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Dolphins lead Bucs 19-6 to start 3rd quarter

The Dolphins are getting good play from their defense, bad play from Tampa Bay, and some breaks from the officials.

The result is Miami leads the Bucs 19-6 as they prepare to start the third quarter.

The Dolphins got their last touchdown -- a 5-yard pass to Kory Sperry -- after Jason Taylor set Miami up deep inside Tampa Bay territory. That interception, by the way, was a gift from the officiating crew after a replay review that clearly showed the Bucs had a completion from Josh Freeman to Mark Clayton.


The Dolphins have a sack from Cameron Wake. They have two catches from Sperry, a tight end activated only yesterday. And some excellent play from Taylor.

Join me in the comments section for the third quarter continuation of the live blog.


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I was just thinking.....I have not seen Vontae or Sean Smith or anyone from the secondary at all today....

thats a good thing.

Fumble jetsys !

Damn! Buffalo tied it up?

dolphins d strong against weak tampa bay offense

I love how everyone acts as if we're playing the Saints or something.....

The jets are the luckiest or unluckiest SOB's. Depends how you look at it LOL

Porter who?

Sean Smith is just smothering his receiver every snap. He is very very good for a rookie.

Dolphins D is great when they not playing a great qb who can easily beat them over the top.

Our next 2 games against delhomme and t. edwards... looks pretty good

Vontae Davis is going to be very, very good. He's physical and he has elite athleticism.

I agree Anderson should continue to play as long as he keeps playing well. However, remember this is the yukaneers

Here's why: Are you ready?
Sanchize throws a pick, which is returned to the Jet's 4 yd line. Jones drew fumbles on the jets 2. Sanchize throws a 41 yder to Edwards, who later fumbles it and recovered by Jacksonville.
I love it!!!

Game on


Soiled :)

wow great run ronnie!!! woohoo

by the way, Donald Thomas is back in the game.

anyone have an active internet viewing link?

o line getting beat to point of contact today

Why all this jets crap? Who cares, they suck!

Go vertical

Wasted drive

can vernon carey block anyone? he needs to sit with porter

Throw down!!!

Game on


Soiled :)

Here's your killer instinct.

Here we go again, playing not to lose the lead. Sparano, you really suck.

Did ginn catch one?

That was a catch

Nope incomplete

wow he holds on but cant get the feet in...can't fault him on that one

wow...good effort by ginn for a change

He's so bad.

Thats the Ted Ginn I know

Soiled :)

He caught it!!! Woooo-hooo!!! Even if he was out of bounds :-(

Now he wants to catch it.

Ginn= out of bounds Aginn.

Ted Ginn is a disaster as a WR.

That was a catch by Ginn. Great effort though... I feel bad for him caus he really needed it. Damnnnnnn

Come on CAREY quit stading around + letting everyone tackle + Ted-do you know where your feet are?

nice throw ginn just can't get his second foot in bounds...... damn, it seems like he just can never put it all together.

ginn justs sux!!! clear as day.....make him a decoy the rest of the game to pull the corner and maybe a safety!!!

el guru - wuit basjing Ginn...that was a great catch and barely missed his foot getting in bounds...nice throw and catch

Hey he caught one yeah it was out but we still need to throw deep even if he does not catch it it free the middle

ginn sucks....clear as the balls on a tall dog

to be skeptical though of Ginn, he catches is it on the SIDELINE--- less chance to get hammered by a DB than the middle of the field--just an observation..good effort by him though

it was a step in the right direction for ginn, tho. no pun intended. lol

Stop ripping the guy, damn, that was great effort. He did his best, it was a hard ball to catch. Come on people. Give the guy a chance. I know he's been bad but he's human after all. Relax.

typo...was supposed to be quit bashing Ginn and that goes for everyone! You guys need to support our team and he is a part of our team

I feel a turnover coming on

You can't blame him on that one. It was henne not giving him room. I'll rip ginn when he deserves it. Not on that one. Good effort. Almost still got both feet in.

This is how bad Freeman is playing today:

Pat White is 0-for-1 and has a higher QB rating, 39.6, than Freeman, 31.5.

Ginn is just not a reciever

Ginn just can't redeem himself.

Our best offensive weapon is brandon fields!!!

its great if he did his best. his best still blows.

the bucs receivers might be worse than ours...lol

Blitz his ass

not bashing Ginn on that one..just made an observation..middle of the field is his achilles heel


a Roth sighting

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