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Dolphins lead Panthers 14-3 to start 3rd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For the first time in his career, Ricky Williams has a rushing and receiving touchdown in the same game. Fact is, he accomplished it in the same quarter, the second quarter.

And that's the reason the Dolphins lead the Panthers 14-3 as we prepare for the third quarter.

The Miami defense, a little shaky the first couple of drives, has stiffened.

We'll see if it lasts.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Great D tonight!!

Hell yeah they came to play we want that devision again

Where is our rushing D, yeahh it is just there when it count the Most Go Dolphins Go Henne!!!!


Sucky fp

Field position battle


Nice stand by the defense

If crowder could tackle we would be very good

ok if we score we'll go up 21-3 and i'll think we'll have a chance of winning 21-20


Dolphins are a pretty good team eh?

Anyone doubting our young corners, Steve Smith targeted 11 times 3 catches 18 yards. Future is bright my friends

this bad field position is going to cost us soon

Need a 93 yard 10 min drive right here

Time to get the offense going and go for the jugular

Our defense is playing lights out people. Now the Offense has to match that. We can't keep going 3 and out every time. We need a spark and NO PENALTIES.

Doing well but need better play calling from the O-cordinator...we need to get more points or win this field position battle...

No, I bet we try to go deep to Ginn on next play.

which o-lineman will make the critical penalty and stop the drive this time...

Porter said all he needed was 17 points so a field goal will lock this babay up.

Any news on Grove?

Bring on the Bills!

does anyone have a damn live stream online?
my roomate took the tv
and the nfl networks website is ridicules. they keep cutting out and talking inthe studio

Am I the only one watching this?


Cmon, gotta get some first downs and give the D a break along with getting us away from our own end zone

Time to rolll!!!

Not that he will catch it or anything

safeties playing good because they don't have an elite tight end to cover.... think about that!?!?!?!?!

Take the dang shackles of of Henne! Let's get vertical! We have to get vertical to blame the receivers.......lol!

Do u think fields learned anything after that Carolina punt?

Defense is well prepared, pumpd up and motivated- coaches did a great job on a short week

great d? dont forget these are the panthers

lex needs some carries

asll I have to say is you have to love the way Vontae Davis is playing. This guy look like a stud for years to come. He can cover & will come up and drill someone. Gotta love the rookie corners. We might not be super bowl bound, but we have a rookie QB, pretty much & the 2 rookie CBs, getting experience.

hartline is money

If hartline can continue this he is going to be good

HHHHH Hartline!!!


Armando - Any Patrick Turner sighting today?

Good corners

yea our defense is totally bringing it . but the panthers truly suck. Coach is getting fired and delhomme was going to be benched. doens't mean we arent playing well

i really like hartline he reminds me of ed mccaffrey



Hartline and henne are working Well together maybe we have a true wr

yeah armando where's patrick turner?

Where is Armando? Has not been on here the entire 3rd quarter??

Panthers or not, they have won a couple games in a row and have some momentum

any online streams besides nflnetwork.com which sucks

Haynos not playing well tonite


Damn he needs to catch that

No joke guys.... haynos looks like a real poon fairy... I have seen him drop alot of passes today... lets see sperry!!!

damn would've been a first down

Nail Diggs is hurt, get him off the field. Haynos is no receiver, he sucks big time!

Sperry Sperry Sperry

Why are we throwing to our tight ends...they cant catch WTF?

Haynos has butterfingers. At least 2nd drop tonight.

damn haynos

ok either i just went deaf or no sound again on NFL network

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