok now we get ball wit better Field position let's go

if his hands are diamond, he scores, but that's why he is a db.

smith saw the end zone and blinked

Come on Teddy Ginn. Decent return, please.

good job defense
Sean, catch that ball next time! He's the best receiver we have

minor win for the D now lets get a TD

3's better than 6, assuming we can get a first down one of these drives

That wasn't an easy INT. Probably should have had it, but not a gimme.

Good hold defense...Offense needs a sustained drive here to give the D some rest.

Shut up Wayne, not pick six or win. WTF does that mean

3 is better then 7

Dammit catch the ball smith. Officials have had two no calls and screwed us on the roughing call on fields. Nice job crooks.

Good stop to keep them out of the end zone and almost a pick 6 for 100 yards. Now can our offense actually do something!!

Goal for the first half. Get a first down. Come on guys YOU CAN DO IT!

Poor Dolphins get their hearts broken in their sixth game of the year and what do they do? Pack their bags for the year.

Its ok I'm sure there is a gem like Jamar Fletcher hidden somewhere in the draft.

Good Job D, make something happen teddy!


ginn didnt put the visor back on!!

ginn bitched out by feely!

Tackled by Feely? Statement maybe?

That was an embarrassment....ginn looked slow and got tackled by the kicker!


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