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Dolphins lead Bills 14-7 in fourth quarter

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- The Dolphins dominated the time of possession in the third quarter, holding the ball for over nine minutes.

And those used that time to drive for a game-leading TD to give them a 14-7 lead going into the final stanza.

Join me in the comments section to see how it ends.


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I hate the Bills.

Nj phin fan we spanked the fuckng jets twice. What say you moron?

Anyone want to buy my Texan tickets on december 27th?

Outcoached by the Bills ballboy. Bills are running up the score now, they could have run out the clock but decided to run it up. we should go low on some of there players on the kickoff for that.

this is officially the most points we've allowed in the fourth quarter all season

never thought the bills would crush us. i guess we have no identity. terrible on defense and terrible on offense. i want to hear no more talk about the playoffs. i dont even want us to makle the playoffs i would rather pick a few spots lower and get a better player.

Mando, I can give you three (3) reasons why we lost today. (1) Henning (2) Pasqualoni and three (3) Sparano.

And u know what hurts the most???..our Head Coach will sit in front of that podium at the end of this debacle and make excuses for everyone who played poorly..mark my words on that one

I hope they don't go 7-9! This team needs a top 10 pick, BADLY

Did I mention these servers really suck.

Left end gets tackled on pass rush, TO pushes off twice. and they get a touchdown. Two BS calls on roughing.

The NFL is fixed. That said. Ted Ginn is a bum, crowder is a corpse. Lets get desmond briscoe. we need receivers.

To all the Patsies Fans,

Shut the F up.

you guys are nothing but a bunch of cheaters, the fact that u think your team is great shows how ignorant you really are. you won all 3 super bowls by cheating. You are pathetic, actually a waste of life.

Patriot fans are like STD's. they are worthless, annoying, good for nothing, bandwagon wannabees.

By the way nice job losing your perfect season to the Giants, hahaha

Henne didn't play well second half. He had 147 rating first half. But the tip balls aren't his fault. thats the offensive line

Don't blame Henne's lack of weapons. Don't say he's still learning. He can't move in the pocket, which dooms any NFL QB prospect.

Don't blame Henne for this loss. The f@@@ing coaches dindn't help with their "brain fart" calls: 1) The Dolphins' braintrust decided that Ricky could be a better passer than a runner; 2) They got away from the running game in the 2nd half.

This is unacceptable for a playoff worthy team. Well, let's hope we can now throw in all rookies and practice squad in the games ahead, and that we lose them all. At least we'll have a very good draft...

Last but not least, I am not sure if we have our QB of the future.

Terrible, terrible, terrible!!

Awesome...run it up..embarass em. Show the team how it should be done. Maybe we will get our act together

You have an interim coach looking for a job, what did you expect?

I think he is too young for the draft but Miami needs to get Baldwin from Pitt. That dudes gonna be a monster in the NFL!

blow fish will be lucky to go 6-10 cause the rest of the teams on the schedule are not pop warner teams, I would still bet ont the pop warner team

Long time fins fan but I am super frustrated. Can't take too much more punishment especially from teams like buffalo.

Why is ted ginn being blamed for this loss? Blame the coaches, blame the coordinators. Half back pass from the 2 yard line? The defense lets up in the second half. Offensive and defensive play calling was horrible today. That's why we lost, not because ted ginn dropped a pass.

Draft wishlist:

Dez Bryant
a TE

The one time the Bills do not choke it is when my team is playing.

That first drive killed us end of story and again the 4th qt killed us again idk what to think anymore we need alot of work

LOL shaggy. The NFL and the SEC are both fixed and don't insult my intelligence, they are.

Dolphins need in the draft. Wide receivers...with Speed AND Hands AND GUTS!!
Linebackers with Speed AND HEART!!

Tripplet and his crew is awful

well i guess this is what happpens when you have endured as many injuries as we have...should have seen this coming

Let's not even try and score again either

Coaches lose this one...

Ricky throws???

Pat white in after a 15 yrd rec by fasino???

This one is the coaches.. good bye season

3 ints

Actually, this all goes back to the Wanny, Saban and "whats his name" years...we were gutted like a fish while they were here...poor drafting, poor trades...now we have to rebuild. Can anyone understand why we'd trade Welker? Draft Ginn? Draft Allen? You can name all the others? It has cost us way too much...So now we still have too many holes and not enough plugs to fill them. So we have to resign ourselves to another losing season...maybe in a few years we'll get there...and maybe not.

24 points in the 4th qtr, jesus !!!

Just as I predicted

The fins should be ashamed of themselves ! They are not men but coward liitle boys! This game was won ! And they emploded!

season not over..... are you kidding did you watch the same game we did???? It was bad enuff with a good running game and a crappy secondary, now average running game with a crappy D

yeah another interception!!! why are we still giving fuel to the Bills!! Just down the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who I hope I don't have to see again next year: Henning, Sparano, Ginn, and Henne

Another tipped ball

Omg again I love henne WTF is he doing

Spread it on!!!!!

4th quarter meltdown!!!!!

We blame Ginn because he takes a spot from someone else where is the crew that work 2 games back like sperry where is turner he can't be as bad as some of our receivers

Why does this team love to loose?

This is funniest sh#$ I have seen all year. Just got worked by 3-7 team. Worst defense Miami has had in 15 years. What pisses me off more then anything, is not Miami losing today, or their record, I didn't think Miami would do any better then 8-8 or 9-7, it is the leaders of this team lying week in and out. All talk no action. No heart, no pride. I wish there was some way I could express my feelings directly to Sparano. I would love for him to spill his lies my way. I would call him out in front of every single person around. I wouldn't have to worry about losing my job, or being black listed by him, give me 5 mins and I would be happy.

This team has given away 4 games in the 4th quarter this year. Sad that they have no killer instinct. We were outplaying Buffalo and never gave them the kill shot. They took advantage and when Henne found himself in ANOTHER come from behind situation, he couldn't get it done. The season is over now. I hope these guys are happy they ended their season by mailing it in against Buffalo. Stupid trick play on the first drive changed the entire game...

Hey guys, even when we want to kill the clock we get a turnover. How pathetic is that? Why not just run it? How stupid is this coaching staff? Someone please explain this to me.

24 points in the 4th ugh

Dez bryant
Dez bryant
Dez bryant
Dez bryant
Dez bryant
Dez bryant

Ted Ginn's family will rebound next week.

Ginn you suuuuuuuuuuuuck!

I was being sarcastic about not trying to score.....

no doubt we need a new offensive coordinator. Three games this year the fans have gone crazy over the calls he made in three loses. Three games of losses he stops running when we are ramming the ball down their throats. His calls on Pat White, who has done nothing at all ever all year, in the middle of strong drives andshows his lack of instinct in football. He wastes downs throwing to Ginn who doesnt catch the ball. He takes Ricky and Ronnie and effectively benches them in favor or our wonderful passing game. Game after game after game

man if i was coach theese guys would practice tomorrow with pads. 10 days to prepare for the billa and we blow it.

What's that sucking sound?

Henne will show what he is made of if he snaps back from this one.

NJ, you are a self absorbed prick. Take your drama someplace else.

Mando- can you get somebody from the tech dept to fix the blog. It is slow and not even worth participating in.

It has been shabby the past two weeks.

We suck in the 4 th quarter

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