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Dolphins lead Bucs, 6-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins fell behind early today because the Tampa Bay special teams are good and Miami's are not.

The Bucs connected on a 51 yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

But ...

The rest of the Tampa Bay team is terrible.

The run defense is bad. The offensive line is poor. Their best receiver is out and their quarterback has already fumbled twice.

So the Dolphins lead 6-3.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Ginn the fainting Goat...

Jets suck out loud

Did not think tortured was female

Ginn is clearly just a return man and not a receiver. Atleast he won't be a reciever anytime soon.

21-10 jags!!

Maybe not physically

Joe Berger is in for Thomas.

21-10 Jacksonville

Awful play calling.

Run the ball!!!

Dolphins laying down before the half like every other game this season

3rd and 9!! Can someone please block the bucs??!!!

this is flat out embarrasing... plenty of time to run a normal offense here..I don't understand the shotgun/2 minute drill at this point

or a three and out and give them opportunity to score points before half...way to go Miami!!

This team should be booed!

ugh throw ten yards already

boy this 5th string announcer team really does stink! They just introduced Nate Garner as Joe Berger WTH...

Just brutal playcalling today.

No heart whatsoever none

What a play call

Should have ran the ball from the start.

WTF Sporano!!!!!!!....Did they just run a draw on 3rd and 9????????????????? GOD I HATE THIS COACHING STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am not a girl! Mark Franchise will now take over this game against the lowly Jags! Dolphins Suck! My boyfriend actually still believes in Ginn!!!!!!


Henning starts of strong and then fades as a play caller.

This game is so bad, we're more interested in the Jetsys losing at home.

If the bucs get points before the half I will maybe punch a whole in my wall, the dolphins do this every game!

Anemic offense making bucs D look like the steel curtain.

The good news: Jags beating Jets.

The bad news: They're playing well enough to beat the Dolphins.

JAC and TEN up! We need a win by the Colts tonite

Tortured u r a funny chap jets suck REALLY suck!!!!

Wow creative play call on 3rd and 9!! I guess when you don't have receivers its all you can expect?! FREAKIN TUNA better make some moves to get Henne some weapons b/c I will not put up with this product anymore. Mando, you should be blasting these yellow belly F'ing Sally's!!! PATHETIC TEAM

all i have left is bile. this is a very painful offense.

Run on third and nine.....lmao our offensive playcalling has been atrocious and conservative this year. And whoever is keeping ginn in the offense should be shot

This is painful to Liston to that was a horrible series

Dolphins must avoid a big punt return at all costs because giving TB a chance at another 50 yard FG would be death.

Aweful playcalling

really... all this talk of henning being an offensive genious is really overdone...Outside of the wildcat (which in reality is just an old school formation), the play calling itself is HORRIBLE--always has been going back to last year...Mando joked the 5wr set would be shocking to start the game, but it would be nice to see something like that when its 3rd and 9 ONCE in a while..and I'm not talking about having your RB's/TE's lined up as WR's

Great punt!! Turnover time!!

Thomas (neck) is probable to return.

Our punter rocks.

God I hope we are smart enought to take timeouts if they run the ball.

This is the most boring & worst game of the year by far!

Anderson strip comin up . Instant offence

Why don't we play thigpen at all?

I hope they score on this drive, so Fat Sparano can go back to his locker room and realize his play calling freakin' sucks!

play calling is atrocious!! Henning must go!!

Miami is perhaps the worst offensive team in the NFL/ BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


We should call to

Bout F'ing time Taylor

JT plays better when Porter is not on the field than otherwise.

Or maybe it's because he's playing TB?

unless we dominate the bucs, which isnt happening, this is bad news for this team.



you have fallen to the dark side

There's yr killer instinct you jerk of an announcer


Fins should spice things up by puting P. White in at QB and running the spread option for the remainder of the game... I'm having a hard time staying awake here...

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