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Dolphins survive scare, beat Bucs, 25-23

It wasn't pretty. It wasn't a dominant performance. But it counts.

And so the Dolphins delivered a 25-23 victory Sunday in what reminds of victories over Seattle and Buffalo and St. Louis and San Francisco a year ago.

These are not masterpieces. But they are also not Ls.

The Dolphins had to drive 77 yards in five plays that took 1:04 to take the final two-point lead. The only reason those heroics were necessary is because quarterback Chad Henne threw an interception that set the Bucs off on a 26-yard drive that gave them a 23-22 lead.

Regardless, it is a victory.

And that's important because the Dolphins find themselves with a 4-5 record and in second place in the AFC East. The Dolphins and Jets both have 4-5 records but Miami beat New York twice this year.


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The new guy Sperry could be the answer he seems to have great hands in tight situations!

Posted by: fannut | November 15, 2009 at 06:31 PM

Thanks for the compliment earlier.

Seeing Sperry was a total surprise too me. I thought he looked really good considering it was his first NFL action ever.
I would like to know his 40 yd. times. He seems to have some hands and toughness.

Peace out. Going to a charity party hosted by Johnny Damon tonite for his foundation. Have to change my mind set to baseball! Be back on Thu. GO FINS!

Odinseye and cuban. I'll tell you i'm more pissed with how we won this game , but the more i think about how we lost to NO and INDY , i'll take it,


Nj has fallen to the dark side

Not only did Korey Sperry look good, it was nice to see a #85 dolphins jersey (super duper) scoring a td again

Glad we won BUT Henning and Paqualoni are not the answer. Hennings play calls just suck same as when he was at Carolina, just ask a Carolina fan. Pasqualoni's schemes don't fool anybody.

Can anyone honestly say the Dolphins are a better team this year......I'm not talking about won/lost. Sorry but we're not headed in the right direction.

The real question is, will Parcells do something about it?

Blast from the past, I like.


Lex Hilliard would back up Ricky in my opinion.
Thank God we started out the season with a stable of good backs.

Can anyone honestly say the Dolphins are a better team this year......I'm not talking about won/lost. Sorry but we're not headed in the right direction.

The real question is, will Parcells do something about it?

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 15, 2009 at 06:41 PM

I can't imagine Bill Parcells letting the coaches get away with all the blunders. If I were Parcells I would be fogging up Tony's shade with some Tuna Breath.
Personel-wise I think we're a better team.


personnel-wise the Dolphins are a much better team than in 2007...MUCH BETTER


Would like to see more conventional offense. Let Henne get in to a rhythm.

Always been a play action fan myself.
Little bootleg action would be Okay.

Po White,

I agree. For the last few weeks I think Henning has been trying to be too creative or too tricky with his play calling. Just run and pass the f'n ball.


On the money.

The Bills and Jets lost. The Steelers lost(wildcard implications).

The only way it gets any better is with some more Bud Ice and Brady losing.....some teeth!

Bottoms Up!

Bad play to not take a shot in the end zone with 10 seconds left in the first half.

Bad play to run on 3rd and 4 in the 4th quarter when you need a TD instead of settling for a FG.

Bad play to call a time out with 14 seconds left rather than wait until there were 2 seconds left.

The coaching staff is waaaaay too conservative. They are less impressive than our WR's.


no, the only way it gets better is if the pats lose. Yuengling over here tonight...

Odinseye I will be sporting the colors, always wear my Rickey Williams jersey, I have beena fan of him since he started. Even in the reefer madness days, it wasn't like he was killing dogs or shooting himself he just had to miss that paycheck for a while. Wasn't he living in a KOA campground in a tent at his low point?

Always been a play action fan myself.
Little bootleg action would be Okay.

Posted by: Po White Trash | November 15, 2009 at 06:49 PM

What a coincidence, I happen to like a little bootleggin action myself.

It looks like other then the couple of break away plays we get from the wildcat, we would be better off letting Henne run a more conventional offense. After Ronnie got hurt we seemed more connected. We have great runners and a great young QB with the tools ( except a play maker WR). Let them take it to the bank! GO FINS TURSDAY

The word is Panthers will not have enough time to develop a game plan to defend against the wildcat by Thursday considering they get Monday off. I also heard Rex Ryan had explosive diarreah when the Jets lost for the 5th consecutive game.


I know you'll think I'm saying this too be funny but I'm not.

I believe the little smoke(our ally as the Apache liked too say)should be used as a teacher. It should be used for spiritual enlightenment.
This, in my opinion, is just what Ricky did. I've got nothing but respect and admiration for the guy.

Wildcat looks dead for Thursday night. Wont be too upset with Ronnie not playing. Always thought Ricky's the better pure back and more explosive runner.

Only question mark with Rickey is can the old body hold up a full season being the primary back. Williams ran for 102yds w/20 carries. Brown finished with I believe 89yds.

Odinseye perhaphs it was a spiritual thing but he came damn close to losing everything for the smoke I admire his head more so now.

Ricky reminds me of Barry Sanders in the sense that you can pretty much bottle him up all game then bang, breaks a big one.

Given the ball enough times, a defense could do a great job on him and still give up 100yds rushing to him. He's always a threat to pick up 1/2 a hundred on one play.

Brown on ther hand, grinds you down the more carries he gets. But unlike Ricky, he not a 50yd run just waiting to happen at any given time.

My prediction for tonights game colts-28 Patsies-14 I also predict Belecheat will look like a bum as usual in his ripped sleeves sweat shirt and Brady will cry to the refs as always.

Tampa Bay beat Green Bay, now the Packers are shutting out the Cowboys with less than 3mins left.

Its makes me think, Bucs may just be a young team getting better as the season goes on and not as bad thier record indicates.

We did help thier cause somewhat with the Henne pick. But to his credit Henne did lead the game winning field goal drive. Bucs look like a young team who could also be on the way back up.

Yep we struggled NJPHINFAN! That looked like a strange case of Jeckle and Hide Defense by the Dolphins. One minute look real good then we stink. And start giving up big plays' one after another. The Defense played well at times creating a few fumbles but we had help torward end of half on that fumble by the Bucs. We have alot of work to do and Ginn well I dont ever expect anything out of him. If he catches anything thats a bonus.
Whos this Kory Sperry dude looks like he has good hands snatching a bullet out of the air from Henne. Colorado State?

THat was a nice run by Ricky Williams setting up the winning FG

Trade Porter for Chambers straight up in the offseason and still go for a guy like V. Jackson.

Roid - Ronnie did get a 45 yard run in this game, but overall I have always thought Ricky is a much better back. If Ronnie is out this Thursday (haven't seen any updates on his condition?), Look for a lot more conventional and 2 TE (this Sperry guy was a refreshing surprise) sets.

Porter will be back but I think he will be used sporadically.

Nice to see Crowder have a good game for once. i hope he can keep it up.

Seems like Haynos and Sperry should be starting. Relegate Fasano to 3rd TE.

I wonder if we'll see Sheets on Thursday.

Please, no more Pat White.

Henne looked great (except for the INT). He is the real deal. Mentally tough with a great arm.

Pasqualoni needs to get more inventive in the 2nd half. This no pressure stuff is getting old.

Still like our young secondary. Bell is getting slow, Wilson is really doing well with situational use.

As much as Ginn is useless he can still stretch a defense and that forces them to respect that. Although, I wonder if they didn't put a defender on him (let him run free) would he be able to catch the ball?

When Ronnie is healthy, please stop lining Henne up at WR - it takes the advantage (extra blocker) out of the Wildcat equation and the tossback stuff is developing too slowly.

Nice to see Turner dressed.

You sorry pathetic fish get a chance to watch a great team tonight. Considers yourselves lucky to watch the great Tom Brady as he again lead the Pats to victory.

A win is a win and that's all there is to it. The coaches are doing a fine job and I continue to support them.

To the haters, who do you want to replace the coaches with?

Our play calling sucks to much trickery and cat, the offense needs a better rhythm and not plays that go back ward. To that end we need to go conventional somewhat more. I beleive we will if Brown is hurt and this may be a good thing going more coventional. This would get Henne into a better rhythm, especially if they throw on first down 7-8 yard routes open up everything if they are completed. White need to stay on the sidelines and let the offense and Henne grow.

Dolphins4life, what a crappy name. What terrible crime did you commit to get such an awful sentence?

Dolphin4life? just the thought of that "scares me straight."

Dolphin4life? Im still ROTFLMFAOS!!!!!

Ronnie was last seen on Crutches hope its not too serious and maybe miss the next game?
Ricky will step up.


A few folk know football round here.

Dolphin4life, your only hope is for early parole. LMFAOS..........

How bout them cooooowbays . LMFAO !

StarsAndStripes lol

Get the fck outta here!

hey po white trash, you say no clutch recievers, what about the 2 catches bess made at the end of the game and the one at the end of the half. what the hell game are you watching?

Didn't they not let the clock run down to say 2 seconds so in case of a bad snap they might get another shot at a FG? Actually a heady play.

Hope your boyfriend Brady gets his leggs crushed. Beezzzzy

Ain't no doubt we have better players, we just don't have a better team. That sorta narrows it down, don't it?

Newenglandfinfan, what a Benedict Arnold you are. Trading Superbowl title and championship rings, for decaying fish flesh and busted dreams. ROTHFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!

StarsAndStripes is registered as a sex offender so all he can do now is see his probe officer and troll the Internet for new victims.

Yes bout them cowboooos' going down wow, this Bucks team not that bad but we didnt play well whos the Kory Sperry?

And hey, I'm still sticking with Sparano. I have a feeling he'll be a good HC if he can get better help.

This team is not worth the time we spend following it, which is plenty. Coaches too stubborn in calling plays and playing players that don't perform (Pat White & Ted Ginn). No killer instinct to shut down opposition when needed or when ahead. Definitely not a playoff team.


Don't respond to such a gay name as that.

Shouldn’t you be whining for a hit below the knees call or roughing the passer penalty?

Bess is back to even in my book.


You people are f*cking ridiculous.

LMAOS@ PO White Trash!!!!! So Po White Trash you dont consider in breeding to be a sex crime do you? If they knew you were online now law enforcement would be over in a jiff to confiscate your computer. ROTFLMAO at you still........

No offense to any of the Gay folk out there, would not wish to insult them by associating them with Brady.

Sparano ball, baby! kick field goals in the 4th quarter and pray to god your defense keeps 'em out of the end zone.

I love Sparano, but someone needs to take his headset off in the 4th quarter becuase he makes the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...
For a guy that always talks about "noticing the signs" he sure as hell isn't paying attention to his OWN mistakes.

Dolphins4life , i see you got your own version of misty. LOL !

Only thing that sucks harder than the fish itself, are its pathetic loser wining @ssed fans. ROTFLMAO@ pathetic loser finfans......

J-E-T-s....... G -a-r-b -a-g-e ! LMAO !

Are you kidding? Pats fans wrote the book on whining

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