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Dolphins lead Bucs, 6-3 at start of 2nd quarter

The Dolphins fell behind early today because the Tampa Bay special teams are good and Miami's are not.

The Bucs connected on a 51 yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

But ...

The rest of the Tampa Bay team is terrible.

The run defense is bad. The offensive line is poor. Their best receiver is out and their quarterback has already fumbled twice.

So the Dolphins lead 6-3.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Now put in turner

How about another TD here???

C'mon man! Joey Haynos? C'mon man!!!!!

Geeze Do we miss porter today? Not. Bucs got jobbed on that call though. we are due for some official help.

Your dumb a$s has been saying the jets will dominate and they continue to lose ur just an idiot a complete idiot everyone here just laughs at u. How does it feel to be the butt of everyones joke u tool hahaha

Love the rookie show like wake and Anderson new te everything


Carolina 21 Atlanta 10

That is the madden rule from the 70's you can't advance a loose ball under two min...

You guys clamoring for Turner are funny, he did nothing in the preseason.

Someone can catch. SPERRY Looks real good so far!

sperry is acutally makin plays...but whats with him not gettin out of bounds?

Carolina 21 Atlanta 10

I'm gettn a spery jersey!! Does anyone have official spelling of his name?

Sperry can catch, but he should have gone out

now is the time to go to the shotgun?? WTF...they do the opposite of what they are supposed to do...look at that offense now, as part of your 4 WR's, you have two huge TE's who are slow (though sperry made the catch)...doesn't make sense

Sperry's a meat head, alright.

Sperry looking good. Lets take at least one shot at the EZ here.

Sperry I'm just happy to see a catch there good job

Let's go don't turn it over though. Please!

Thanks, TA. Do you know why exactly? Not familiar with the rule...

One more chance for TD

Halftime speech lets fall on those fumbles from charlie.

Did you haynos open across the middle??

HENNE THE HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

Henne's looking good, good reads.

Who is this Sperry guy Armando?

This is just dumb



WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Take a shot.....Sporano is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FG Already???

can we not get a look to the end zone before we kick the fg?


Dan Henning was running off the field right after that completion. Wanted to beat the crowds.

hey we need all the points we can get,,,,,

patriots ran one into the endzone with six seconds left..we can't take one shot into the endzone with 10 seconds?

Why not take a shot!!! Good lord tony

Playing not to lose

Joel, I agree. Turner actually did a little something. Drop balls that hit him in the chest. Besides that he did nothing.

JT could not advance the ball because the ruling on the filed was incomplete and the refs were whistling it dead.

*why did they not take 1 shot in the end zone?*

Hey guys 10 in less then 2 minutes is beautiful

We had a chance at another shot, why?

That was conservative. They definitely had time for a shot at the end zone.

I said shut up when Kory Sperry is talking to you!!!

Sperry could be something special.

The Dolphins always give up points right before half... Today, we make the points before half, this is good people.

Nice killer instinct. You're playing a team that is 1-7...put them away.
Settles for a FG.

ALL RIGHT MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!


Speery was signed off our practice squad... Out of Colorado or colorado state

You have too take a shot at The TD

Sporano sure is conservative!! Running a play takes 4 seconds!! U had a chance at the end zone!! No worries, he's learning..

Good call the FG. We don't need to risk an int, sack, or fumble... when easy points are right there.

can u really blame miami for going for a fg, their two minute offense has been less than stellar when it comes to being productive.

I hate that I love this team. I really do.

lets hold off on sperry bein special...he has 18 yds on 2 catches...granted that close to leading our receiving corp, but its the bucs

If you've recorded the game play it back and I fairly sure you'll hear that the ref called it an interception.

Smart. put up the points up by 13. We need the win

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