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Dolphins lead Panthers 14-3 to start 3rd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For the first time in his career, Ricky Williams has a rushing and receiving touchdown in the same game. Fact is, he accomplished it in the same quarter, the second quarter.

And that's the reason the Dolphins lead the Panthers 14-3 as we prepare for the third quarter.

The Miami defense, a little shaky the first couple of drives, has stiffened.

We'll see if it lasts.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Yesssssssssss big play and against smith I love it

When you talk about the fins you are talken SB!

There goes delhomme

How many big plays has Nate Jones been a part of this year Im liking the future of thus secondary

bells tackle is huge now

ok we have to at least get a first down

LEX LEX LEX.....JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, he almost got tackled in the End Zone

Bess is ballin tonight

Flip field position

Now you understand why Bell's tackle was soooo important.

lotta running for 1/2 yard....this is not a place on the field to get cute with pitches..BESS is playing like a mad man today

Toss to Ricky!

Bess is playing solid football

damn it!

It's a catch and a first down.



First down baby


What just happened? First down? Ginn?

wait ginn caught the ball....again?

TEDDY another nice catch

Nice henne!

Here comes teddy

Ted Ginn when it counts! Way to get his confidence back. Great throw by Henne, better catch by Ginn

Can this be true

ginn caught a gooooood one

The whole team is ballin tonight

henne loves that roll out..ginn with a lucky catch--almost dropped it

hold on, I've gotta take a leak.

I got
My authentic bess jersey I got off eBay maybe he knows it lol

We aint the JETS!

nice job by donald thomas, he feels the team plays better when it's 1st and 15

big first down...then a stupid penalty.

Ginn has learned

ginn caught it off his leg and ankle

That was an impressive catch by Teddy g.

Beason seriously stop man

Where's Lex!?

Mando can you set the O-line? I cannot tell

That looked like a Marino handoff

Eat up the clock with a nice long drive!!!

Where the heck did Lex go? What did the shelve him?

No holden! Not even for a leak!

Teddy Ginn with TWO nice catches in thus game!!

goooo lexy

it was a good catch but it was there for him--he should make that catch

Hilliard has good quickness

lex slipped damn it he would've had about 10 on that play

Still slipping and sliding

Beason is a Beast!

Here goes the field position battle...CRAP!!

What's with the slipping

is it me or is this game flying by?

lousaka darlin

We got lucky on that one.

Dont sweat it, they cant stop us!

Polite thought it was a live grenade

Horrendous call

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