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Dolphins lead Bucs, 6-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins fell behind early today because the Tampa Bay special teams are good and Miami's are not.

The Bucs connected on a 51 yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

But ...

The rest of the Tampa Bay team is terrible.

The run defense is bad. The offensive line is poor. Their best receiver is out and their quarterback has already fumbled twice.

So the Dolphins lead 6-3.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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What a joke of a team is tampa

What am I saying, Miami will screw it up!! Pat White will throw a pick or Ronnie will trip on Henne's ankel

Carlito , i'm sorry ! but this is pathetic. everybody was telling me this is going to be a blowout. I said miami 23 -13

TV announcers are TB homers!

cant advance bc it was ruled incomplete on the field

Even though it behooves us, I don't understand that call.

In your inexperienced face Morris.

Good Call Ref!..

that was an awful call

why are we still passing? pound the rock people

I will smoke Ryan Seacrest at eating tubesteak! Dolphins Suck!!

WTH Morris is acting like a fool on the sideline.

They are not TB homers that was a horrible call

Why did Miami take a TO?????? LOL wow this coaching staff SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run the ball!!!

Why are we throwing it?

Run some clock.

Really bad call, but we'll take it

Aweful playcalling

gotta get a TD here, no more FG's

WOW 2 yard pickup woooohooooo

What's with the timeout? There's 90 seconds left in the half. Stupid, stupid call.

WTF----why do we call a timeout here with 130 left?? This coaching staff sucks! I haven't said it but jesus christ--why would you call TO and then give TB the ball back

wow..! What a bad call...lol

that bs. we scored a td with 6 seconds left against jets

Isn't John Lynch an announcer?


I love were refered to as that team that could have been

Kory Sperry!!!

Hey Sperry can catch!!!

oh yeah!

who the hell is that?

TD Go Fins!

Wow! Korry Sperry!!

cool! I hope Fasano and Porter are take notes today!

How many of you guys have Kory Sperry in fanasty ball?

who's Corey Sparrey?

Wow...someone CAN catch on our team???? Holy cow!

Hands!!!! Someone has hands!!!! A practice squad guy of all people

our 3rd string TE scores a TD, nice!

Touchdown Dolphins ! Jets suck !

Touchdown by Sperry.... looked like a good grab!!

Oh thank god a new TE

Come on guys-- give the play call credit there. Play action fooled EVERYONE.

Who the hell is Sperry?

Wow! I though it was Turner.

Kory Sperry now has more TD catches than Bess or Camarillo and just as many as Ginn.

while i do like that catch by a big te...im still pissed about that blown call...and im a mia fan!!...theres no excuse for the booth to not get reviews right


If you change your mind before halftime, I wont bother you all week

sperry also ties Anthony Fasano with 1 TD catch.

Dolphins winning, jets losing, nuff said!!!


Kory Sperry

Turner still on the bench with JP.

lol @ tortured/seacrest comment.

Better hands that Fasano.

TorturedQueen don't you have a man to pleasure... Now go use that pretty mouth of yours for what it was ment for put it on your daddy

I need to learn to spell Mr. Sperry's name

MANDO---the time keeping situation is going to cost a game soon (if it hasn't already). There was no reason to call a TO on that drive--it just gave TB 30 more seconds...Must be addressed

Haha Armando.. Sperry our best receiver

DID YOU SEE THAT GINN? How about you BESS? Fasano? Yes thats called a catch....it results in a forward posession of the ball meaning yards and potentially points!!! FRWAKIN PATHETIC THAT THE BUCS ARE EVEN IN THIS GAME!!!

Ya, was nice to see someone who can catch a Henne bullet other than Camarillo.

Should be well under a minute left.

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