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Dolphins lead Panthers 14-3 to start 3rd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For the first time in his career, Ricky Williams has a rushing and receiving touchdown in the same game. Fact is, he accomplished it in the same quarter, the second quarter.

And that's the reason the Dolphins lead the Panthers 14-3 as we prepare for the third quarter.

The Miami defense, a little shaky the first couple of drives, has stiffened.

We'll see if it lasts.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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armando is eating 2 double whoppers, he love them

its the freaking field..that sod sucks..remember the kickoff

go deep

This was not what we needed ro happen

fumbled snap what a surprise

Knew that was gonna happen

We're in big trouble.

sparano needs to show some emotion

Grove....come back!!!!

Let Grove back in!!! He wants to go

oh oh

is ricky hurt too?

carpenter is money. Best since Stoyo.

That's ok not great but man our O-line needs help fast

maybe sparano can strap on a helmet

A little banged up is all, Rickys a beast.

i would protest to the NFL..that field is a disaster and causing serious injuries

Ricky got up slow on last play

Well, for such a poor third quarter Carolina has made no progress

Somebody has to suck it up- either Grove or Berger.

once again, its up to the def in the 4th qtr, what a surprise

no grove, no ronnie, no berger, no ferguson, no pennington, no w. allen, bad year for injuries

you know it wont be easy, something will happen & they will give up a TD real quick here

this team is starting to look like UM with all its injuries

delhomme will throw another pick

Come on Jake give us a pick!!'

Keep up the pressure!!!!!

Stop here and we can just about put this away

Run all u want Carolina

i agree with omar, that field looks like a they had a vaseline wrestling orgy on it last night

Sean Smith!!!

nice stat for our D

Yerimiah came to play


Hold on JT!!

What kind of flag is that??!

that is the worst call all year


wake is unstoppable

Another freaking penelty!!!

Blog is struggling tonight


Can we stop anyone in the 4th quarter?

Will we ever win a game that I dont have to chew my finger nails of ????????????????

Let's get REAL conservative on offense now.I know we don't usually do that,but now would be a great time to do it.

Need a score now!!!!

whether we win or not, I do not think that we will be able to overcome the injuries... We have been absolutely obiterated with injuries at KEY positions

WTF..this field is a joke...everyone is getting hurt slipping on the turf

what is score?

Final drive,score, win game, simple!!



Td Ricky!!!!

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