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Dolphins still holding 14-3 lead going to 4th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins and Panthers failed to do any scoring in the third quarter, which is fine for the Dolphins because, hey, they continue to lead.

If there's no more scoring the rest of the night, they'll be fine with that, I'm sure.

But that's not the way it works. The Panthers are at the Dolphins 8 yard line to start the fourth quarter. Yes, they are going to play one more quarter.

And you and I have to blog one more quarter. So join me in the comments section as we do that.


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Sperry that's right get him in there


Bess is killing it.

Wohoooooo! Bessssssssssss

Bess, Ginn, and Hartline have also been solid; so far at least.

YEAH BESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


look at the hands on these receivers

did anyone hear about this new receiver we have that catches everything close to him? He's from Hawaii i hear

And to think he was un drafted

Wow almost a complete game all around love it

henne is coming along

Boy does Henne have an arm on him!

That a way to keep the drive rolling...let that clock tick away! Our defense is resting and cant give up points on the sideline! No turnovers!!

Here we go


run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run
run ricky run

TICK TOCK>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!

armando thanks for pissing ricky off this week

smart job by CAR to get an injury timeout now. they are hanging on by a thread.

Tony Sparano style football

im waiting on the deep ball.......carolina is begging for it

i am so impressed with lousaka polite this year..his blocking starts the run game up!!

Lex time here. Look for a 20 or more carry

Seems like their giving Ricky more consecutive carries than they ever gave Ronnie this season.

Polite is a monster!!!!!!

These commentators repeat everything 5 times

mando what did you say bout ricky

NFL network sux

Is Lex a beast or what?

See Lex gets hit and get 4 after

lex broke four tackles

hillard needs to secure ball better

That is a physical twosome. Lou and lex.


Looks like Dan Henning did his history lesson on Ricky. 1st half - usually eh. 2nd half - beast status.

what a stat! 19 out of 20 3-1 are converted



First penalty...about time!!

How many more injuries are going to mount up?

Can Grove come back?

damn they dropping like flies

lousaka is amazing. csonka reborn for short yardage. ok we don't have any more centers on the team. now what.

You're Effing kidding me! Berger??

WHAT THE F#*& with these injuries???

Can Ginn play center???

We need that extra rest badly after this game is over.

We're like a trauma unit

wth???...whats up with the injuries to our squad??

Jake grove too!?

Dam to many injuries atleast we have 10 days to heal

They should have tried to dry the feild obviously it's wet n possibly affecting injurys

What is left on the o-line?

wow the dolphins getting injured just like the hurricanes......

OMG another lineman with a knee. The is getting rediculous!!!

Phins rule!!!!

When was Armando hating...I don't think he ever really was

Another man down. Both sides are losing people. WTF is wrong with Carolina's field? At this rate Sparano is going to have to line up at center.

Shiy ass field

no phin ginn can't play center. everyone knows he's a sideline guy. he doesn't know where center is. Sorry, i couldn't resist

This thing is not working

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