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Dolphins lead Bucs 19-6 to start 3rd quarter

The Dolphins are getting good play from their defense, bad play from Tampa Bay, and some breaks from the officials.

The result is Miami leads the Bucs 19-6 as they prepare to start the third quarter.

The Dolphins got their last touchdown -- a 5-yard pass to Kory Sperry -- after Jason Taylor set Miami up deep inside Tampa Bay territory. That interception, by the way, was a gift from the officiating crew after a replay review that clearly showed the Bucs had a completion from Josh Freeman to Mark Clayton.


The Dolphins have a sack from Cameron Wake. They have two catches from Sperry, a tight end activated only yesterday. And some excellent play from Taylor.

Join me in the comments section for the third quarter continuation of the live blog.


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Woot great to be leading :)

Go phins and Taylor is killin it

Lets go Jags !


That was not "clearly a completion." The rules changed... a receiver has to hang on to the ball after being tackled for it to be a completion... he didn't hang on to it.... incompletion.. and since it never hit the ground.. interception. Nice heads up play by JT.

The taylor interception was just that....the tampa player was bobbling the ball before he was hit and while going to the ground, without a football move, the ball pops up. THUS>.....its an int. ...of course the idiot callers on fox, still think it was called a fumble. Fox announcers are almost all complete garbage...HOw hard is it to call a game?

Why are we lucky to be playing the Bucs? Are divsion got to play them. Maybe were lucky to be playing them at home

I truly like our defense without Porter in there. Letting Jason play and bringing in Wake! Anderson has also done a better job then Porter today. Porter has loss too much..

Armando dont you agree

Notice how good Henne gets when in a rythm

Armando -

Any background information on Kory Sperry?


Dear Mr. Salguero

Is it true that Henne is listening to motown hits while the defense is on the field just to keep his rythem ?

Soiled :)

No more wildcat the rest of the game.... let Henne go out and throw for once!!

carlito i mentioned him...keep JT bye bye to Porter

Kory Sperry was signed after he was cut by the Chargers. He's been on the practice squad since Sept. 9.

Sperry played at Colorado State.

Dolphins are lucky they're playing the Bucs. There's no way that call near the end of the half goes our way if we're playing any other team. It was a horrible call that the league decided to give to us - as opposed to a Tampa team who's season is already over. BAD CALL!! But we'll take it.

Wake's sack was beastly

out of bounds AGain...

Don't forget Charlie anderson Mando, we would be up more if the rest of the d did not try to play soccer with those fumbles he forced.

And ....... right out of bounds.

Why did tha tpansy just run out of bounds.... he could have cut it up the middle!!! ted ginn i hate you!

Did Ginn not have a hole there instead of running out of bounds?

ginn is a run-out-of-bounds artist!!

Patrick Turner with an illegal block in the back.

There was definitely a hole there! smh

Turner!! Not the impact we wanted.........

You mean Turner isn't the next great WR??!!

That lady just called him coach soprano

that was a slow moving reverse

and out of bounds AGinn....

Nice 3 and out...

out of bounds? really?

that's right, get out of bounds ginn. What a freakin' moron!

I swear ginn is a waste of speed...... and that was a pathetic series...

Aweful playcalling

Sick punt.

they are getting way to close to blocking the last two punts

Why can't we play smash mouth football instead of all this trickery.

Who's hurt?

hUGE PUNT by Fields...big play!! looked like a clip that wasn't called either at the top of the screen

Hurry Teddy get out of bounds!!!!!!! What a puss

Jags pick sanchise. !

if he was coach soprano....teddy would be sleeping with the fishes...

Sanchise shouldve just thrown a pick 6 but the LB's fell running it back to the 5 yard line.

The Fins need to feed Ronnie Brown. He's the hot RB today.

Ginn needed to cut into the field to have a chance on the 3rd down

Why to the Fox announcers keep saying that is our first TD in the last two minutes of the half or the game, what about the Jets game

How about blocking for Ginninstead of standing around lineman? I'll stand around all game for your money!


i agree, feed the stud!

They don't seem willing to trust Henne with a lead on 3rd and 4. Disappointing. This coaching staff plays not to lose far too often. Points on that drive would have effectively ended the game.

What? They'd rather rely on the NFL's worst 4th quarter defense?

Ron pitts is a tool he should stay with destroyed in seconds

We should cut turner how could he. I am done with this team forever!!!!!! Lol

Dolphins really miss Joey Porter don't they?

man...charlie anderson is playin pretty well

charlie anderson!!!

And then jags cough it up on the one.


Nice run tackle by charlie anderson....

Andson filling in no way should be taking over porter spot

Anderson is flat-out better than Porter at this point. Time to waive JP.

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