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Final quarter: Dolphins lead Bucs 19-9

Lots of hitting but not much in the way of scoring in the third quarter.

The Bucs got a 54 yard field goal by Connor Barth.

That was it.

Ronnie Brown did leave the game in the quarter with an ankle injury. He is questionable to return.

Join me in the comments section for the final quarter of the live blog.


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this is a MUST Score drive...

Good offenses would drive right down a score a TD. It's a shame we dont have a good offense.

My fins not the best at screens ey?

Tortured soul needs to eat a gun barrel, haha what a pathetic loser.

Ankle injuries can be serious. They can keep guys out for weeks.

And remember Miami plays on thursday.

Pass interference.


holding defense

You too Mando? C'mon man, the Fins are going to put this team away. Watch.

the bucs are just awful

are we going tobe saved by a flag.... geez thank goodness.... is it that hard to have one person get open down field?

WHO RUNS THAT FORMATION ON 3RD AND 9??? I can't take it anymore....every pro team in the NFL goes with 4 WR's most of the time...this is C R A P !!!

Not career ending mando, especially for a second one. We will be fine with ricky.

angry fin i saw her and thought the same thing

Ginn out Sperry in. Upgrade?

i like the positivity Tommya...

Is Ronnie coming back?

T Ginn sucks go back to ohio and get a job at Walmart

Ronnie's how means no more wildcat

sperry might be an upgrade mando...thats just sad

Barely holding on against the MIGHT BUCS!

Wow. How does one get one of those trifectas that Miami has? Things sure are looking up for this sad sac franchise.

This team always plays down to the level-of our competition.

i dont know who you could possibly put in that could be called a downgrade

wow what an offense we have!!! wooo hoo we are lighting the world on FIRE!!!!


Where was he throwing


We look like a 3-5 team today.

ever since Mando wrote about Miami doing well on third down conversions, we've sucked it up pretty bad.

We absolutely cannot stand prosperity and success!

Jets just took the lead.

This is going to be a sad night

I don't know if it is the offense or the play calling, some plays we do just make no sense

This is exactly what I am talking about. PUT HENNE IN SHOTGUN with 4 WR and he will find someone. I am so pissed at our coaching. It is so so bad.

Tortured soul, learn how to formulate a sentence if you want to be a troll.

And the panthers are beating the falcons

Don't worry the Jets wii choke too!

the only thing at stake in this game is better draft position!!!

D needs to step up and get a turnover or a 3 and out with them deep on their end

The Bucs are on their own 9 yard line. With Barth, they need two first downs and they're in field goal range.

Guys gotta remember the bucs beat green bay last week. Green Bay's a good team and Tampa really does have a few nice parts to thier team.

Quick TOny get the troops together for a good cheerleading. Yell really loud this time and throw in some extra fist pumps. I'm calling for a guest appearance from the Tuna. This is serious.

This is not looking good. I guess our Phins like to play to the level of their competition...If we were playing a good team I'm sure that we would also keep it close.

here comes freeman and the vaunted buc offense...get ready for some excitement

there is no way Ronnie comes back in today...

Need a turnover here...

This team has no heart/guts whatsoever, and it starts with the coach. Sparano has lost us a few games with his wonderful time management and decision making in key situations. Sick of the way we crumble late in games, and this is a pathetic Bucs team.

wow theres crowder, for a tackle he now has as many as peezy

Where's Wake been this half??


Yes it will be a sad night for you delusional losers. A fishy loss to the might Bucs coupled with a JETS win. So sad.

P. Turner must really stink if the pratice team TE can get on the field before he can.

break 3!!!!

they were holdin wake on that play

Typical UM tight end.


FINALLY-defensive stand! decent pressure too...got to get to this guy though

good D!!

Winslow with the crock arms? Taking a page from Ted Ginn? Wow!

Bess SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Really Bess

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