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Dolphins trail Pats 16-10 to start 3rd quarter

FOXBORO, MASS. --  The Dolphins clearly are not afraid of the Patriots. They've battled and fought so far in the first half.

The Patriots, meanwhile, seem to be playing in spurts. They took a 10-3 lead and Miami evened it by using the spread offense with Pat White, who has passed, run and pitched off the look.

New England answered with field goal on consecutive possessions to end the half up, 16-10. It could be worse. BenJarvus Green-Ellis dropped a pass that might have put the Dolphins down 20-10 at halftime.

The Dolphins will get the ball first in the second half.

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one second left

total bullcrap

That was a seriously quick finger on the clock wasn't it?

It sure was total BS.

Can someone check to see if NE's kicker has steel tipped shoes?

DVR says we got cheated! That was a 2 second second!

Time to eat

I hope the NFL office is watching this crap.

Ha, ha, if anyone thinks Vegas has no impact on The NFL, you are crazy. So many bad calls in College and Pro's. Its almost laughable.

League need to check that out. The DVR does not lie!

Go get'em Fins!

Thet stopped the clock when the ball reached moss and not when it hits the ground. TOTAL BS !

remember that it is new england...its sad when everyone knows the pats get treated differently than any other team

MANDO--what's the press box saying about that one second. It's so blatant..is it even a replayable by the refs to challenge the time left? It's physically impossible to run that play and still have time left over the way they did

it looks like they stopped the clock when the ball hit moss...

not when it hit the ground...

3 points gone to cheating

We GOT JOBBED. The bad thing is, I am starting to expect it, This year has been atrocious.

Some stats:

First downs Miami 9 New England 17
Tot yards Miami 156 NE 268
Rush yards Miami 76 NE 53
Plays Miami 28 NE 42
Turnovers Miami 0 NE 1

Belicheat at it again as usual. I still say he has the balls filled w air to his advantage on kickoffs. Our punter doesn't punt the ball that far. No way his kicker has kicked out of the endzone all year. And then he does it again five yards further back. Come on. Someone has to report this crap to the league and something has to be done. One team will destroy the validity of the league when they continue to cheat year after year and claim ignorance

Henne has so far completed only 6 of 13 -- less than 50 percent.

Miami needs a touchdown to start the 2nd half. And then, given how the defense performs in the 4th quarter, the offense will need to score on each ensuing possession.

Only stat I'll take is the one at the end of game saying we win!!!!

They don't call em the cheatriots for nothing

here we go

they are replaying the last 30 seconds


total bullcrap

The press box isn't saying anything about that one second because 1) It's New England. 2) Everyone is feeding their face with hot dogs.

See the replay on the last play?

Saprano timeout before the 2 min warning was the problem. That saved 40 secs for the Pats.

nice job teddy ginn!

please dont do any drive killing play calls...

Pays het all the calls. NFL wants it that way. It's BS

Now that Dinn has confidense he looks more aggressive on KO

ginn puts his head down for better yardage

2 SEC Second

Ginn goes up the middle!!!

take henne out the wildcat insert white and send him in motion instead of williams so many possiblities trust me

I don't think I'm a fan of Ricky Williams getting the snap off Wildcat.

i am in ma. impossible to have time on the clock, the clock stayed at 1 for 3 secs, terrible, homer call that could have been changed by official replay

12 mins time of possession in 2nd half won't cut it.

Still think P{ats put up 40



that play call always works on 3rd and 1 or 2...

giving the ball to polite!

Polite is money baby!!!

Polite is a beast. Everyone knows he's gonna get it and they still can't stop him.

Polite gets another one!

me neither Mandy...Ronnie needs more touches!

Not that time white


so running the LT and to the LG to the right

and dumb white goes to the left?


Is Ronnie Hurt? very diminished lately.

Henne taps the ball everytime he's ready to throw.

Polite coming up

damn is bess the only one open

A play action on 3rd and short probably would be VERY successful

I don't understand why Ronnie Brown isn't involved now.



kinda short

why not give it to polite or rush it up the middle?

Go for it

That play makes Ricky run the ball 7 yeards for the 1 yard they need for a 1st down.

what kind of stupid crap play was that! Lousaka has gotten every single third and fourth and he we pitch it back three yards to ricky


he is money on those

3rd and 1 and we pitch out five yards back? thank god for polite

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