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Dolphins schedule gets easier after Sunday

Sunday's game against New England marks the halfway point of the 2009 season for the Dolphins.

Miami will either be 4-4 or 3-5 after eight games. Last year. the Dolphins made the turn at 4-4.

But on their way to an 11-5 record and the AFC East crown, the Dolphins lost only once more in the final eight weeks.

Can they do it again?

Well, one thing is certain: After Sunday's meeting with the AFC East leading Patriots, the schedule does become more favorable for Miami.

Remember all that talk about the Dolphins having the toughest schedule in the NFL before the season began? Turns out that seemingly applied only to the first half of the season.

The Dolphins will finish that first half against teams that currently hold a combined 38-21 record. The second half of the season is more palatable in that Miami's final eight opponents have a 25-33 record.

The Dolphins played two teams that are currently undefeated in the first half. In the second half, they play a team -- Tampa Bay -- that is currently winless.

In the first half, the Dolphins played only one game against a team (Buffalo) that currently has a losing record. In the second half they play only five games against teams that currently have losing records while matching up only three times -- Pittsburgh, Houston and the New England rematch -- against teams that currently have winning records.

So what does it all mean?

It means if the Dolphins can beat the Patriots, they have an excellent shot at the playoffs because they would boast a 4-0 division record and an manageable second half schedule to feast on.

If the Dolphins lose to the Patriots, they would find themselves three games behind the division leaders and, worse, with a growing reputation of not being able to defeat superior teams.

So Sunday's game is important in that it sets the table for the second half of the season. And it also could set the tone.


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numero uno!

the thing with miami is that we always play our best when our backs are against the wall, i expect a good game from our backs and solid defensive effort, hopefully without the qtr 4 collapse, and chad henne will play game manager and play well when called upon...we've scored at least 30 pts in all of henne's starts

This game is gonna be a (defining)game if we lose.I hope our DB's are up to the task at hand when welker comes across the middle or moss goes deep.Need to put brady on his ass all game,we saw what brees did in the 2nd half (shame).But I hope the coaches learn more every week cause they do seem to adjust more as they learn.Remember the coaches are learning too.

They adjust for the next game

Run, Run, Run the ball Miami!!!

The Pats D isnt as young or as dynamic as the Pets or Saints, so lets hit them where it hurts and lets hit them early!!!!

Bring Ginn back as a starter and look to hit an occasional deep ball as the boys confidence is sky high right now - i can see him making the plays that he couldnt weeks back.

a 4-4 record would give the franchise a massive lift and with an 'easier' run in that initially first thought - the post season aint a million miles away.

Lets go MIAMI!


Playoffs?! Are you kidding me. Playoffs?! Don't forget that Miami has the uncanny ability to play up or DOWN to the level of it's opponents. I'd rather they had a tougher schedule.

i'd like to see someone grade out the coaches and some of their questionable decisions just like they do the players. how about sparano going for 2 with an 11 pt. lead against the jets. doesnt anyone on that staff realize that mistake? it puts the jets so close to tying us if they get a td +2 and a fg. then he rationalizes after the game saying (8 min. left) that he didnt know how many more possessions the jets would get. how about the opponents tight end always open when ours never is!

It's gonna be a good close game but, Miami is gonna go back to Miami with a win 4-4. Go phins

Ronnie brown 2 td
Ricky Williams 1 td
Ginn 1-2 td. Can't Waite
I'll be there sec 131 4 rows up right behind their bench. Go phins

Heading out from NJ.....GO Dolphins!!!!!!!!

i might sound crazy but i would put JASON ALLEN on the field first when the PATS go 3 or more wr. the thinking is this-keep big bodies on him the whole game with a safty spying on him no matter what side of the field he's on thus keeping vonte davis on wes to thump him everytime he catches the ball. i truly believe JASON ALLEN played MOSS good that game everybody ticked off about but it was clearly bad coaching and now they should to know keep a safty in the mix with moss. we can not afford to have moss matched up vs. nate jones we cant (not taking nothing away from jones). this is the only game this season so far that we could use JASON ALLEN and he could earn his check off this one game.

Would luv a Dolphin win here in new england, but come on,the way this team gives up big plays down the field, moss and brady will kill this team..sorry to say because living in new england I'm sick of pretty boy tom and his "cant touch me" protection from the refs

If they do win, will be a sweet monday at work!
Go phins!

Pat White will throw TD pass in this one

put brady on his butt....make him look and hold the ball...O-line step up as U have seem sorse...Sints come to mind....yes, run Brown & Williams & co.... Hilliard anyone?

have seen worse....sorry

I'd like to see a few first and ten formations from the shotgun and some no huddle drives mixing the run with the passing game. I also hope we blitz Brady often.

i agree on no huddle, worked with orange jerseys...didn't it?

i see two D INTs one for TD

i like how TS is playing this one low key....i get it

Ginn starting? not yet but time for maybe some lil screens or a triple rev run for ginn maybe? Get ginn involved in it without having to make the big catch and of course his speed on ST always helps.

NJ got his @zzzz handed to him in the last blog LOL

The mistake that miami made against new orleans, is they failed to put them away in the first half of that game. If they get an opportunity in this game, they had better keep scoring to discourage any come back attempt for the rest of the year.


Miami just need to play continued consistent, persistent, improving pressure pass rush, and knock the panties off Tom Brady! Hit Tom until she screams like a little "Patsie"! Also put Pat White into the game and like Pat White be QB like he was at West V., spread offense, lost's of bootlegs. long throws to Ted "JetKiller" Ginn, and running the "WildPat", with Ronnie and Ricky taking turns running the rock! I also would love to see a bubble screen with Ricky Williams, He's faster the D.Bess!

not bad jdove

this one is easy....just pretend the pats are the jets and get pissed!

if edelman is out, this is a good thing. one less guy brady can count on once welker and moss are slowed down.


hope grove buries wilfork....run the rock men

If you realistically look at the Schedule, we have 3 games will be a battle, 2 against New England and Pittsburg, which is the last game so who knows if Pittsburg is even playing for anything...Getting to ten or 11 wins is still doable, not easy and there cannot be any letdowns with the Tampas or Jacksonvilles, but again a really good year is possible for this team

Just play hard and don't do anything dumb! We will win by 3 points. Don't panic. I think we seen the D panic in all 4 losses this year.

Lady Brady is going to make some plays to Moss and Welker. Make sure they are in front of the defence and nothing over the top. No big gains after a completion will eventually shorten the field to a place where they don't have the room and will have to kick field goals. When we get a chance to hit hard, hit them without a penalty.

On offence just be smart with the ball. A couple of trick plays to open up the field and stick to a hard running game. And a couple of completed deep passes will open up the field.

On a corner blitz, did anyone ever hear of a flanker screen???

Had a dream last nite the final score was 15-9 Pats. Hope it's NOT a premonition!

What's a flanker screen?

The Patsies are good.... But the Phins have shown signs of dominance against excellent teams.
This one comes down to coaching and being ready to play.
Miami can pull this one out with just a little luck and a lot of hard work.
Go phins!!!!

why is it neccessary to put (words) in parenthesis...just type the crap out and quit trying to be all fancy dancy

I think it's safe to accept a loss to ONE of the New England games. We have to assume as much. Then either the Pittsburgh OR the Houston game.

10-6 COULD be a possibility. Still a tough possibility of taking care of business at Buffalo in cold weather and Carolina.

That being said, a loss tomorrow AT New England doesn't necessarily crush the season, despite being 3-5. We'd HAVE to beat them at home.

Ok people, I finally got typepad account for sign my name in blue and no body can impersonate me any more times. From now on, if you don't see "carlito from golfito" in blue, its not me fool.

Now that out of the way. The Dolphins need to play tough physical football, the Pats have ran up the score against horrible teams the last 2 games and have not been challenged. After 2 weeks off and lots of studying, I still think they not ready for Dolphins style of football that will punch them in the mouth!

The pats old defense already allow 4.5 yards per carry, Ronnie and Ricky are sure to boost this number. Solai the Sumo, Randy Starks, Merling, Langford, Porter, Wake, young stud cb's, and his daddy JT are going to make it a bad day for Brady.

Wow, I type all of this without mention one time Henne the Hero. This must be a record.

I've been saying for a week that this is the Dolphins most important game of the season and the schedule really eases up after this week.

Thanks Mando, I will take credit for this article like you do for Ted Ginn's kick returns and new wildcat wrinkles. ;)

Win or lose I will be happy if they just play their best. I know that seems to be asking allot but from professionals it should be expected. These men are at the top of tier professions and are making good money. They should not be this inconsistent and the only thing I can summize from it all is that this team is very young. When they are clicking, they can beat anybody and Im not saying that as homer (phin fan). They lost those games earlier in the year. I mean THEY lost those games, those other teams didnt beat us, we lost them. That Indy game and Saint game were ours and our inexperience showed in different ways but we beat those teams and lost the game by just needing more time and experience. IF we do play our best for 60 minutes,,,I think we have a very good chance of beating this very god pats team in New England. Championship teams string out their best for a full 60 minutes. I keep hoping this Dolphin team chooses Sunday to mature into that team...oh my,,, how happy would we all be !

After reading the comments from late last night, I went to check out this sun sentinel article Dying Breed talking about.

My conclusion is, Dying Breed did no prove anything about NJ or Killer, but they crazy argument where somebody use my name inspire me to put my name in blue.

Everyone think Positive!!!! We Will Win!!! When it come to The pats, the Fins transform into a beast. I refuse to see us losing this one. On paper we should lose but the game is played on dirt and grass! You guys thought the feeling was great beating the jets? Be prepared for an Orgasm.lol. KILL THE BEAST!!!

No matter what NJ says, tomorrows game IS the season.....and it will NOT be decided by Quentin Moses or whatever other scrubbini that NJ adores.....


I agree...all the stats in the world do not prove why the sun rises in the east every morning....

Fins win, ugly but we win this one....


Drinking starts early today with Canes game at 12:00!

The offensive line needs to dominate again like they did in first Jets game!

JT is going to have monster game and will make his push for pro bowl and maybe The Chad Pennington come back player of the year awards

Somehow they need to be hypnotized into thinking they are playing an elite team every week. They must find a way to get UP for every game. This has been a problem for the Phins for years.

They'll play tough this week. I think there's a good chance they could get an early jump on this game and cool the Pats down considerably if the D can man-up and both sides persist in playing with urgency. Otherwise it's going to be a close one and the advantage tilts to NE if it's too close at the end.

we are the pats not the jets carlito .take it easy w/the JT player so when brady scores 5 TD via moss and welker you don't get upset .

There are no easy schedules, as we found out last year. Those "bad" teams for the most part fought us down to the wire in every game. Remember Kansas City?


Jason Taylor is Brady's Papa. This is a historical fact. Tom Brady even say so in his pregame interview. Bellichek will tell you the same.

When Jason Taylor sack Brady 3 times or score a touchdown, just tip your helmet and call him your daddy

the survey for best fans in bed after a loss to their team ;


Lets see the Fins have 9 games left if they split the 2 with NE then split with Pit and Houston at home (for some reason we have trouble with Houston, I think we lost the last 3 to them). The other 5 are all games we should win. That would give us 10 wins , which could be enough to get a WC spot.

NE in Miami is winnable, Pittsburgh may already have their division wrapped up so that should make it easier to beat them. It very well could come down to beating Houston in week 16 for the wild card spot.

Winning this NE game would be nice but it certainly isn't the end of the season if we don't.


Finatic opened up a can of worms with his use of the word "orgasm" in his post. Some observations:

1) Orgasms are never bad, but they are sometimes immoral.

2) If you scream the name of a different woman during orgasm, it's not fatal. You just have to think fast and turn her name into another word or expression, such as, "LISA-Honda for $199."

3) Money shots are less satisfying and murderous to clean up.

4) Cam Cameron's orgasms fertilize the egg only once every 16 tries.

5) I fully expect Armando to delete this post, but in no way do I accuse him of being anti-orgasm.



Brady lost for the rest of the year after tomorrow!

Refs will need to find another quarter back to FAVOR,,,,YEAH BABY!


Jdove, dolphin defender . What am i doing on a dolphin blog ? The question is who are you. You're obviouisly newaround here. I've a diehard dolphin for 38 years and have been a dolphin in depth blog for years. Who are you to question me about being here.

Wow , i go to bed and i got 2 of the biggest idiots on this blog i the cuban mange menace and his mulitiple personalites and the dying buffoon talking to about me til 3:00 in the morning. The cuban menace and his multiple personalities has an excuse, he's been here for years and this is what he does. The dying buffoon and his same corny one liners has no excuse. He's just a jealous stalker , who a complete idiot. Drying breed is so paranoid and retarded he actually thinks i'm all these other names . Here's how stupid dying buffoon is , he was actually talking to the master of multiple names all last night in the cuban menace and the menace was toying with him and actually giving him hints, MY GOD , WHAT A IMPECILE.

Miami will win this game but if everyone wants a guarantee, just dress up the pats in Jet uniforms and there is no way Miami could lose.

Here's how stupid and shows what a buffoon Dying Buffoon is . I post by own name and i alawys sign in. It's impossible for me to sign in blue post a comment and then sign out post a comment in a different name and that post be in at the same exact time or within a minute or two of each other. Also why would i post calling you out in another name to hide who i am. You don't know who the fuch iam anyway . LMFAO . This is a freaking blog ! Everybody hee doesn't know anybody. So Dying Buffoon would have you believe i'm hiding from my from my real post name that nobody knows anyway ! LMFAO . What a bufoon ! I do feel flattered that 2 buffoons would waste their time about all night though.

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