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Dolphins vs. Pats flexed out of prime time

While Fins nation is all abuzz about the possibility of the Dolphins catching the New England Patriots for the AFC East lead in the coming two weeks -- assuming New England loses to New Orleans this weekend -- the brainiacs at NBC aren't so fired up about the idea.

NBC believes the Minnesota Vikings game versus Arizona is a more compelling prime time show. So the Miami game versus New England, orginally scheduled for 8 p.m. on Dec. 6, has been moved to a 1 p.m. game instead.

NBC "flexed" the Viking-Arizona to Sunday night.

The new start time means Miami vs. New England will be aired on CBS instead of NBC. 

One reason this game was likely moved is that rare is the national opinion that views the Dolphins as a legitimate playoff-caliber team.

Tim Hasselbeck was just on ESPN doing a "Contender-Pretender" segment, in which he labels teams with playoff possibilities in one category or the other.

Hasselbeck's opinion? The Dolphins are pretenders.

"I think they're a pretender as well, you referenced Ronnie Brown and the injuries. I don't think the Dolphins are going to be able to sustain the injuries they've sustained this season," Hasselbeck said. "When you look at it, they have Ronnie Brown and have Ricky Williams now, and the offensive line is banged up as well."

Nothing like insightful analysis. 


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Cubam Menace, your a no life cockroach who goes around posting under different names on blogs 24/7 . Marc is right , you ARE a SOCIAL PARASITE. Only fools don't realize you're aloco , gopats , cubano and all your Little Mutiple personalities. When are yougoing togrow the FUCH UP.

NJ Phin Fan,

I was agreeing with Shaggy about "Queff" Olberman and Joe on that Chris Collinsworth is a jerk.

Cuban menace , you are nobody's friend except for your multiple personalities. Don't call me sir. You are nobody. I've tried for months not to talk you ,but you're obbsessed with me morning , noon and night, You're not fooling everybody with your nice act. You sit in mommy' s basement blogging under different names and busting people on this blog all day. Then when nobody's here ,you talk to yourself . Alot of good people have left this blog because or your antics. spare me with your BS. people got tired of you and your stupidity.

Thanks dolphins diciple . Did you get that cuban the Cockroach/ LMFAO !

Jet for ever,

I can tell your not good with numbers but see if you can understand this…

Win/Loss record as Starter in the NFL:
Henne 5 - 2
Sanchez 4 - 6

QB Rating:
Henne 77.7
Sanchez 61.1

TD vs. Int:
Henne 6 - 4
Sanchez 10 - 16

Comp. Pct.:
Henne 58.3
Sanchez 52.1

Henne was trained under the master Penny, who coincidentally beat your tales and sent you packing last season. Meanwhile the cruel Jets organization terminated Pennington, lost Favre, and traded away valuable draft picks for Sanchez. Henne is a cold weather kid asked to play in beautiful Miami. While, Shanchez is a warm weather kid playing in icy NYC (East Rutherford, NJ) lol.

2009 Season Statistics provided by NFL.com
Opinions provided by DD

When i say Master Penny...

He is a great leader with a great football mind

Amazing Sportsmanship - listen to his interview after the jets in 08

Unselfish team player who knew Henne would take his job one day

Role Model

Is this a conspiracy? Is there some reason my posts keep getting deleted?

This is why NBC stinks. And just like there is no logic on the Patriots going for it on 4th and 2 inside their own 30. This will backfire on NBC.

There are a lot of fins fans all over. I live in Sactown and have been a big fan since 1972. Real disappointed in the networks for pulling the fins-pats game.

Wasn't Tim Hasselbeck a pretender? I vaguely recall him pretending to be a qb before he started pretending to be insightful.

this is BS....don't we get enough of Favre? Does NBC have something against Miami... 3 years now, no NBC dolphin games...they passes on the Jets-Dolphins last year.

This is an assanine move!!!!!

Hey, the Fins ran Ronnie & Ricky hard all season long - injuries are bound to happen.

The best thing is for Miami to kick NE's ass.

This is suppose to be my first dolphins game. I have been a fan for 20 years and I was scheduled to work till 2 then drive down. Thank you mr NFL. Thank you for totally screwing my experience.

3 tickets to the game 350.
Gas to game and home 60.
Food at the game 35.
Finding out the dolphins are not worthy to play a night game. PRICELESS

Tim might be right. According to the old saying it takes one to know one and Tim is a pretender.

Is this starting time definite!!???????????? 1pm Eastern on the 6 th!????????

WHO gives a rat's ass about NBC????


First off... PLEASE..... The Pre Game show is the most boring pre game EVER in the History of football. They have that LIBERAL Olbermann on there with his BS smirk and stupid jokes and nothings trying to talk about football for God's sake.. Put that Liberal trash POS Olbermann back on MSNBC, the Obama network and let him cackle over there.

I would turn the pre game off except that i like Dungy as he;'s the only person in his right mind on that show.

NBC, just like MSNBC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

i totally agree that NBC pregame show is the worst ever. Absolutely brutal.

The NBC sunday night football song blows, Al Michaels is so boring, and Bob Costas is annoying. I never thought the attempt to make the Sunday night game more important then the Monday game worked. There's Nothing like MNF.

Maybe Stephen Ross can move the game time to 4pm to try to help out the Cheatriots. We don't want the visiting team to be too hot and tired in the 2nd half of the game.


I think Flex Ryan needs an intervention.

He needs to be taken to Celebrity Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Every weekend he is beating himself.

His team is beating themselves.

Hey don't hate on me! Those were his words..."We beat ourselves" Rex "Flex Ryan" After the Mighty Phins were on the field while they beat themselves, twice even.

Go Phins!

For us fans on the wrong side of 40, Andy Cohen often offers an excellent historic perspective on the franchise. Admittedly, he tends to perhaps be a bit optimistic sometimes, but is that such a crime?

I am sure many have this opinion here, but I'd like to pretend that it is based on objective analysis of Espn's talent. Hasselback sucks. Sometimes I wonder if he has that gig only because his brother is actually a legit QB. His energy and character on the set is dull and worse, as you point out, his analysis is without any real insight. I hope he takes a seat next to roth in the unemployment line.

For the record, Dilfer is good, Tom jackson is good, Shlareth (good luck with that spelling without checking) is good, Golic is decent, and I think Eric Allen should get more airtime. Hasselback, key, chris carter, and tedy B can suck dirt.

Finally, the flex of the game pisses me off. Damn. I hope they show the CBS game in my market.

That's really screwed up that they flexed us....that's a very important and exciting game F U Nbc

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American u r 100% rite

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