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Dolphins lead Panthers 14-3 to start 3rd quarter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For the first time in his career, Ricky Williams has a rushing and receiving touchdown in the same game. Fact is, he accomplished it in the same quarter, the second quarter.

And that's the reason the Dolphins lead the Panthers 14-3 as we prepare for the third quarter.

The Miami defense, a little shaky the first couple of drives, has stiffened.

We'll see if it lasts.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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NOOOOOOO not ferguson!!!!!

Why in the Frigging hell can we not put a game away.Oh wait we are not real good yet.That is the key.

Robbyhenz - They have this drive for a big chunk of yards...20 yarder, 9 yarder

29 yards of the 52 so far this drive

Anoter injury!!! This one hurts too!!!

Now what

Another injury

god damn it. injuries destroying our season


damn that could've been pass inter

Delhomme is awesome!!!


Starks is the man

Yo man what up????

Yes sack!!!!

Yea baby

D is playing their guts out

The big D showed up told u think positive

Yeah starks

WAKE made that play!

if i was a carolina fan i'd be pissed that they don't run it inside the 20

wake casued the sack, leave him in there

Their kicker is a team captain??

Randy starks built it in a cave, from scraps!!!!!

The old bend but don't break. I will take some of that at this point.

this is the NFL it's called depth so just remain calm and let's see what the backups can do.


The patriots are watching this and getting scared, great job D

3 quarters, 6 points is pretty good defense. Offense needs to put it away instead of playing not to lose.

Keep to 3 boys ... In the words of Mandich.... "alright Miami!!!!!"

need a 8 minute drive for a TD and take it home

Indiana: sooner or later Delhomme will screw up: guaranteed!!!! I rather that than them running where they get at least 6 per play..

Cameron wake was geting to the qb again i really want to see more and more of this guy

Yeah 3 not 7

must have a score here on offense..can't play stupid here

Offense, get out there and WIN the game

damn we have some size on the D line.

We need a nice long drive NOW!!!!!

Now we just need a long drive with 1 last TD!

Right Ed!!!

Ya wake was there first

NFL network needs new announcers these guys don't know who's playing, I really really hope ferg isn't hurt bad, what happened to last year and no injurys

wake is a real find

geez this team is becoming a MASH unit


Ginn taking it 2 da house right here!! U heard it here 1st!!!

I agree Tod

wake is clearly unblockable evry week

Come on Ginn!

ferguson is done

Oh no!!! Ferg?????


ferg on the cart. not good

O-line needs to take over right here

Come on give us Lex!!!

seriously we need to see some lex here

Nice pass

Ginn? Waaaaa?

Yess tedy

that's the same play the ran against the jets at home

Nice Henne Ginn conection!!!

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