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Dolphins vs. Pats flexed out of prime time

While Fins nation is all abuzz about the possibility of the Dolphins catching the New England Patriots for the AFC East lead in the coming two weeks -- assuming New England loses to New Orleans this weekend -- the brainiacs at NBC aren't so fired up about the idea.

NBC believes the Minnesota Vikings game versus Arizona is a more compelling prime time show. So the Miami game versus New England, orginally scheduled for 8 p.m. on Dec. 6, has been moved to a 1 p.m. game instead.

NBC "flexed" the Viking-Arizona to Sunday night.

The new start time means Miami vs. New England will be aired on CBS instead of NBC. 

One reason this game was likely moved is that rare is the national opinion that views the Dolphins as a legitimate playoff-caliber team.

Tim Hasselbeck was just on ESPN doing a "Contender-Pretender" segment, in which he labels teams with playoff possibilities in one category or the other.

Hasselbeck's opinion? The Dolphins are pretenders.

"I think they're a pretender as well, you referenced Ronnie Brown and the injuries. I don't think the Dolphins are going to be able to sustain the injuries they've sustained this season," Hasselbeck said. "When you look at it, they have Ronnie Brown and have Ricky Williams now, and the offensive line is banged up as well."

Nothing like insightful analysis. 


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Being at home that might just work to our advantage. I mean New England is cold and we might have a hot day and we can use the running game to ware them down in the 4th quarter.

Well, that sucks, but they're probably right. Most of the country would probably prefer the Vikings & Cards.

No suprise. The national media has hated on the Dolphins forever. Even during an undefeated year, the fins got no love.

Wow what a load of crap! The Dolphins have played good football on each of the two primetime games this season! I guess NBC rather have two senior citizen QBs both of who's teams hold solid leads in there division play on Sunday night. That's a bunch of garbage especially for Fin fans like myself who have tix to the game....

Wow that's so f*ckin Gay! Arizona???? Really???? SMFH

Its not that they hate the Dolphins, its that they can't get enough of Farve. They should bring Madden back to complete the Farve lovefest.


Ugh. I would so love for Miami & the Vikings to somehow make it to the Super Bowl, just so we can end Bretts career one more time.

Right. Its a Farve thing. Throwing all those TDs and having their record doesn't hurt either.

the reason is bret favre has the best season of his life plus after many years of lousy vickings team it's time to shine for them .

NFL is so good in making every team climbing from the cellar to be in the spot line,the same thing happened w/dolphins when they were living down there for 10 years .

The fans who get screwed with these silly decisions should be given a refund on a portion of their ticket...That means a sick day from work for me, which is a day of lost pay x1.5 because of a Sunday...I already took Monday off for vacation and planned some things which I wouldn't have done if I knew it was a 1 o'clock game on Sunday...i bet it screwed people who would have flew down early Sunday Afternoon for the night game, you know, as usual the fans have to bend over and take it.. What a load

i remember seeing dan marino peeking from the cellar long time ago.

Hey Guys,

This can be a good thing, get that South Florida heat going at 1 p.m.

Those snowbirds wont know what hit them

That being said, I think a battle for a division much more interesting than watch 2 old men in a grey beard competition ;)



The reason is that the powers that be are rich bungsuckers who would sooner allow Favre to take a dirty mark sanchez on them than watch compelling football

I took a look at the schedule for that week, and it looks like the Pats v. Fins would be CBS's national game for that time slot. So maybe all of us out of Miami will still see the game.

Where is fair weather fan NJ Phin Fan?

semi related question to this...If the Dolphins could make the playoffs this year, by having NE lose to NO, but also meaning that NO would tie our undefeated season, would you take that deal? I would. btw, NBC is full of clowns. picking a blowout game over rivalry game isn't very bright, imo.

Pats short week just got shorter, plus the NFL gift of no S Fl sun, goes bye bye.

I hope it is hot like the heart of sahara desert on Sunday Dec 6 and The Pats and all they fans will be sweating clam chowder and weezing like fat irish kid in southie after too many boston cream pie.

This is BS, but then again why would it be any different none of these clowns have any love for the Dolphins.

I called this move several weeks ago.....for whatever reason, the networks hate us......before the carolina game, Sapp & company trashed the team, predicting a loss; afterwards, not a peep.

on espn, Berman cannot bring himself to even utter a kind phrase, even after a victory.

Last night, after Tenny won, the "experts" were going over their schedule and calling the Tenny-Fin upcoming match an easy win for Vince & co.

Glad the Pats are now at 1pm; hope it's sweltering...although I do not suscribe to heat factor bs, it can't hurt.

Like Rex Cryin said of the Pats according to this a.m.'s NY Post, "F*** 'Em!"

not surprising seeing how they didn't care for last years dolphins-jets finale. didn't get much more compelling then that game.

just as well, don't want to get randy moss any more hyped then we want him to be.

Henne the Hero will have best game of his career versus Pats at home with his first 300 yard game.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a real stupid decision....I hope and pray that the Fins-Pats game becomes an all-time classic, and the vikings-cards game is completely boring, making NBC regret their decision to ever go against the Fins again.

I think its great, I get to watch the game at 6pm instead of 1am and going to work with eyes like pissholes in the snow ;)

And I remember the poser patsies SUCKING for decades... short memory to go along with your other body parts loser. But, the good news is the pats will be back in the cellar soon... with the jets.

Remeber that the Fins OWN the better record over the Cheatriots. LMAO!

I hope it's a boring Dolphin blowout of the Pats, over in the 1st quarter

(hey, a fella can dream, can't he?!?)

I blame NJ-----evreyone knows he cleans the pipes at NBC's Seacacus N.J. studios.

I hope they are loking at Benn bcuz him and vontae workedout together at Illinois

Personally I'm happy. I prefer 1:00 games... having the game in prime time interferes with my normal Sunday routine.

Great! I won't have to go to work drunk on Monday. Go fins, f the "experts".

the cellar is missing the BEST tenant ever ....THE DOLPHINS .

I can't stand the national media coverage on the dolphins, they really do hate us!
Anywayz, like a lot of you guys said, I much rather see those cheating clowns playing under the 1 o'clock heat, however, what is the logistick about us playing again in our all white uniforms since we were supposed to play in the dark jerseys? Remember that seasons before some of our early games had been move to night games and we still had to come out in our white jerseys at night. What about this one?

I wish that this forum would NOT let statements like 'That's so GAY' remain? You edit every other offensive comment but not that one. I'm a gay man who LOVES football and my Miami Dolphins. I don't go around using ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. to reference things I disapprove of so how come it's ok to use the word 'GAY' to show disdain? Please step up Miami Herald. If you are going to censor, then censor across the board.

Who cares as long as Miami wins. This is a chance for Miami to make a move in the standings by winning a game they will not be favoured in like the Carolina game.

It may even work in the phins favour by making the Pats play in warmer weather.

Hassleback is almost as smart as his wife.

As far as the expert analysis goes, I don't know who hires these clowns because they can't see more than 1 or 2 games a week because there is no way someone could say that the injuries (the starting unit is still together) along the o line will hold Miami back.

And people, stop offending Gay Rich!

what a bummer. i pick 1 game a year to come down from indy and this is the one. the last time i got to see my fins at a home night game was christmas night against barry sanders -- yes a looong time.

what a disappointment. i even took monday off because of it...

fricken nfl...by thte time that game comes around it will have no meaning for vikes or az--they'll both have theor divisions and placement pretty much locked up...


"the cellar is missing the BEST tenant ever ....THE DOLPHINS .

Posted by: jet for ever | November 24, 2009 at 12:19 PM "

That's because the JETS are keeping it occupied. Crying Ryan will have to wait for next off season to be the Champion again.

what, Miami is one of the most entertaining team to watch this year, the Vikings and Cards sounds like a boring Brett Favre suck up game to me!

This sucks, I am actually going to the game. Now i have to deal with the 1oclock sun!!!!!

Arizonia sucks... and Warner might be out with a concussion.

Tim Hasselback sucks too. He is a pretend Quarterback.

jests OWN the cellar for 41 years and counting. GET THAT.... FORTY ONE YEARS OF EMBARRASSMENT AND DELUSION. We're all laughing at the wets!!

Primetime = Old fart Quarterback vs. Super Old Fart Quarter.

wets are BY FAR the worst team in the division. Wrecks Cryin Ryan will be gone in 2 years or less. How about all those draft picks sent away so they could "win now?" Yea, how's that wotking out? What a joke.

Hasselback will be eating his words when the dolphins make the playoffs

lame... warner may still have a concussion by then.

what the hell does hasselback know about football? what did he ever do? he must think he is allowed to have an opinion because he is related to a SUCCESFULL football player. what an idiot. ricky will destroy buffalo and NE loses to the saints and miami is set to beat NE and take back the division.

That sucks . was looking forward to a long day of getting smashed at the tailgate. Two weeks prior is a disservice to fans.

Armando, I found it odd that in your previous entry you complimented the work of Andy Cohen, while mocking the pointless blather of Tony Sparano. In fact, it's Andy Cohen whose columns are pointless blather. I'll illustrate with the following satire on a typical Cohen column:


There's something going on in Dolphins land, my friends. And it's something good. No, the Dolphins are not ready to go 16-0, and they may not even make the playoffs. But the Dolphins WILL be competitive this year. I don't want to go out on a limb, but I am firmly predicting a solid season in which the Dolphins will win somewhere between 0 and 16 games.

I like what I see with this season's coaching staff. Nick Saban is a dramatic improvement over the directionless leadership of Dave Wannestdt. (Or: Cam Cameron is a dramatic improvement over the directionless leadership of Nick Saban.) (Or: Tony Sparano is a dramatic improvement over the directionless leadership of Cam Cameron.)

Etc., etc. etc.



According to Cohen, Culpepper was the savior. Then Trent Green was the savior, and it was stupid that they signed Culpepper.

It goes on and on.


He's an abomination!!!!

Boy, that felt good.

By the way, while the Dolphins-Patriots matchup will probably be an outstanding game, and perhaps a significant game with 1st place on the line, you can easily see why NBC went with the Vikings-Cards. You have Brett Favre and the 9-1 Vikings going against the defending NFC champions. I don't fault NBC for its decision. I fault them for the left-wing slant of their News organizations, particularly the execrable MSNBC.

I don't like Hasselbeck, but he's right. I don't think the Fins v. Pats is going to be a close game. Dolphins had zero pressure on Brady and that is really the only way to beat him. It is a realistic call. I will look forward to rooting for the Fins on CBS. Miami has had too many injuries. How will they expect to get more pressure on Brady w/o Ferg when they couldn't do it with him?

8-8, no playoffs.

Tim Hasselbeck was a no talent pretend quarterback. Now he's a no talent pretend analyst or is it annalist? He's about as deep as frost on a windshield.

You guys can't have it both ways. The league hates the dolphins !, The league loves the pats !. if they loved the pats so much , they would of kept the game in primtime. The league like star power. Arizona with Kurt warner who was in the super bowl vs Brett Farve and the high powered 9-1 vikings . Alot of fireworks. Miami has none , which is the way i like it. TEAM ! TEAM ! . We play at 1 pm in the sun and pats getting less time to re-cooperate. Just the way it should be.

Well, selfishly I won't complain. This year I am abroad and 7 hours ahead. I stayed up all night this past thursday and will look forward to an 8pm start.

The following is the Dodsworth family tree:

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Can someone tell me what Tim Hasslebeck has ever done to be considered an NFL expert? He gets cut from every team he's ever played for.

ESPN is such a sellout sports network. They love anything New York and Boston.

NBC could have made the Jets Dolphins game last year the primetime, instead they choose Chargers-Broncos.

I hate both networks! But as long as the Fins win, I will be happy

Rose of Sharon- Great song by Killswitch Engage

If the scenario plays out the way many of us Dolfans hope, NBC may regret flexing this game.
No disrespect-I love Favre & the vikes but I find arizona dull (despite their exciting offense). They have no appeal to me. I probably won't tune in so it doesn't matter.

All I hope is that Miami can take care of business.

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