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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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Wow. Quarterback draws and big kicks by the opposing kicker

Holy shiete

It's all Henne now

Final drive to win the game!!!!!

porter came alive there at the end

how does it come down to this????????? ridiculous. now we have to score on this drive or its the season.




Did I mention how bad these servers suck…

Story of our season right there...

Now another comeback win for Henne and the Offense!!

Career long field goal why on us?

Anyone think this team has the heart to come back now?

Begone you little fly! I'll talk to you after the game is over, I don't have time for your nerdy butt right now.

Another chance for Henne to show he IS the future.

Ok can with get the gods to give us some luck one game please we need this game, henne will get that big play for our offense let's go fins

what happened in the houston game?

Chad Henne can grow up today in Buffalo.

Channing crowder is the most overrated inside lb ever. He misses tackles, he doesn't do ANYTHING! and if he doesn't whiff on that last tackle, they don't even attempt that fg. He is a joke. I've watched him all season and he hurts us so much.

It ain't F#%%*+ over yet biatch.

channing sucks !

It is a beautiful day for football here and so that removes the final excuse anyone could possibly, realistically have for believing the Dolphins could lose today.

The Dolphins should not lose.


D did thier job, lucky kick with the wind, time for the o to start from good field position

You just knew he was gonna hit that! It's the way this game has gone.

make 1 stinkin play crowter !

u worthless gator !

OK. If we're screwed!!! A 56 yard FG against us. We're now going against the wind. Our QB is not playing well (and our coaches are experiencing lots of brain farts!!!)

This will be a season defining drive. If we fail, we can kiss the playoffs goodbye. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

There goes the season...Flush!

They always hit the long field goal on us.

Our cross to bare.

14 points against this team when you're running for 5 yards a carry? Henne is playing terrible

Tortured/Menace...ur the biggest jerkoff ever...One day I pray I meet ur az in Miami/Dade cause ur going to cry like the pu''sy u are

Here goes Henne again with a last drive winning td

Another chance for the stinky fish to prove what a bunch of losers they truly are.

I'm having a great game ...

I am very tired of teams/players seeming to always have career days against us. Lindell, career long @#%$^&@*#(#^$&

ted ginn has done zero today on kickoffs

80 yards for the season

Crossing fingers


ginn you are a loser

Where's Camarillo?


Ted Ginn falst start. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

85m yards


Refs are horrible today

Ignore tortured nutsack

camarillo and bess and hartline


Ted Ginn should take off his jersey head for the airport and start cleaning the bathrooms.

In a way, this is a good thing. No more hiding the poor calls, no more hiding poor coaching or bad personnel decisions. Intelligent, knowledgeable fans have seen this coming since preseason.

We deserve better and please spare me Parcells BS. We're no better than '90s teams when we barely made the playoffs.

The entire Ginn family with a false start. Fasano!


First down!

welcome back fasano!!! what a game for him today

U know how to chocke on a big pe'nis huh Tortured/Menace

Tortured, were you hiding under your mama's bed again last night?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend losers.

Your season is over.

Deal with it. You should all be used to it by now. On the bright side the Marlins open up spring training soon!

I repeat:

Who decides to spend their Sunday trolling a newspaper blog? Especially when they are probably Jets fans, a team that lost to Buffalo (at home) and twice to the Fins???

The very definition of "get a life."

Seriously. Win or lose I am sad for you.

Dolphin fans need to stop being suicidal. Buffalo is a house of horrors for us. Are you really shocked?????????

It can still be won, though. Get a grip, guys.

What's with pat white??? Horrible coaching

come on!! pat white??? Parcells needs to step in already!

Are we seriously running an Option as part of our hurry up?? You think Indy, NE or New Orleans would be doing this?

Pat white who is neither a better runner than Ricky nor a better passer than Henne continues to get chances.

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