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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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if you read any post please read this. I beg you, to be the voice of the fans. We don't have access to the team like you and our voices are dying to be heard. We need you to be our voice. For the love of god, PLEASE drill Sparano, the OC, DC and anyone else on every single stupid idiotic call made today. I don't mean just ask them why certain things happened, I mean grill the living hell out of them without fear of being black listed for allowing such absolutely idiotic calls to be made in..
- allowing Williams to throw when Buffalo couldn't stop him running.
- bringing in Pat White once again and once again disrupting offensive rhythm.
- depending on Ginn.
- why this is the worst 2nd half/4th quarter defense Miami has ever seen and after 11 games still not even close to being fixed.
- why after 10 days to prepare for this game this is what they came up with.
- and any other moronic thing that went on today.
- Call Sparano out every single time he comes even close to mentioning things happened because of lack of execution or some other BS excuse, those excuses got old after game 2. Stop feeding us BS Sparano!

This team is a fraud. I bought into the hype and I hate myself for it. Nothing feels worst then being disappointed when you prepared yourself against it before the season. I had a good feeling what this team was going to be before the season and typically I got caught hoping...

George W, what the f... r u doing on this blog? Go back to your Bills, or Jets, or other sorry ass team you like, you frickin' circle-jerk fa..ot!!!!

LMFAO@SHAGGY > Oh yeah keep blaming the refs too.

Henne: Best option at QB we have had in a long time.
Ginn: Painful to watch. No reason whatsoever to try to keep him around.
Crowder: Too bad this wasn't his contract year.
Sparano: I think you are doing ok but then there is alot of boneheadedness too.
Henning & Pasqualoni: Not sure here but I'm sure Parcells knows.
Hartline: Stays
Fasano: Stays if cheap.
Langford and Merling: Hopefully only sophmore jinx.


wife wants the laptop now.

Run, Run, Run! Against that sorry Bills run defense we should run 60% of our plays. I loved that Ricky pass play. What is up with Henning and his using trickery WHEN ITS NOT NEEDED?!!

nice 4thq, homos way to get slapped by another punk team dolphins suck. lay down the rest of the season get some picks in the draft. what a f'n joke henne the hero ha!

Some observations:

1. Why the deep passes in the 4th when we are on our two yard line? Wouldn't it have been better to regain momentum and field position by moving the chains? This reminded me of last night's bizarre ending to the Georgia Tech game.

2. Ginn had a chance to make a big catch on one of Henne's deep balls over the middle, but he didn't even lay out for it. Instead he looked like a bent-over old man running with his arms extended. The ball glanced off his hands, if I remember correctly. I wonder why Ginn didn't really go after that ball? Possibly because he just doesn't have the instincts of a real NFL receiver.

3. I didn't see the halfback pass, but from what I've heard, it sounds like another example of dopey play calling in great tradition of Chan Gailey, Norv Turner and Mike Mularkey. Those guys couldn't call a consistent game either. Henning is just more of the same.

4. Henne really did stink it up today, no matter how one looks at it. He also stunk it up in the second Jets game (we had something like 100 yards of offense that game, remember?). So, who is the real Chad Henne? Is he capable of being the franchise QB we've been looking for, or is he just another Jay Feidler with a stronger arm? Only time will tell, I'm afraid, as a proper evaluation is almost impossible since we don't have receivers who like to catch the ball.

4. My most difficult decision this coming week is whether to continue to devote my Sunday afternoons to watching the Dolphins go nowhere or focus on my golf game. Today's game makes that choice a whole lot easier, I'm afraid.

5. I'm also left wondering if Tony Sparano is really qualified to be a head coach. He was the O-line coach at Dallas. Does that prepare him for running an NFL team? Some of the things I've seen on the field this season make me doubt it - namely the overall lack of preparation on gameday.

6. Our defense is a sieve. Thirty-one points by the Bills? You've got to be kidding me. It's just shameful.


im totally with u there, we need a good draft pick and we need better personal in free agency. I said it b4 that with miami even making a playoff push late, that even if they somehow sqeaked in, i don't see this team doing anything except one and done. Better to just play out the string and gain better ppl for the long hual in 2010!!

Hey stillhardcoredolphinsfan,

got ur playoff tickets yet????????

I said that the Fins shouldn't overlook the the Bills because they were better than the BUCS who Fins barely beat in a home game. Also to get the Pats game out of their mind. Fins needed to run the ball more because that was the Bills main weakness. Henning and those responsible had ten days to develop the game plan. They need to admit they f@#% up.

Now all that's left is a "pipe dream" (running the table to end 10-6 and backing into the playoffs). Not much wiggle room left.

Henne has had his ups and downs. He could turn out to be just an average QB (e.g., Trent Edwards). Some of the ups occurred after he himself put the team in the hole. We'll see how the rest of the season turns out. Maybe Fins need to seriously consider allowing Pennington to compete next year for the starting QB position (I still believe Fins would have had a winning record this year if he hadn't gotten hurt). If Fins wind up mathematically out of the playoff picture, Fins should give Pat White a lot more reps. Maybe he's the future and not Henne. You wouldn't want to play White extensively to find out if he's the "one" in games that still might have playoff implications.

Injuries have really turned out to be this season's killer. Also the inconsistency (growing pains) of a young team (making mistakes).

Playoff hopes are dangling on a very thin thread. I believe season will end either 7-9. (losing to Pats, Texans and Steelers) or 6-10 (add the Titans).

Let's hope I'm wrong.

NJ, its no secret you are the biggest tool on this board. I sat back and evaluated you for awhile. Its apparent now. Sod off, you D-bag.

George W,
I told u what u were. Go to your favorite team's blog and and circle-jerk with your buddies. No one cares about your opinion. Who is your team anyway? Manchester United? Frickin' ass pirate!

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