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Dolphins lead Bucs 19-6 to start 3rd quarter

The Dolphins are getting good play from their defense, bad play from Tampa Bay, and some breaks from the officials.

The result is Miami leads the Bucs 19-6 as they prepare to start the third quarter.

The Dolphins got their last touchdown -- a 5-yard pass to Kory Sperry -- after Jason Taylor set Miami up deep inside Tampa Bay territory. That interception, by the way, was a gift from the officiating crew after a replay review that clearly showed the Bucs had a completion from Josh Freeman to Mark Clayton.


The Dolphins have a sack from Cameron Wake. They have two catches from Sperry, a tight end activated only yesterday. And some excellent play from Taylor.

Join me in the comments section for the third quarter continuation of the live blog.


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that was pretty funny Rdiorio...

The Dolphins have no killer instinct.

You give White reps by having him lose yardage and ruin what little rhythm the offense has?

I think white has to earn his reps. And he has not.

I am very worry about Ronnie Brown

3rd and 2 and he calls TO? we are so lucky to be playing as poorly as this and still be leading.....PATHETIC

Wake almost had another sack. I don't understand how this guy keeps getting away from the sack. It's disgusting.

is freeman a QB or a F#C#ING RB!!! tackle the damn guy!!!

Game on


Soiled :)

Link died, need new link to the game plz

I wonder what we do with no wildcat.

Get their coach off the field.

Let Pat white THROW the ball!!! Ginn-you could have recovered the fumble! We forced 10 fumbles and can't get any of them-but we can sure loose one!!!!!!

He earned reps by playing well in NE

lost link feed. any others links?

PASQUALONI SUCKS DOG ASS, WTF kind of call was that?

while White is in the game its like a free timeout with Henne on the sidelines....

Game on


Soiled :)

Ginn couldn't recover, the ball was too far from the sideline. He doesn't know how to end a play without a sideline.

It's the bucs. We need more effort on both sides of the ball.

Here come the Bucs!

Thanks Ronnie!

Freeman looks like Culpepper back in the day. Huge guy who can really move and escape. Dude has special skills in the pocket.

Every single fumble they have had, they were able to recover. The only one we had, we couldn't recover.

Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Winslow is killing us.....


I can't believe TB took this long to notice our TE coverage issues.

i think while putting white in does take some continuity out of the offense, he has the ability to be a playmaker with the more experience he has. Lets be honest, first and second rounders all over the league get reps without really earning them first

There's a TON of holding going on... and the refs are letting the Bucs get away with it....

They're gonna come back and win this game. I can feel it.

Bell can't cover and now Mando's step child gets burned!! TE's have killed us all year!!

here comes our forth quarter meltdown...


TorturedDolphan is an idiot.

The mighty Bus are driving!

what does dallas clarke, ben watson, shokey? kellen winslow? tony gonzalez all have in common?


Hate to speculate but thinking ronnies deal was an ankle.

Braylon Edwards just threw a pass out of a reverse. I wonder how Bart Scott and Calvin Pace feel about that.

I do think our D issues are mostly play calling. Esp in second half

Armando can u ask the coach why we still cannot cover a te and why we can't just put in some calls to put these teams away in second half

Kellen looks more and more like his dad


Armando_ Do our corner backs-defensive backfield believe they will be arrested or otherwise punished for intercepting a ball or recovering a fumble-I thought that is what they were hired to do? Also-Will we see Carey block anyone today-he's an expensive-big turnstyle!

Touchdown Bucs?

Lol now there is the dolphins pass D we know so well

Come on again

Here we go.

We deserve to lose, it's a game now. This will determine if we have heart at all or not. I think I know the answer to that.

Smith got smoked. Damn this team.

great job miami, ur D is now starting to show, oh well, when u leave bad teams in games, this is what happens!!!!

I don't believe this...who else is getting that stupid feeling right now???

We need some pass plays down the middle, now!!!!

How can a game be this close when playing the bucs?

Wanted: One pass defense.

I feel stupid also.

dolphins defense is PATHETIC and pasqualoni needs to be fired. Maurice freakin stovall? Come on fins!!

Why was Gerbil not covering anyone on the right side short? Peeking into the backfield. Was he a spy in Freeman or just out of it?

Can we get some play calls and move the ball

Barth loves to give it to Miami teams. First at North Carolina against the Hurricanes, and now against the Dolphins.

Wow really ginn

Freakin' butter fingers, now he's really pissing me off.

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