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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Nate Jones anyone? He comes up with a big play week after week.

NICE! Could have used the fumble recovery there!

Nathan Jones!!!

Coaches, another bad called game

thanks for the link finfan23

Boooooom what a hit now defense need to stop and hit them like that

If we can't stop them on this drive, we deserve to lose.

http://www.justin.tv/mediphin3 -working

Why dont we throw to Camarillo more!!!!!!!!

Bess needs to step it up with the catches now. he will catch the darn thing and with his hands, not the face mask, his shin, the top of a shoe, his belt buckle. I hope that Ricky has enough in him for another td drive

Another nail bitter... way to jinx us mando!

welcome andrew

Is it me, or is the play calling just AWFUL?

Armando, you have blocked some posts

North Tonawanda 14
New Rochelle 7


D HAS to step up here

I said it before and i'LL SAY IT AGAIN. playoffs ? playoffs ?


bad performance all the way around...Henne and ricky playing well but not enough to overcome curious calls, rancid defense, and some questionable ref calls

Who wants swiss cheese on their sandwich?

Why does the NFL give a crap about rebroadcasting anyway. Should we all be subjected to what they think we should watch? Fascists!

Gotta tackle!!

how many tackles does it take???

This defense lacks heart.

Our defense sucks!!!!!!!!!! It sucks!!!!!!!

quentin Moses sighting.

Is it me or does the Miami defense look very slow at times?

marc is your medifin feed still on mine's shutdown

The frikin Bills! My God!


Ho Hum Another worthless team from South Florida. Panthers, Heat, Marlins, Dolphins ... same shi& different pile.

huge 3rd down here

we just may end up losing this game....

fascist nfl and refs

well never mind

screen...dump off...screen...short flat...these 2 QB's look the same to me..and its scared

guess NBC knew what they were doing when they took us off the Sunday night game against Pats



make sure mediphin is /mediphin3 not /mediphin2 or 1

Looks like it's not in the cards boys

That could have been a game-winning interception for a TD!

Choke Choke Choke that's what happens when Tortured Menace is giving head in Hialeah

How do u miss that catch dammm

come on we need a break cause i guesswe cant beat them straight up

oh vontae!! if not tipped he would have had the int and td

Who's #93?

Well guys, sorry to say but it is time for you to trade in all your JT and Porter jerseys. Wow do they suck.

this type of play al started with Walsh and the advent of high percentage football...I hate the dam west coast scared offense

channing Crowder playing terrible today. Loses a 6-5 TE in coverage.

man sean doesnt even try to tackle anyone

there's that 4th quarter TE

Where's the pass rush? Where's Crowder? Where's big mouth Porter? Where's Taylor?

freakin blitz oif we have too dont just let him sit there

This is one of the worst defense's in football

Why our d is always lime this


Sorry losers its not December yet, but you guys might as well get a head start. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

yes mando they do look very slow today...and pathetic coverage by fins lbs....again

D sucks no answer for the short pass

The Miami defense is making Fitzpatrick look like Jim Kelly.

Sorry u turned out to be such an as'hole Tortured/Menace

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