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Dolphins lead Bucs, 6-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins fell behind early today because the Tampa Bay special teams are good and Miami's are not.

The Bucs connected on a 51 yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

But ...

The rest of the Tampa Bay team is terrible.

The run defense is bad. The offensive line is poor. Their best receiver is out and their quarterback has already fumbled twice.

So the Dolphins lead 6-3.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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It looked like they were playing catch with him. This is ridiculous. We are so freakin' slow on defense it's not even funny. We're screwed!

That completion may cost a FG.

tb will gove for it here

JT is old

Tortured Dolphan,

If you are a lady than you are a real classy lady.... do you stand when you pee?

Terrible tackling today

hey crowder is on the field?


This is almost worse than bucs vs. dolphins preseason game.

Nate Jones has been solid for several weeks in a row.

We never make it easy do we

Connor Barth's revenge continues.

Time to put this game away

I am not a lady! Bucs get 3 more. Dolphins suck!


Great job ... holding the mighty Bucs at bay.

What a great stand!

wow--nice to see Connor repay us after we gave him a tryout LOL

This game is hilarious I hope we lose

It's like we step up for the good teams and step down for the bad teams

We should be up 10 nothing.

Wow I mean the Tampa came to playt oday the Dolphins are same old...Always playing down to their opponents level!

Long field goal again caused by a penalty...no holding on Jones and they would of been out of field goal range. That is 2 penalties that costed us 2 field goals...ggrrr

Armando -

This is bad. But if you think this is the worst game of the year, you haven't seen the Redskins yet.

tortured i got something for you to hold...

U were right Mando: it cost us 3. Where is the D today

Fins need to stop playing around here and close out the half with a TD.

All that scrambling will get shut down after the half. It has to

odds on Ginn running out of bounds on this kickoff?

this game confirms a theory about the nlf: when a mediocre team (miami) plays a bad team (tampa), the result is usually a putrid game.

Has anyone noticed when Henne is in shotgun he is great....BUT THEY NEVER PUT HIM IN SHOTGUN....WHY?!?!?! Bet they dont use it here either....IDIOT coaching staff!!!

I'm surprised no Miami hacks mentioned that Connor Barth would give the Fins all they could handle

Turner is on on special teams. I guess that's something.

MIAMI 40-13 . BWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!. 9-6 ? Garbage

2 minute offense against a bad team should equal points before halftime!

This is absolutely pathetic play by the fins today. Can't tackle, can't block, can't throw! WTF Sparano you said this was the best week of practice. Practice of what? Henning needs to be replaced immediately. This play calling is rediculous and if we as a Defense lose to a REAKIN ROOKIE QB paqualoni needs to be replaced as well. Let's pick it up for the love of GOD!!!!

and the streak continues LOL

Ginn= out of bounds again!

Nice return and move by Ted Ginn...

I wonder if Ginn has his hands insured.

1st and 10 jags at jets 26 lol

Totally ran out of bounds. He does not want to get hit. Great, Camoron.

Donald Brown is down.

OB for Ginn...wuss...before today 17 yac on 19 catches...wuss.

special play there to Haynos--TE screen to guy who runs like my grandpa

Ginn runs out of bounds. Imagine that.

Oh boy here we go

Haynos runs like a girl

Bubble screen to Haynos...wow.

Great way to start a 2 minute drill.

so is thomas

That's just great, just what we needed!

His right foot looked all crooked

They're not checking his knees or his foot so that's good.

One pass play awsome

TD JAX...boos rain down on sorry JETS

TD jags. LOL.

Yes! Great play call to get the ball into Haynos's hands in space! He's a guy that is going to make it happen!

Henning's brilliance shining through once again.

TD Jags! Juts are done LOL...


Td jags lololol go jets hahaha

Thomas is walking off the field under his own power.

I think it is a head.

Haynos is 6'8 and 270 and runs out of bounds just like Ginn!! This is flat out a horribly coached team. If you can't correct this or push your players, its not the players, esp if they continually repeat the same FREAKIN MISTAKES!!!!

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