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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Bills just won their superbowl for the year. we are a pathetic team without any killer instinct

Henne is not the problem. He has NO ONE to throw to. Worst receiving core and coaching in the league. No question.

Oh dear Henne !

6 sacks, ball control and then we lose by 17 to a rubbish team

Couldnt find the game anywhere online. I guess its better that way. Too bad, the Fins worked so hard to get to even, just to get blown out in the 4th by these clowns.

Oh well, we knew that this season wasnt going to be anything special. With Brown and Fergison going down, that iced it.

Imma go watch Favre. At least there is some entertainment value there.

Come on man!

Our defense is poorly couched. 2 deep, man under, 3/4 man rush. our QB is poorly coached, has no idea how to slide up in the pocket, and never looks to dump it off, gadget plays suck. Our offensive Coordinator is senile. uhhh lets try this, lets try that. Cant get a rhythm. Dolphins heard all week how they were gonna cruise (thanks media.) This is the 3rd loss that should have been a win (Colts, Saints, Bills.) I have to think its poor coaching and un-prepared players. PARCELLS, please make the tough coaching personell descisions (i.e firing your old buddies.) Give me a Disciple of Dick Lebeau for the D, and Charlie Weis/and or some1 who understands the patriots offense to be our O co-ordinator.

Well the young guys should get some good playing time now turner will get a chance to show what he can do and some others as well, looking at draft now rec,te and ILB was painfull today guys

This team SUCKS!! They go into Buffalo and take the Bills lightly and then goes to crap in the 4th...AGAIN!!!! Henne is NOT the answer to our quarterback problems and Sparano has not really been the answer for a replacement coach since we got rid of Shula. We were still in the hunt starting today, but like always, we take a big dump!!!

Look they are missing their starting QB, RB, C, G, NT and CB. So it makes it tough to win. But they still beat the jets twice. So I'm ok with not having a great swain. Just don't make it 2 seasons in a row next year!!

Well said, jax. And ur right I've said it before 8-8 at best

what a super nip

Season done. Lets move on. We need a real WR. A real LB especially up the middle. Henne will be fine. Goodell needs to get a grip on the officiating too.

Henne looked like Mark Sanchez today

"Henne sucks"


"Henne's average."


"We need a REAL QB!!"


I don't know why I come to this blog. Some of you are sensible, have your feet on Earth. Many don't. And they are the same ones who will be kissing Henne's rear next Sunday if they beat New England.

I hate you.

That is all.

Your right Henne does not have good WRs but it's not their fault he's overthrowing them or underthrowing them.

We do get a consulation prize with every loss is a better draft pick!

I will be back...I am a fan...but I dont have to like this...No more dolphin tickets, jerseys, cups, posters, etc...dont get another dime of my money until you start winning. One season will not be enough. So, I'll watch you on TV, live and die with you each week...but you get no more of my money...not a dime.

Mando's prediction was as bad as when he thought the 2007 team was going go 10-6.

First of all, I'm very happy you guys lost.

Playoss, PLAYOFFS! Wow how pathetic. You're organization, writers & fans are incredibly lame. All u know is excuses excuses excuses. Instead of worrying about the Pats -Saints, u need to be able to beat the Bills!!!

PLAYOFFS, if u did make u'd stink that up as well.

Henne sucked today
Why does our D suck ass after every turnover?
Its like they dont think its their fault if the O scores on them. It is a mind set that needs attention and changed ASAP

well, u gotta hand to the nfl. Guess they knew what they were talking about when they flexed miami out of prime time. What a miserable performance by henne today, and the secondary again with a 4th qtr debacle. Oh well, time to see what these dolphins will do after a crushing loss like this next week.

Pathetic is the only word I can think of.After 11 games our season is officially over....pathetic.

Which is what we need, last thing this team needs is to go 8-8. What some of you fans are missing is that the worse their record, the better the pick they will have in EVERY Round of the draft, not just the 1st Round.

They are not going to the playoffs. No chance, and didn't have one after starting 3-5 and having so many injuries and such a difficult schedule. This team needs to get rid of GINN and somehow find a way to get Crowder and Porter off the books if possible.


Look they are missing their starting QB, RB, C, G, NT and CB. So it makes it tough to win. But they still beat the jets twice. So I'm ok with not having a great swain. Just don't make it 2 seasons in a row next year!!

Posted by: Jaison | November 29, 2009 at 04:02 PM"

Thank you for smarts in the face of retardation.

So sick that a talented team is consistantly unprepared or unwilling to play in the 4th quarter. Plus why the switch from the run. We played the 31st ranked run defense. I understand if Ricky is tired but we kept Lex for a reason. Ridiculous! If the games end in the 3rd quarter we could dominate every team. Unfortunately, and possible unknown to our team, the games are FOUR quarters long. If we play this pathetically against the lowly Bills, what the hell will the Patriots do to us? Outside of unleashing the wildcat last year we haven't controlled a game against the patriots in 7 or 8 years. Hell we haven't truly controlled a game this season. Step it up or step out of the way!

Repeated collapses are on the coaches.

at least we know what we need...pissed cane

Its a shame we can't blame all this on being young...since so many of our players are old veterans. Looks like another season of cleaning house by the regime...another rebuilding year...maybe the 2011-12 season will amount to something.

I wonder if the NFL will allow us to play the Jets 16 times next season????

Bad coaching!
Miami were arrogant trying to make a TD-throw by Williams.
I am starting to believe that Sparano is not the right man for the job.
Too many mistakes now.

fuming pissed

George W,if you got beat in the head with a base ball bat,I'd be very happy too.

Bat dad, sleep it off. Henne will be fine. he has sssshit to work with. Top priorities need to be wr and D.


i agree set the whole "bad karma"

Epic collapse!! Henne has regressed yet again and the defense bows at the wrong time of the game. What a huge disappointment.

I get that we aren't that good but this is a game we should have won. This is the kind of dog performance that we would have expected from the 1-15 team, not this squad.

Kiss the playoffs goodbye. Let's start playing all the young guys and get 'em some experience. I'm tired of not seeing our rookie from USC too. Put him in because he can't be much less productive than Ginn and Camarillo lately. Those two have combined for nearly squat the last month.

Sad day for a proud program.

i hope like ILB

crowder akin cant get 'er done

Sparano and Henning shot their load on Ricky way too fast today. Why not even give Lex the chance to handle 10 carries? Every time he touches the ball, he does something good that I've seen, and he's almost Brandon Jacobs sized. Guys don't want to tackle him.

ryan baker looked good, need a safety or two...keep 37

Give me a break, whos the dolt who thought henne was a bust, Pleaze go cheer for someone else, he was terrible today, but my god, 3 of his 4 picks were tipped at the line of scrimmage. We just need better personal to compliment him, and its his first REALLY bad game. So i wont abandon him like some of these idiot fans r doing right now!!!

agree mark

why was smiley playing hurt?

super. here here...not on henne

Hey Beerndrums

Being a DOLFAN, you'd probably miss the hit.

Glad ur a loser too

Now we know why NBC switch our Sunday night game

and by the way dump ginny

Stop crying finfans! It's now were starting to see were not ready. It's not our yr. It's NOT!!! It hurts bad. But find a way to get over it fast. I can't believe the score.

Man, Buffalo is a pathetic run defense, anyone that could have played running back should have been given a chance today. If there is one thing Buffalo can do is defend the pass and the 'Phins played right into their hands. Awful approach on offense.

cant protect henne cant run all day

Don't write anymore dolpfans, we're all "ignorant morons"

Even though I knew we were in trouble with Henning and Pasqualoni, I had faith in Sparano. Stupid me. These guys need to go but I seriously doubt he'll pull the plug. What really puzzles me is, why does Parcells let this go on.

Sure, there's the thing where you cover up mistakes but how long can you get by with that?

houston, pitt....? jags we can beat..... :-(

crowder...should go as well as akin....wilson

Shaggy , where's scooby doo. Did you get off fantasy island yet. welcome to reality ! LMAO ! I told you we're not that good YET !

way behind plays

Henne didn't have his best game though he was actually 147 rating in the first half. The picks , 3 of 4, aren't his fault when they are tipped. He is trying to make plays. He has no one to throw to and an idiot OC calling plays. Henne is a great qb. He can't win games all the time for us just like Marino couldn't. He did his job. The coaching let us down this time

no middle

It's the NFL, anyone can win any week and really, this is the first game in this coach's tenure when they lost against a bad team. In Wanny regime, that would happen 3 times a year it seems.

I think a realistic expectation would be to win 7 games this year which doesn't do the team a whole lot of good either way.

fin...i don't put this on henne

NJ, never thought they were. Stop being a condescending prick.

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