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Dolphins vs. Pats flexed out of prime time

While Fins nation is all abuzz about the possibility of the Dolphins catching the New England Patriots for the AFC East lead in the coming two weeks -- assuming New England loses to New Orleans this weekend -- the brainiacs at NBC aren't so fired up about the idea.

NBC believes the Minnesota Vikings game versus Arizona is a more compelling prime time show. So the Miami game versus New England, orginally scheduled for 8 p.m. on Dec. 6, has been moved to a 1 p.m. game instead.

NBC "flexed" the Viking-Arizona to Sunday night.

The new start time means Miami vs. New England will be aired on CBS instead of NBC. 

One reason this game was likely moved is that rare is the national opinion that views the Dolphins as a legitimate playoff-caliber team.

Tim Hasselbeck was just on ESPN doing a "Contender-Pretender" segment, in which he labels teams with playoff possibilities in one category or the other.

Hasselbeck's opinion? The Dolphins are pretenders.

"I think they're a pretender as well, you referenced Ronnie Brown and the injuries. I don't think the Dolphins are going to be able to sustain the injuries they've sustained this season," Hasselbeck said. "When you look at it, they have Ronnie Brown and have Ricky Williams now, and the offensive line is banged up as well."

Nothing like insightful analysis. 


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Dolphins 31 Wings 23
Henne's come out arty is here


Dolphins have not played the Jaguars so they did not "barely" beat them. In the NFL there is no such thing as one game "almost" lost or "almost" win.

Get your facts straight, I knew you didn't know what you talking about

NJ, Sut up your playing N.T this week end for the mighty air breathers..

It don't matter when we beat them 1 pm or
8 pm. They just don't want \NE beat on National TV.

NJ is a know it all. At least he thinks he does.

That should have said "Suit up" sorry..

Dolphins are 5-5 they are what their record is despite alot of "almost" games either way.

They are 1 game back in wildcards and 2 games back for division.

They are in great position because they play the Pats and many of the teams also battling for a wildcards.

The hell with all you non-believers, fair weather fans, and people of little faith.

Dolphins have the shot and they future in their own hands, all they have to do is win...


All every phin fan has to do is have heart and faith these next 6 games . We can do it , screw the rest of the Afc east. Can't stand those idiot losers jets. Overratted Mexican sanchez.

Can NJ bring his plumber's wrench with him during the game????

jet for ever,

your so sad... at first you bothered me but then i remembered what a loser you are. I actually feel sorry for you.


i have a box of tissues if you need them

This is complete BS. The two Monday night games that the dolphins have played this year were arguably the two most exciting. Moving this game out of Sunday night football to get Favre more publicity before he retires is exactly what's wrong with the league these days. F*ck that!

Joe and Shaggy... couldn't agree with you more!!!

The game(Minn. vs. ari.) might be boring seeing how both Q.Bs are in there 60s and are usually in bed by 7:30 , but you never know...

Disciple love that 5:03 post..

I agree with Carlito. Being a fan means you have faith. Until they play these games and are mathematically eliminated, I have every bit of faith they will pull it off. I'm certainly not giving up on the team when they are only one game back of crappy Jax and Den of all teams.

Disciple ,

you just jealous of sanchez.all of you are jealous of him for reaching new hights in such very short time .

who really cares, i would rather see miami and ne play early than late anyhow. Otherwise its hype,hype,hype for what would be pivotal game in the afc east. First we must take care of business against buffalo.

Jet for never, what reaches have sanchez been so good at?

Being on pace for 20+ interceptions?

Losing 4 divisional games?

Having that weird brown smear on his upper lip?

Being the guadalajara pinata smashing champion?

Just End The Season lmao! that is priceless!

Jet for ever, is he using a ladder to reach those heights because what I've seen this guy is the new version of Ryan(Flop)Leaf...

mark in toronto,

are you jealous of sanchez's lips ? i don't blame you .

There talking about Mr. Sanchez up here(New York) as if he's a Chuppracabra....

The only heights sanchez is reaching for is the top of all time qb busts list. looks like he is on pace to take the top spot from ryan leaf. congrates jets fans. how is braylon edwards working out for you? or ghoulston? or should we just call him “ ghost” because we've never seen him.

I never thought I would hear the day that a Cardinals game would be preferred over a Patriots game.

However, if I were NBC, I would have done the same thing. The Dolphins nationally are only known for the Wildcat, which has been diminished without Ronnie. Meanwhile, America loves Fav-ruh more than the Evil Empire.

Besides, who doesn't want to see a Fav-ruh v. Leinart matchup?

who has the better package ?i mean hair ,face,and the rest .

sanchez or chad ?


Good post at 5:03... looks like we agree (5:02)

Right on Mark in Toronto! Have the faith!

Dolphins Diciple , what is it you couln't agree more with Joe and Shaggy. ?

The cardinals? Are you serious?


Remember Heath Shuler? Rex Ryan doesnt....

AZ DOLFAN, is Mr. Hip replacement still loopy from the hit he took Sunday??? or is he just getting Alzheimer's?? Just wondering.....

Whenever I look at ESPN the fins are mentioned almost as an after thought if at all. Last night after Tenn/Hous game when questioned about which teams in the AFC had a better chance to get a wildcard spot.. One commentator said "Hey Miami is in the wildcard race so really it's up for grabs" suggesting that if Miami can get a wildcard spot then anybody can. .

Matt Roth waived

Carlito i sure do remember mr walking injury report shuler. and andre ware and shaun king and akli smith. the list goes on and yet sanchez is near the top so soon in his young career. hey he just threw another pick......

I guarentee the Pats/Dolphins game will be alot better then the battle of the elderly quarterbacks

That your a Know it all , Nj..

MAT ROTH gone people

Any link to this Matt Roth stuff? Doesn't make sense...

Hasselbeck is an idiot. Look who he's married to. Any questions?

I was worried about the potential switch ever since the NFL schedule was released.I don't think the Cards /Vikes are any better,but at least now I don't have to wait all day for the game(nerves). Still it's not fair they decided to switch just to see 2 Grandpas at the helm.Our game is decent enough not to be kicked out and as for Hasselbeck who cares about his opinion.He and the rest of the "experts" don't have anymore of a clue about which teams will make the playoffs than us fans.I hope the Fins finish 5-1 in the division,and I also hope the Saints/Pats game is boring because I am tired of all the hype.Go Fins!

Jet for ever...I know my pubic hair looks better then your facial hair...

Roth not a Parcells guy.

Carlito, roth is gone.thank you very much mr roth for giving us a brain pain .next

Why would they have kept Roth on non-injured reserve just to waive him??? Was it a money issue to keep him till he could play???

Matt Roth waived ? and Quentin Moses still on the team. Who's in miami's future plans. Guess i'am always right and a know it all, Right cuban , i mean cockroach. By the way cockroach , Dolphin Diciple , whoever the F he is can speak for himself.

ROOORRRRIGHT SHAGGY . Who' s ra row it rall now. LOMFAO!

NJ, are you upset with me for some reason, other then that you are obsessed with the fact that there's people out there that think your a jack-@ss know it all, on blogs 24 hours a day????just because others make fun of you doesn't always mean it's me you idiot, got better things to do with my time sir, please do not address me and i too will do the same,(only if i agree with you)(which a lot of times i do) i'll be the bigger man and not insult you ever again... is it a deal my friend???

Not only that Iam sure the other posters are tired of it too...


Just because Roth is cut, if he really is, doesn't mean anything for your boy Moses.

Career backup/special teams player.

You want to be right when you wrong so bad. Maybe Nalbone can fill in at olb


Yes, I am tired of being called you. I would like credit for my Dolphin fanatic ways and debunking NJ.

Wow, Matt Roth. I liked his toughness but he isn't much of a pass rusher. he must have been a big problem in the dressing room if they couldn't keep him until the end of the season. Friggin' douche Drew Rosenhaus.

Jet For Never, I love Sanchez' lips. It was my finger that put that smear there just like the Dolphins smeared themselves all over the Jets this year.

And why are you asking people about packages. Go to talk to Gay Rich on page one.

Carlito, I think i speak for many on the blog that will never Doubt your craziness... (for the fins that is)

If anybody uses different names to post on a blog, then they have serious issues...and I'm not saying anyone is doing that BUT it is F'd up if it's happening...

Why would the Fins waive Roth Now? After they just waived a TE to make room for him then waive Roth? Why the guy is not a bad player and for who did they waive him?

This smells fishy

Mark i think you could probably blame Drew(Jerry Maguire)Rosenhaus for this, his douchebaggery is quite legendary.....

This Matt Roth deal is totally bogus. I checked everywhere and no ones reporting it. The guy posting it didnt leave a source because there is none.

They should switch this Sunday's game.The Steelers & Ravens don't seem exciting. Pittsburgh just lost to the Chiefs and Grandpa Lewis and Reed are a little slow.But I just looked at the schedule and the other games are beyond boring.Anyway,it's not fair they switched the Fins/Pats.I didn't like our primetime schedule from day one :3 of the 4 were home;the 2 MNF were too close together,and the Panthers game couldn't even be watched if fans don't have the NFL Network.It was a crappy schedule.I don't expect the Fins to be on national TV every week,but still.Good luck Fins the remaining 6 games.Also back to Hasselbeck not expecting us to make the playoffs cause of injuries;he would still say that even if we were healthy.

New Blog Up!!!

Dying, it's on WQAM and the new blog. Roth gone

nj is a pony ,a nice ponce.when i was little i had a pony and all my friends have ponyes .

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