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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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The Dolphins look tired. They should be considering the played a mere 10 days ago!






93 Quentin Moses


Finally a sack ! on their QB.

and who the heck is baker? LOL

D looks awful, offense can't pass for sh!+

Baker baby yeah!! wait who?

I guess holding isn't in the friekin rulebook today!


Enjoy your sunday afternoon game next week.

Fuking losers

There are your sacks

PORTER!! There they are for all you naysayers

Porter finally

Fuckig loser FISH


Finally, porter.

Keep talking tortured.

where's that pass rush been all game?

Now is everyone going to hate Joey Porter you no good fan haters??

Useless stinky fish garbage

Jason and Porter take over the defense and the game! Yes ! Love those old days

Where is wake? Nice sack by Porter they needed that!

why arent we changing our defense...they are killing us with short passes

Any questions??? Think I will keep my Porter jersey, thank u

Finally! Why do scrubs have carrer games against miami? Does this mean we trade for himnext year?
Thanks for stopping them!

Moorman does it to us again.

Ok that's what we need to do now let's go offense no sorry play calls

Thats not Porter

Thats Jpeezy

The Bills Oline has held about 3 times this game but the refs REFUSE to drop a flag against the bills

Two plays in a row we blitz and they have to punt when will we eve learn? And if ginn is on the field right now I want Morono fired and henning as well.

Hey mando, jim Kelly was not very good, he lost four super bowls loaded with offensive talent! Any other qb wins at least 2 of those

Turnover comming up from these useless fish.

And here comes the winning 98 Yard drive

Servers really bad today.

Attack down field to Ginn

Ricky needs to break one right here, and get us off the 1 yard line

Play action pass...first play...I bet they will get 15 yards at least if they do.

Tortured ur on a dolphin blog bashing us how donu have any right to call anyone a loser???? It's like an ocean callin a puddle wet.

Hey, this is nothing new. Our Phins are no. 1 in points allowe in the 4th Q. So this game is a toss up now.

Can't blame everything on the players. The coaches have been aweful today, specially with the stupidiest call on 1st and goal from the 2 (pass call for Ricky). In fact, we should be up 21-14, so I would blame primarily the coaches for this loss (if it happens).

Were is Wake????? He killed these tackles last Game!

mando-channing crowder plays horrible week in, week out--he's awful

Brian Moorman with a nearly perfect punt.

Crap gotta head to work keep me updated guys, Go Fins!

Great we're pinned deep. i wouldn't be surprised if we punt on 1st down!

crowder is a modern day jackie shipp

Only 97 yards to paydirt!!!

The only "useless fish" is between ur mom's legs Tortured/Menace

The idea now is for the offense to avoid the big turnover inside their own 20.

Tortured are you going to be allright after the fins win this ugly game? Thought you checked out against Carolina?

Run right run left punt

Ricky will break one

ginns on the field

Drayton Florence is basically Buffalo's No. 3 CB.

Does anybody really think that Ginn will come back and fight for the ball?

Good call, pass a little short

Why even bother throwing to Ginn? He sucks, everyone but the phin seem to know that by now. Waste of first down.

Throw it past ginn he'll get there

big i great post LOL

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