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Dolphins survive scare, beat Bucs, 25-23

It wasn't pretty. It wasn't a dominant performance. But it counts.

And so the Dolphins delivered a 25-23 victory Sunday in what reminds of victories over Seattle and Buffalo and St. Louis and San Francisco a year ago.

These are not masterpieces. But they are also not Ls.

The Dolphins had to drive 77 yards in five plays that took 1:04 to take the final two-point lead. The only reason those heroics were necessary is because quarterback Chad Henne threw an interception that set the Bucs off on a 26-yard drive that gave them a 23-22 lead.

Regardless, it is a victory.

And that's important because the Dolphins find themselves with a 4-5 record and in second place in the AFC East. The Dolphins and Jets both have 4-5 records but Miami beat New York twice this year.


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Odin, Or they could throw it to Ted(no testicular fortitude)Ginn. that would surely be a dropped pass to resit up a FG try..

J-E-T-S suck, suck, suck!!!

Suess, j dizzle,

Which is it?

I thought if you actually got the kick off and missed, you lose the ball no matter what down it is.

Any experts out there know the answer?






This blog sucks. There needs to be measures taken to weed out the haters who troll this site. You people are not fans--a fan(atic) by definition roots for his team under even the most adverse circumstances. I am tired of the ridiculous statements from the armchair quarterbacks who have no clue. Go blog on your own pathetic teams site...if you even have one.

If its kicked thats it, but who really cares???? They won, just chalk it up to another coaching boner...

Chad has demonstrated that he plays better the more often he has the ball in his hands. This coaching staff needs to realize that Chad needs the ball in his hands to stay focused and make plays. The running game has been great overall and the coaches need to keep it as such, but let Chad throw the ball down the field more often. Did u guys notice how well Chad did in crunch time when it was his job to get the ball down the field. No huddle offense in the second half of games may not be a bad idea. Keep Chads mind in the game.

Oh yeah...

JETS SUCK! AhhhhHaHAhahaha!

Man they suck.

Can you say Basement?


Odin, Or they could throw it to Ted(no testicular fortitude)Ginn. that would surely be a dropped pass to resit up a FG try..

Posted by: cuban menace | November 15, 2009 at 05:15 PM

Hopefully it would bounce off Ginn's hands and break Sparano's nose. Maybe Tony would get mad enough to keep Ginn on the bench and not the sideline!!!!

Bama fin fan, Chambers was not clutch. He always dropped the big one and then an amazing catch when it was already over. At least Ginn returns kicks.


I'm with you!

I think the more Henne has his hands on the ball the better we are!

Henne knows CLUTCH!!!

Yes. If you get the kick off you forfeit the rest if your downs.
The reason to do it early is if you have no time left or if you might mess up the snap and hold.
You could then attempt again with you next down


I'm no expert on all the rules. But from my understanding. Unlike John Madden rules, in hte NFL if you kick a FG on first down and miss you retain possesion.

Po white. I believe Ginn made a clutch catch against the Jets. So STFU. Your comment is invalid.

Which would make the timeout Brillant!!!Young coach growing up!!

Wow one catch?

Guess he gets a pass for the rest of the year...

NFL rules if you miss regardless of down opposing team gets ball back at line if scrimage (unless within 20 yard line which brings it out like a touchback) or if blocked in neutral zone it is considered a fumble and returnable. You do not get chance to rekick if missed.

Rdiorio75 Kiss my a s s B i t ch.

Ginn is out o here.

Can we give some credit to Henne for that last quarter drive?? Come on!!! Henne looked good and made some good decisions when it counted!! The defense continues to be a headache in the second half, but Henne made everything right after he made a critical mistake! We won and that is what matters!! Let's take this momentum into Thursdays game against Carolina!!

Sorry jdizzle, madden is right.


I stand corrected!!! My apologies

Henne is the man, despite what that punk Rdiorio75

Henne does not have a clutch receiver.

Maybe Camarillo gets a pass.

The point I was trying to make is we can't keep blaming the coach........OK maybe Dan.H, but I think there is only so much TS can be jumped on for!!

can someone tell Pat White please do not decide to pitch 6 yards behind the scrimmage.

We have been taking huge lossess on some of these plays.

The game plan through half was good. Tampa made some adjustment seeing run hame shut down 30 yrds i believe and started to throw the ball more which made blitzing more dangerous or at least a gamble. The problem I see is that when offenses go with throwing the balk our young but talented CBs inexperience is exploited. I see ua hetting better and better against the pass with better communication and time. The receivers and too "creative" offensive coordinating are the major problems.

Sorry B I T C H, I mean Rdiorio75; just cant STFU.


Powhite you can Always agree to disagree. Calm down man; we win the game and it was not boring.

A win's a win's

We are what our record says we are.

I'll take it.

A lot of you are acting like it's nothing the way Henne has played/developed since stepping in for Penny.
I question for all the nay sayer's. Answer it or STF!!!!
Marino retired after the 99 season. Name one QB we've had since then that's beeter than Henne?

In addition to that I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Armando, Henne, Carpenter and Anheuser-Busch!

Oh yeah, also Ron Barcardi and his wonderful family.

I agree with MoDolFam
We won, be happy with the win. Its not perfect by any means but its a W. Its time for the coaches to give some love to Henne and let him Air it out more, even it does not end up in a completion. What do they say? Oh yeah practice make perfect. Coaches allowing these loses at the end of game even more than the players by being to conservative on both sides of the ball in the second half. Enough is enough.

I see a rumble in the making..

Sorry Spillmar, don't like ANYONE to tell me to STFU..

You speak with respect. Thank you for your civility.

Henne got allthw right tools and much talent; the throw to ginn on sideline although ran ob by ginn, was beautiful; showed strength, accuracy and improving down field recognition. Way better game then san Diego; way better. Again Henne and brown and playaction are the future. Henning can go and those two will still carry the team.

Pat White needs to sit down. cam ake looks good, Speery looked great. Ronnie will be fine...fingers crossed) Seems they lose ther focus in the second half of games ..wtf? Sqweaked by with a W so thats cool I guess, Carolina is going to be trouble.

True but that's a coward on the other side not worth not savoring a victory.

Dam hard to type after all dem beers...hic

Cuban Menace,

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!


I agree with Odin, though through out the year i.ve made fun of Chad(Neck fat)Henne, I've never doubted he would be a fine QB, if today's game is a glimpse of the future the phins are in good hands with OL fat-neck.....Ohyeah i would like to thank Mr. Jack Daniels and his family that resides in Lynch burg Tenn..

Dam hard to type after all dem beers...hic

Posted by: dtbonehead | November 15, 2009 at 05:39 PM

I knows wut u mean BRO!


Well said.

Had to drive a long way home from the sports bar to change my drawers.

Lost a year or two of life watching this one.

well, you so call fans who think bess stinks, listen, end of the first half a catch that sets up the half ending field goal, (3 points), 2 clutch catches on the final drive to set up the game winner, if you think this kid can't play then you don't know football. Again, next year, free agent, I hope he goes to New England. Fans get with the program. Miami does not throw the ball far down the field, Bess is a keeper and ginn needs to go elsewhere.

"Test" is one of these dummies who think you should can the head coach because "HE could do it better"... so test.... I'll ask you the same question I asked the other idiot who wanted Parcells and Sparano's head on another post... "WHO would YOU like to hire to replace Mr. Parcells and Mr. Sparano?" Shanahan?... we pounded his teams nearly every time we played them save the year they won the SB. Gruden?... sure... he is going to leave MNF to take Parcells and Sparano's team in Miami...Riiiight. Cower..? Nice choice... ain't gonna happen in your life time... so maybe we can bring over Randy Shannon from the "U"... he will get us straightened out real quick won't he???...So, WHO WILL IT BE??? I will be waiting you BRILLIANT response....

Powhite lol - the game reminded mid if Marino game; had that feeling where throws the pick usually because of bad route by receiver and then comes back to redeem himself heroicly. If my hunch us eight this may be te closest marinoesque qb we have had in a long time. Never boring always nail biting.

Ah yes, Lynchburg, such a fine little village.

Them hillbilly's like to pretend it's a dry county. I know better.

I would also like to take this opportunity to show some love for Cam Wake. He had a nice knockdown on Freeman in addition to a sack and some gfood pressure.

all those losses we have...

our coach good ole tony has gone conservative/bad time management/kick for the 3 points

i will blame this useless head coach

I love how all u talked crap when henne had that Int he's a rookie he's gonna make mistakes but u all need to relize this qb is here to stay! See what he can do when we have wr that get open and look at the new te he made so many good plays cone on guys might not been a pritty win but a win is a win!

I've got to say, Charlie Anderson played solid. And Cameron Wake was getting pressure every time he got to play. Wake only has one move... but that one move is sick!!!

Pats or Colts?

The last play of the game when Tampa was lateraling trying to keep the ball in play, Who was the phin that laid the smack down on that Tampa player???

Colts are going to win that game.


cuban menace,

that was Bell that laid the hit down!!!

Going with the Venue here PO white, I like indy ...

Tommy, That was a sick hit...

We got some hitters back there. VD & YB..

See some shades of Ronnie Lott In VD.

Colts or at least that's my wish!!

Oh yeah, cuban menace!!

Hene is the man get over it he has the arm and the guts you fight it out every week with bad game plan and recievers who will not fight for the ball then talk your smack very few Qbs I'd trade straight up for including Jay Cutler

Just want the Colts to lose one...

Maybe next week.

Just curious where are you guys located? I am in charger territory went to game and left disappointed but happy to see my team play.

Let's get a grip people.

I love to give credit where credit is due. Especially when it's too a team we just beat.
The Bucs change QB's and beat a very good Green Bay team.
They played a great game against a good team this week.
The Bucs have been a different team with Freeman at QB.
Quit sounding like a Rex Ryan, gather up some perspective and give them loser's a little credit(snicker)!

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