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Final quarter: Dolphins lead Bucs 19-9

Lots of hitting but not much in the way of scoring in the third quarter.

The Bucs got a 54 yard field goal by Connor Barth.

That was it.

Ronnie Brown did leave the game in the quarter with an ankle injury. He is questionable to return.

Join me in the comments section for the final quarter of the live blog.


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That ball should have been kicked with 6 seconds left.

Man my hands ate shaking I can barely punch the right keys.

terrible clock management yet again

One of the best worst games played by Miami

Soiled :)

Tortured - that Carpenter field goal is dedicated to your mother. Enjoy.

199yds rushing by fins offense

why did they call the timeout so early--another timing mistake!

wow....thank god the bucs defense played like miami's D...


Get back on the corner and turn some tricks.

Our coaching staff sucks. No QB pressure in fourth quarter. Retarded play calling. How much longer must we deal with this.... Even if we win, we dont have a championship caliber coaching staff.


anybody notice the game clock didnt even start for like 2 secs after the returning started running?

Clock management sucks!

Richard3000: me too. Born and raised in MIA. This team, my beloved Dolphins, is going to be the death of me!

Super field goal here? Revenge?

Thank you yereamiah Bell

Gee where is tortured. This guy is such a joke I mean we all laugh at him and his turd ass every Sunday


thank goodness



They wanted some time on the clock in case they muffed the snap you idiots... calm down!!

awesome end to the game. the bell tackle part

Hey tortured where are ya? U scared? Awwwwwwww.

My heart cant take this week after week. But Jets lose Buffalo loses, now if NE loses it will be a good day even tho we played like crap.

now i dont have to be depressed tonight and can watch the pats/ colts game.

Tortured? What a fool

I'm gonna die!! smh I guess a win is a win.

Jared if they muffed the snap it was game over. 10 secs to get reset? Don't think so

Rickey enjoy whatever the hell you want to relax tonight! You deserve it #34!

Nice poise by henne at the end.........Henning has to go.

Gee where is tortured. This guy is such a joke I mean we all laugh at him and his turd ass every Sunday

Posted by: Chewyphins | November 15, 2009 at 04:16 PM

tortured had to get back on the corner... clients were waiting...

With this win, now we are ready for the superbowl, lol Go Dolphins




Ugly win, but I'll take it!

Ricky Williams is was and shall be the BEST Running back-Polite ain't bad either. Yerimiah Bell-what a hit-who recovered?

a win is a win

more pleasant with the Jets losing!

Go Phins

How about them jets hahHahH they suck out loud just like that tortured ballbag

One wish can we just put teams away when we can let's just try it if you don't like the feeling then we go back to old stuff

WTF happened i left at the two minute warning....... WTF how did they almsot beat us>>>>?????

I'm too drunk too get stressed out.

Victory blog is up!

Scary but wins a win

Hey jared you are the idiot. If the muff the snap on the punt you really think they had time to get to the line and clock it. They had no timeouts. You are the idiot!

we tried SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD to lose that game??? i hate to love this team, im guna have a stroke or sumthin

Nice hit on loudmouth #18 to end a good come-from-behind win. We played like crap and found a way to win at the end. If I am a Tampa fan, I have to like that Freeman looks like the real deal. If I am a Jets fan, I am wondering what we drafted pretty boy instead of Freeman?

Why does everyone seem to know you wait until 2 seconds to call a time out...except Miami's coaches??

So were in second place now in the afc east. Can't believe this crap

Everyone please join me and continuing this ready.....
JETS Sucks Sucks Sucks

All you haters can cry all week long. Bottom line= The dolphins won.

What's the opposite of a moral victory? That's what Miami earned today. A moral defeat.

JETS sucks sucks sucks!

THIS TEAM HAS A LONG HUAL AHEAD OF THEM, but luck and ricky were both on our sides today!!!GO FINS!!!

Hope Ronnie is ok

nice drive but why do you waite until your backs are against the wall before you show guts. still say field goals are for losers exccept to win games at the end of a game. will take a win anyway it comes lets go fish

Dan henning can go and take Ginn with him.

What a nail biter go phins

Ronnie get ready for Carolina!

Look who's #2 in the afc east. Jets Suck!!!!! I'll take an ugly win over a beautiful loss anyday!!!(colts)

Where is Tortured? Hehehehehe!

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