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Dolphins still holding 14-3 lead going to 4th

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Dolphins and Panthers failed to do any scoring in the third quarter, which is fine for the Dolphins because, hey, they continue to lead.

If there's no more scoring the rest of the night, they'll be fine with that, I'm sure.

But that's not the way it works. The Panthers are at the Dolphins 8 yard line to start the fourth quarter. Yes, they are going to play one more quarter.

And you and I have to blog one more quarter. So join me in the comments section as we do that.


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Nate Garner down, what a mess

This is bulls*ittttttttt.


Coaching error. Bad TO by panthers. Dumb.

well you know what. pat white time. time for option and pat white getting what he can. no blocking no protection. time for a change

so of course, now, we play conservatively and have a loss...wonder why we can't pass on first down...ever??

this is gettin' to be re-god-damn-diculous.

Thus is the suck ass field pieces of garbage

Might b the worst field in the nfl

If we play conservatively... WELOSE!!!

Good news when we win, we will have extra time to rest up

sparano looks like he can play ol

I don't want to hear anyone complaining about this loss. The offensive line fell apart! This isn't our fault

Offensive line of glass, Jesus

This is a nightmare. The O line is out of subs

I cannot believe this. Stupid Sparano sucks, he's a horrible coach. He's an idiot! A true idiot.

Gonna need a whole new team before we leave carolina

of course the field is to blame, the Oline cannot get their footing!

I do not why the hell they did not take the penalty on the conversion. Terrible decision. 4th quarter and clock management has been god-awful this year.

same ole same ole...be nice to just win one cruising for a change

this is gettin' to be re-god-d@mn-diculous.

Can we stop anyone in the 4th quarter?

have to put pat white in. or henne has to throw safe screens etc in two seconds

Wtf? If the field is so bad why Arent there linemen going down too. Whose responsible for the shoes? Your fired!

What a dangerous field. This is ridiculous.

?? please get this offense going

Can you say 21-17?

U guys ever notice how we can't win a damn game comfortably.... EVER! Damn Dolphin Curse I tell u!

Lex time!!!

Mando can you fill in at C. Or DB .

Here comes a Dolphins touchdown......

Go Dolphins G Henne!!!!

We are going to have to pull all linemen off of waivers after this

What's up with the field prep???

Everbody- stop with the field!!!!!

Can't take penalty on ex pnt I don't think.

It's the curse of Joe Robbie! Should've never taken his name off the stadium

The sky is not falling people hang in there, there ain't any fat lady singing yet

How about we run straight up the gut!! These slow developing sweeps are going to get another RB on IR!! Come on henning, no time to be creative just line up and go get them


great second half of football offense and defense


Henne now looks like a deer in headlights


Young team we will be there in a couple of years!

Damn it give Lex the damn ball!!!

The "cardiac" Dolphins always make things interestingly exiting in the 4th Q. Need a big 3rd down conversion!!!

why do we only send 1 true wr on the patterbn?


Fuksin Ginn cannot be counted on to make a catch.

Common Fins!!!

Overthrow again!!!!

Offense!! Protect henne! An int is death here!

First down baby!

good job henne and bessssssssssssss



Nice play

Bless Bess!!!!!



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