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Final quarter: Dolphins lead Bucs 19-9

Lots of hitting but not much in the way of scoring in the third quarter.

The Bucs got a 54 yard field goal by Connor Barth.

That was it.

Ronnie Brown did leave the game in the quarter with an ankle injury. He is questionable to return.

Join me in the comments section for the final quarter of the live blog.


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WTF is bess doing still returning punts???

So ginn isn't the only receiver that can't catch

going the wrong way

Why does Bess return punts? Do they think he is good or something?


Why do you run backwards?

Who gives a shyt about the jets ? we 've got big problems !


Why deism NOT return punts?!?!

note to bess, GO foward when returning a punt not backwards...*lol*

I guess thats why he alwasy fair catches the ball. On the positive side, he didnt muff it.

Bess runs backwards and that is it i dont want to see him return a punt again!

every punt return by Bess makes Armando look like a genius. Let Ginn do both.

good job Bess...run backwards

great run back Bess, "get it" run back!!! a return of -7 yards!! Is that what sporano means by MINUS Yards????

I agree completely Ziggy. No hearts. No guts. You guys are starting to figure things out. Don't worry though, look at the attendance today and your pathetic record I don't think this team is long for Miami. Fold and put everyone out of their misery.

Can we please take Bessie out of returning why go backwards


Time 4 the winning drive!!!

Why does Gin not return punts?

Win the game.

Henne spectacularly unspectacular. This team has no guts.

Enough already Gin needs to be returning punts. Keep Bess in the slot and call it a day

I'm serious...is there any facet of this Dolphins team (offense, defense, ST) that you are CONFIDENT will get it done in a crucial spot? Anyone?

Guess we have to cut brown ginn Williams henne bess and smith after the game. Thanks for the input "fans"

Hey Bess-thanks for loosing 6-also thanks to the Dolphin player for again watching-I mean forgetting-once again-to block-Special Teams-they sure are SPECIAL

We need Pat White throwing the ball...

1st and 10 what do we do

Tortured's mom caught him sniffing her crusty panties, he is especially chippy today. Buck up loser.

Ok let's go fins put the dagger in

there are people out of position all over the field with Miami... TEs and RBs playing WR consistently, JT playing on the wrong side (he is clearly better playing his old position), Joey Porter playing period, Ginn not playing as a PR, Pat White, Pat Turner not given a chance....It's extremely frustrating...

10:52 left and i have no faith in my team in winning this game!

Henne will connect with Ginn over the top for a TD and all will be okay in Miami-ville.

The O will get it done for sure

Polite always runs positive

fb run..he is a beast

Wow, the announcer thought Polite was Ricky!! Geez!!!

nice run

As tough as some of you guys sre I would rather go in front of Simon Cowles after a horrible audition.

TorturedDolphan - it must really suck to be you. May I suggest you create a new .40 cal orifice on or about your forehead?

Why is it, that watching the Jets lose is better then the Dolphins winning?

Yes Bigl that is what happens with terrible football teams with terrible coaches.

Jags in jet territory, 1st down

Can any receiver get open?

Thank good ness we have 2 stud RB's with Brown hurt

somebody knock em off the ball

wow. ward is a selfish crying little beeatch

Need to get Lex running a few.

Watching the fins win is better but if the fins lose i want the jets to lose as well.

Just happens so I have a .40

oh no not again guess it's almost time to finish my over proof rum left over from the hurricane's disister.

OMG a Sperry sighting AGAIN!!!

sperry!!...nice big fella

Sperry, wow.

Hey, Sperry is a stud.

shotgun on 3rd and 2, tight formation on 3rd and 9...thank god it worked...this is Bizzaro Football League

I like this Sperry kid. He has sure hands and gets open.


That guy is awesome great call on starting him

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