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Dolphins still holding 14-3 lead going to 4th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins and Panthers failed to do any scoring in the third quarter, which is fine for the Dolphins because, hey, they continue to lead.

If there's no more scoring the rest of the night, they'll be fine with that, I'm sure.

But that's not the way it works. The Panthers are at the Dolphins 8 yard line to start the fourth quarter. Yes, they are going to play one more quarter.

And you and I have to blog one more quarter. So join me in the comments section as we do that.


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Get off your ass grove

Who is the third center?


and the nfl wants to go to 17 game schedule!

who will be playing by the 17th game, the practice squad

Get out the way!
Get out the way!
Get out the way!

Hey guys, we could lose this game on injuries alone. This is really not funny. God darn it!

Matt millen is garbage

Right Greg.



This is messed up. I've never seen anything like this. We've switched 3 centers. How can he not fumble???

That's why happens with a backup centre...were realy losing linemen like crazy tonite

Garner played guard tackle and center today.

we always make it hard on ourselves
are we snake bit??

Come on

better get this field goal

He'll go for it

Ok take the 3

good job ricky. why would mando call ricky a jerk?

If not for Ricky, we're losing this game.

Thats all we can do with a center that doesnt even play center. Jesus

Great drive team...took A LOT of time and gave defense a lot of rest!

Were not snake bit.. We just lost two centers! This is serious


Carpenter is money.

who's the long snapper? couldn't he go in at center?

Dolphins say whaaa?

All prase the PHINS!!!!!

ricky wouldnt answer stupid questions

lets see, maybe Stark can play center when Garner goes down??

Why doesn't Smiley go over there? He played there some in the past didn't he?

Let's go D!!!!

Mando what's the update on ferg?

safe call there---nothing you can do when your 2 centers down

Ok D needs to get the ball they deserve a turnover

Forget about lining up in the shotgun now. We need to borrow a center from the other team. Seriously. Can Ricky play center?

Yesss here we are in good position it is now up to the D to win that game Go Dolphins Go Henne!!!!

O line men learn alot of positions From hs college and eventually professionally have sum more faith.

WQAM says that all of our healthy linemen are playing. We don't have another one active this game. all five are playing. this will build character if we pull this out. our d needs to step up to the plate

wow this game is taking it's toll...good thing we have ten days to heal

Where is than dolphin A S S ?

I will kiss it!

I hope some of these injuries are only minor...Fergusons didn't look like it -- he seemed to know something was bad

Snakebit? They're winning on the road after 3 days rest. They are up by 2 scores with 8 minutes left. WTF?

OK guys, I'm about to go in the game at center. See you later.

at least we have 10 days to heal after this.

Great drive with milking clock and getting the 3 points back. Especially with all the injuries.


My man!

Update: Mando out with carpel tunnel.. His return is doubtful..

After what Matt Millen did in Detroit, how could anyone let him give his football opinion? Go draft another WR.

We need to blitz

porter has 6 tackles 2 sacks

Come on JT where you at tonight?

COME ON D!! One stop and game over!

John Denney, the long snapper - can't he go in @ Center?

Hold them!

Not enough butt kissen here boys!

we have to mount a pass rush here

Nice coverage Sean!

Our secondary is going to be sick next year

Nice play by bell

Defense pick up the slack....INT

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