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Dolphins still holding 14-3 lead going to 4th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins and Panthers failed to do any scoring in the third quarter, which is fine for the Dolphins because, hey, they continue to lead.

If there's no more scoring the rest of the night, they'll be fine with that, I'm sure.

But that's not the way it works. The Panthers are at the Dolphins 8 yard line to start the fourth quarter. Yes, they are going to play one more quarter.

And you and I have to blog one more quarter. So join me in the comments section as we do that.


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This defense is terrible in the 4th Qter What happens to them???????????

gee that wasnt predictable...handoff to williams...

I can't go through this again.
Seriously, I can't.

Come on not again ok the offense will run out the clock

We need a big return from Ginn

This blows, every single time same thing, what is it gonna take for miami to finally learn how to finish?

Ginn time!!!!

just a great play by steve smith. offside penalty hurt bad.

Right on the money, FB

another week, same old crap...

Ok offence needs to finish thisright here

Man always menlting Down in the 4th? It's happened like what 9 games in a row now? It's psychological now I think..

The blog sucks tonight. Get some tech help, please.

Ted ginn time. With that 15 yard penalty we should get good field position.

Cannot finish a motherf**king game.Bullsh*t.

Is Jason Taylor playing?

did he have the option to take the penalty on the conversion? I would think so...

You guys didn't expect it to be easy, did you?


Be nice if Davis would have turned around and tried to catch/block the ball

Score slowly-eat up the clock!

Starting to think 4th qtr d troubles because of Pasquolonis old stale play calling.

Everyone let's will ginn fir a return and our offense to score will

offense CANNOT go 3 and out if so game over

With the penalty,
Ginn = TD return.

Do they have the option of assessing the penalty on the PA??


Pascolilllieeeee or how ever the u spell his name is trash geeeeet him out he dosent ever adjust his dfense

time for ginn to run it back. we already have 15 yards he needs to take it to the house. we need to see what this team is made of when our offense is hurting and our d has to toughen up

I don't think they can take it on the extra point...not sure on the NFL rules though...we will have really good field position! If we end up with a 4th down, don't pull a Billacheat and go for it.. LMFAO Billacheat what a loser!

Mando, Never!

Long sustained drive

Not again

This teams d blows! Where the he'll is akin freaking can't tackle aydele and Channing pushover crowder!! They suck!!!!

Tortured you still in here? Not pouring on the misry!

We need a spark Teddy

Ginn is so not clutch

I expect a win.How many have we let slip away?

tortured hung himself

i say you pass, run and pass, forget the clock you need to move the ball

Ok here we go

Steve Smith is great

5 min till we're 4-6

Come on boys.

real predictable

another lineman hurt

eveery game is the same crap

Nate Garner is down. Holding his knee.


We're not running so well are we?

We can't do this damn a first down is al we need

Pathetic freaking call!! Expect the worst with this team

Are you kidding me

Injuries!!! Dam

WTF... Now Gardner????

Are you kidding me??? I say the Dolphins sue the NFL

wow another injury

4th quarter meltdown coming...they like trying to give us fans heartattacks!!


is field to blame?

Another injury????????

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