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Dolphins lead Jets, 24-19 going to the 4th Q

EAST RUTHERFORD N.J. -- Well, this game got all sorts of crazy in the third quarter.

Ted Ginn, doing the job he was meant to do all that time the Dolphins made Patrick Cobbs their kick returner, took two kickoff returns to the house in the period. He went 100 yards and 101 yards, respectively. Jason Taylor returned a fumble recovery 48 yards for a TD.

Great job by the Miami offense!

Actually, this game is not over. The fourth quarter starts now.

The live blog continues in the comments section.


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throw the ball away...

come on henne

we need to convert here.



have i been blocked? my posts are not showing up any longer

Wildcat finally works!!

wildcat=pussycat today

Henne was getting some rhythm, should've went back to him on 1st down.

need a TD here lets go

wow cbs

whats wrong with your coloring...

My dislike of Phil Simms is nearing the Chris Berman level

Soiled :)

Dumb, makes no sense. Way to kill a drive Henning.

wildcat on back to back plays not working against the jets

go ricky go

whats with the cbs feed

my screen is full of orange and blue...

This is just the coaches trying to be hardheaded, let's not blow the game


Way to go ricky, simms just lost his boner.

O-line waking up

why are we runing 3rd and 10??

Smashmouth Ricky

Wow, third and nine, the Jets with umbrella coverage and the Dolphins hand the ball to Ricky for 11 yards.

Great idea.

omg bess... again?

jesus christ bess!!!

Bess is killing me

GEez, what is bess's deal?


Ricky running HARD

i love Ricky

WTF Bess!!!!!!!!!!!!

crap we need a new link

haha nice job w/ the quick snap

We NEED recievers. Bess (who i normally love) got away with one.


Pat White comming in the game.

Pat White....hold breath

Anyone who thinks Ricky has lost it is blind!!

That CBS drive chart is awesome


Anyone else's CBS color scheme messed up?

The guys appear in all blue...


I dont like the Pat white package

F pat white why try to be cute, got them on heels ram it.

Between the canes and the phins I might have a stroke




This is miamiherald.com, not CBS...TD Haynos!


yea baby

Sanchez looking hungry on the sideline TD!!!!!!

Finally a true rarity. An offensive TD. A TD by a TE.

Good stuff.

very sweet to hear the stadium get quiet.

ok. that pat white thing was scary. although we got 5 yards against 12 guys.

Alright Miami!!!!

Nice call, Phil simms needs viagra now.

Great td drive.....Go 'Phins!!!!!


Man we needed that


kick the pat

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