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Dolphins vs. Pats flexed out of prime time

While Fins nation is all abuzz about the possibility of the Dolphins catching the New England Patriots for the AFC East lead in the coming two weeks -- assuming New England loses to New Orleans this weekend -- the brainiacs at NBC aren't so fired up about the idea.

NBC believes the Minnesota Vikings game versus Arizona is a more compelling prime time show. So the Miami game versus New England, orginally scheduled for 8 p.m. on Dec. 6, has been moved to a 1 p.m. game instead.

NBC "flexed" the Viking-Arizona to Sunday night.

The new start time means Miami vs. New England will be aired on CBS instead of NBC. 

One reason this game was likely moved is that rare is the national opinion that views the Dolphins as a legitimate playoff-caliber team.

Tim Hasselbeck was just on ESPN doing a "Contender-Pretender" segment, in which he labels teams with playoff possibilities in one category or the other.

Hasselbeck's opinion? The Dolphins are pretenders.

"I think they're a pretender as well, you referenced Ronnie Brown and the injuries. I don't think the Dolphins are going to be able to sustain the injuries they've sustained this season," Hasselbeck said. "When you look at it, they have Ronnie Brown and have Ricky Williams now, and the offensive line is banged up as well."

Nothing like insightful analysis.