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Dolphins survive scare, beat Bucs, 25-23

It wasn't pretty. It wasn't a dominant performance. But it counts.

And so the Dolphins delivered a 25-23 victory Sunday in what reminds of victories over Seattle and Buffalo and St. Louis and San Francisco a year ago.

These are not masterpieces. But they are also not Ls.

The Dolphins had to drive 77 yards in five plays that took 1:04 to take the final two-point lead. The only reason those heroics were necessary is because quarterback Chad Henne threw an interception that set the Bucs off on a 26-yard drive that gave them a 23-22 lead.

Regardless, it is a victory.

And that's important because the Dolphins find themselves with a 4-5 record and in second place in the AFC East. The Dolphins and Jets both have 4-5 records but Miami beat New York twice this year.


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He has serviced all the truckers at the truck stop; he is just hanging out till the next truck parks.

Mommy and daddy ain't given you any attention tonight?

You guys must love it when you see Welker make plays. LMAO!!!!

Damn odor has you so high it has you repeating yourself...LMFAO!

Stars and stripes ? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


17-7 Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does the fake a s s Jet douch have to say now?

Wish ya had Brady and not Sancheez?

Nice push off.

I wonder if they actually have a second rule book for when officials are calling a Pats game.


Dont get quiet now fishy fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moss gets to push off. They have to let him get away with, he's getting old fast.

Welker? He had a nice tackle at the point of attck on the 29 yard run. Of course no flag there either.

Wow!!! So quiet here I think I hear a mice pissing on cotton. LMAF!!!!

We won.

po white,

the dollar will get stronger this week i hope and that will make dto and srs flaying i hope .watch out for IYG will go down hard .

Hey stars and stripes, I didn't know that they show football games at the g ay bar!

Now you will get a lesson in how to hold a lead once you get it pathetic fish.

Dude hope you are wrong I FU*KED up and bought FAS.2 Weeks ago.

The pats have the refs on their payroll, they got their own penalty, but who cares the Dolphins will kick the pats and the refs in a few weeks, stars you will be crying tonight and at the end of the season when you miss the playoffs behind the dolphins again

cols is very lucky team and they are not as the record indicates ,they won the miami game as result od dumb mistake by the coach

Flags are all about who is supposed to win> ONE DOLLAR PLEASE

is it just me or does StarsandStripped remind me of a certian less talkative tortured dolphin that was running his mouth earlier.

Still would not short Real-estate. Congress passes a continuation of the Down payment tax credit.

StarsandStripped, is a Jet douche.

The thing separating Brady and the other top tier qbs is Brady has Moss.

Oh Im sorry, didnt mean to piss you off, for you still have Ted Ginn Jr. Or "ole alligator arms", as you like to call him.

LMFAO and ROTF too!!!

Stars how did it feel last year the last week of the season when you found out you did not win the division and did not even make the playoffs because of the Dolphins

Ya it probably is tourtredphinfan. Who disapeered late in the game today

Standley you are right

StarsAndStripes is Jet trash, don't sweat him.

The only Pats fan here has better things to do with his time than fake rubbing it in.

Julian Eddleman is back baby!!! 24-7 Pats!!!

The announcer just said if this were a heavy weight fight New England would be sent to the nuetral corner right now. ROTFLMFAO.........

Anybody doubting Miami draft class this should sit back STF and watch the game.
Our two rookie corners AND our rookie free safety are head and shoulders above these guys.

AHHHH, one of those fairweather bandwagon fans, NICE TO MEET U STARZ!!!

at the colts pats game. wearing my fins gear. getting loks from everyone especially the pats fans

The []_ _[] !

Where is StarsAndStripes?

Must of had to go spank it.

I'm a fins fan. That said I wouldn't say to much about the pats and refs. That int call the fins got was crazy!! That was a catch and down by contact. Big break for our fins. Should have been 1st down for the bucs.

Chocolate Star kisser you pathetic excuse for a f@g didn't the jets get their @ss kicked again today why don't you go lick some Jet wounded @ss and leave you daddy alone before we hurt your g@y feelings

Jaison that's only one break to the 20 we got called against us, that's saints game would have been a win if they would have called that fumble right

Pon White Trash,

I have some great investment news for you. Invest heavily in salt. Thier will be a great rush on it after the Pats are done with your sweet @sses!!!

I think we found a new receiver. Sperry made 3 nice grabs. Until the coaches start going for it and passing on 3rd and 5 instead of running and kicking we will strggle to win every game. Even against the worst teams. Grow a pair sporano.

Chris Collinsworth really knows his football. Did you hear all of the superlatives he gave our nice young D.

That rookie tight end looked great, he got some great passes and he is big, needs to be in there more

WE need the colts to be our team tonight! common

Chris sucks brady's nuts, and you too stars, watch our manning getting hot now


thought you were heavy into vasoline?

I agree about trying to win the game with a pass at the end of the game but Henne has to be 99% sure he is not going to throw an interception. That wouldn't have been a 1st down even if the WR had caught it. He should have just slid on the ground and forced Tampa to use its last timeout.
Who is calling timeout with 14 seconds left? They had no timeouts left so they should have just called the timeout with 3 seconds left so the game would have been over after the kick. Instead Tampa could have got lucky with a good return and one throw into the endzone.
I guess if there was a bad snap Miami could have thrown the ball into the ground and kicked the FG again?

FYI, both on NFL network and espn, they said the JT interception call was correct because the ball never touched the ground


seriously dude, the phins already won today, and the pats r playing right now.WhyTF r u on a dolphins blog talkin nothin but junk about some team u probably don't even follow??? Or have u given up on the jets and decided that bill belicheek is the man that u follow now!!!

As a mater of fact I have made millons on you,

Vasoline cant make enough to supply you habbit.

Is the Chocolate Star kisser AKA Bradys Mangey crossdressing Ass Monkey?!?!? Monkey their you are been looking for you!

That was an interception by Taylor and should have been a TD. The receiver was not down by contact (only toro hit the ground, not knee) and lost the ball (never had control). The ball never hit the ground before Taylor caught it. Thus, it was an interception (not a bad call, not an incomplete pass, not a completed pass, not a fumble). Watch the film in slowmo and you cannot miss it. Only bad call was not giving Taylor the TD. That was mystifying.

Wish this were my blog... Stars would be banned (hint, hint, Armando - this blog is yours, screw freedom of speech, he's ruining the blog, along with the normal collection of non-football-commenting morons who populate this place)

Our rookie left tackle's(Sebastian Volmer) looking better than Jake Long. Last week he shut out loud mouth Porter and so far's shutting out Dwight Freeney.

Heat2010 I know what espn said but the wr was down with contact before the ball came out, but a JT int is always awesome, go Dolphins

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Did Wake get another sack????

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