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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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anyone have a link?

come on fish

our defense ALWAYS gives up a score after we score, WHY???

Dolphins need a turnover to keep this from becoming a dogfight.

thank heavens for vontae

This is pathetic guys, here we go again. This is going down to the wire.

where's the coverage on the rb?? unreal

too pathetic. porter sucks

That was waaaaayy toooo easy. Terrible, terrible work by the defense.

YEAHHHH.....man that sucks

The defense just went into 4th Qter mode i.e. soft, passive and giving up the most points in the NFL

every time we score, they score,
our defense has physical ability but not mental

untouched into the endzone...disgusting defense vs an offense with a half ass OL...

i hate this team. every week is like this.

the only thing worse than the dolphins D are the Herald servers.

Guaranteed win, right?

Steve Tasker has done everything but yell, YEAH!! after the Bills have a positive play

nfl took down medfin site it says
justin back up though

Your pathetic season is now over.

Losing in Buffalo. Go jump in one of FLoridas many canals.


Need a link please

Channing Crowder - Garbage

WE need a TD return by ginn.

"It is a beautiful day for football here and so that removes the final excuse anyone could possibly, realistically have for believing the Dolphins could lose today.

The Dolphins will not lose."


Hey, Wayne, when did I say this win was guaranteed? I said the Dolphins should win this game and they should. Is that a guarantee?

Does Ted Ginn ever return a kick to the left side of the field?

I realistically believe the Dolphins are going to lose today Mando.

Can we ever put a team away and not go through this week after week. Not to mention the crowd still remains a factor. Dammit!!

WANTED: Defense that can hold fourth quarter lead.

starting behind the 20--if you take it to the sideline, please get back to the 20 at least...

why is this game 14-14 i dont understand what is going on?

Ginn looks awful again on Returns. So afraid to run fast and vertical and behind blocks. Just sad.

No it's not a guarantee Mando, forget about that guy. Why does Ginn always go out of bounds? Why doesn't he try to elude defenders? We need him to make a play darn it!

What the hell is going on? Why can't we put these guys away? DOn't get to watch, so have to ask

medi just put it back on new link
firefox crome or safari works

I hate all of our fans, you guys hve no faith on any given Sunday a team can play well...Right now Buffalo is playing well, its a good game...In order to be a good team we need to find a way to win and I think they will..

"The Dolphins will not lose."

your words. no should in there. are you a curse?

"The Dolphins will not lose"

Prediction? Guarantee? Semantics?

This defense is consistently horrible in the 2cnd half...

Mando-u said "The Dolphins will not lose." that's pretty much a guarantee...I would have never said that about this team

What is going on is when one side of the ball takes the initiative, the other side is giving it right back. It's awaful.

Crowder, Ginn, Wilson, and Porter have to GO!!! Please replace them with McClain from Bama, Lafelle from and LSU and Clemons.

Said it before and I'll say it again, if Sparano doesn't have the guts to fire his assistants, he'll be next. And Mando, you can book that.


the LBers are playing terrible.

The DL got manhandled by a makeshift Bills OL.

Jeff F, Long Island, NY,


and in the first half, the playcalling was horrid.

Is Ted "Out of bounds" Gin even in the game???

Wow Henne got lucky on that one

We will likely punt the ball now, this sucks!

Ginn has no vision

This is going to be a great day!!!

A complete and total FISH CHOKE JOB in Buffalo of all places.

we SHOULD not lose. we are a way better team. we lack the killer instinct on defense. In fact that has been true for many many years in miami

Ted Ginn has made 3 positive plays all year and about 10 negative plays

This mediphin guy rocks

The Dolphins will not lose.

your words

Bad scheme where Lex Hilliard has to block Aaron Schobel.

I knew it! Damn! This is disgusting!

Where's the illegal contact on that Play!!!!!!!! Damn refs are sold!!

camarillo pushed way past five yards
guess that doesnt count on dolphins side

nice coverage. Play some frikin D



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