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Dolphins still holding 14-3 lead going to 4th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins and Panthers failed to do any scoring in the third quarter, which is fine for the Dolphins because, hey, they continue to lead.

If there's no more scoring the rest of the night, they'll be fine with that, I'm sure.

But that's not the way it works. The Panthers are at the Dolphins 8 yard line to start the fourth quarter. Yes, they are going to play one more quarter.

And you and I have to blog one more quarter. So join me in the comments section as we do that.


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Time to pay the Bills. Get up over 500.

Panthers block field goal or punt and run it in for a touchdown. Then what would you idot agitators b-tch about then.

Sparano choose the safest play and it worked. Go join the Jet suicide watch because all you are here is a bunch of buzz kills.

Pricemister get with the program-- the wildcat is a valid offensive scheme. It is not "backdoor" and it is not a gimick. Plus it has become our signature play and NOBODY runs it better!!!

thanks MR. Henne for showing it to us again. We love to win!

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