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Dolphins lead Panthers 14-3 to start 3rd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For the first time in his career, Ricky Williams has a rushing and receiving touchdown in the same game. Fact is, he accomplished it in the same quarter, the second quarter.

And that's the reason the Dolphins lead the Panthers 14-3 as we prepare for the third quarter.

The Miami defense, a little shaky the first couple of drives, has stiffened.

We'll see if it lasts.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Come on Haynos

We need to bench haynos

Haynos needs to make that play--ball hit him in the hands-linebacker was not there in time

Haynos is a bum. Where is Sperry?

online stream links?

stream here:


That could have been Turner making this catch what the heck is haynos doing in there? For real.

more drops -- Haynos has three tonight...time to move on to someone else...

Where's the rookie tight end? Is he active?

What do you want YOMAN a blow job?

Where is Sperry. And its so funny. They throw on 2 and 4 and run on 3rd and 12. I don't get this play calling. It truely is horrible.

which radio station is broadcasting the game?

2nd drop for haynos tonight, do we practice catching footballs?

armando's in the pisser

henne put that ball right on the money with tight coverage

What's wrong w/Haynos' arms and hands? I think he is afraid the ball may be too hot!

yeah, Haynos is terrible

Haynos is a 6'8 270 pus

You went DEAF. I hear everything.

TE is a really big hole right now blitz picked up and can't make the catch

Mando only shows up to diss on Ginn!!!! Thatshow we'll know he's watching...

Maybe the injury timeout gives us some time to get in a good play here?

Tommya - better stream:


Yea, where is Sperry??? Kid had a really good game against the Bucs...That should have earned him some playing time tonite

Cant blow what aint there!

Sperry and Lex time!! Come on!!

I miss david Martin!




Are we going to cover the tight end in the 2ed half


This game could be over by now if it wasn't for all these dam commercials

Mofo's I told you Ginn would come up big tonight. He's been solid, even if he hasn't had long catches.

where is fassano?

yo po white trash why the hate?

How can we not get a couple yards

good call on missing david martin

no receiver going short over the middle? WTF??

We need to go deep

Same freakin' throw to the sideline every time. WTF!!!

Fasano is HURT Steve. Inactive today.

Yeahh Sparano!!!!!

Damn, that outside throw hasn't worked all nite

Sparano ripping into Hartline

Henne can't seem to throw that sideline route

are you not watching the game? why are you haten?

tony looked like he wanted to drop HAYNOS


no illegal block in the back? WOW

Fasanos out with a hip injury

Where is that block in the back

lol sparano just ripped on HAYNOS toooo funny

run the ball with LEX!!!

Ripping Haynos no?


Cuz I care and I want to get a 1st down. Poor white TRASH. Go back to your bunk bed friend.

Hahaha Boomer

Where is sperry? Why is haynos getting so much pt when sperry was great last week.

We run on 3rd and 16 and we throw on 3rd and 4...... WTH!!!

where's turner? inquiring minds want to know

Where is our te from last week

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