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Final quarter: Dolphins lead Bucs 19-9

Lots of hitting but not much in the way of scoring in the third quarter.

The Bucs got a 54 yard field goal by Connor Barth.

That was it.

Ronnie Brown did leave the game in the quarter with an ankle injury. He is questionable to return.

Join me in the comments section for the final quarter of the live blog.


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Wow close

thank god other teams WR's drop the ball..that guy was so wide open

break 4!!!

Not going for a td to end the half might kill us once again!

Dropped it!!!! Lucky!!!



Nice clutch play Vontae

Can we finally knee down at end if game

Ball game right here

wake gettin held again...still gets the pressure!!!

That should be the ballgame.

THAT WAS ALL WAKE..... and he was held... why isn't he playing more!?

We suck but the Bucs suck worse.



ok we need at least 2 first downs here!!!

Mando: did Ronnie break an ankle?

Where is the tortured turd boy now this guy is a complete loser but he is a funny young lady

there's your heart. nice

Yesssssss finally stop them

Wake is killing it when he is in.

Thank god

Wow ugly win, but a win is a win, and of course the jets lost, yes

Wake got tackled. Oh well suck it tortured, you are a loser troll. Phins win.

Mediocre? No, that means average.

He didn't break his ankle. Don't believe that bs from a loser jet fan.

There is no report on Brown breaking an ankle.

Wake is a beast. Always getting held. He's just too damn fast

With a win we could go from last to second right

ricky running hard today...

I really hate to waste prayers.....but THANK YOU GOD!

Armando, its the 4th quarter, this game aint gonna be over til its over.

little holding on wake there maybe???

S-u-c-k suck suck suck haha jets are atrocious

Did we get the worst Head Referee for this game also? Wake was held right in front of his face.

If ronnie Brown is done, do we see alot more Pat white ?


to barely beat the bucs is not a win

Jests lose
Buffaloed is losing
Pasties will lose

All of a sudden, if we can earn a few 1st downs, this PATHETIC showing by Miami will be forgotten until Thursday night in Carolina!!

They're holding Wake EVERY play!!!

tortured will not be back until next week. he just realized the jets lost and now are in 3rd place.....a full game behind the phins..

hes currently doing his best impersonation of will farell "maaaa the meat loaf....we want it!!"

Now we need the colts to win

my feed keeps switching games on me

Where is that moron TorturedDolphan? Fact the Dolphins made a play on 4th down shut her up? New orifice perhaps (hopefully)?

Oh, did the Jets loose? BoooooHoooooo!!!!!!

A win is a win us a win and what makes it sweeter is the h
Jets lost

come on garner!!..wtf

A lot of teams played like crap today. weird

Is Ronnie Brown really done for the season?

There is no report on Brown breaking an ankle.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 15, 2009 at 03:57 PM

Mando, ban that dolt tortured. he started that rumor.

Exactly Chewy, I'll take any w we can get

Game on


Soiled :)

Have faith in the Dolphins...they can still lose!!!

this one is not over...they have 2 timeouts

Come on first down come on please

Miami needs firstdown

OMG we have to sweat out a last minute drive. Jesus.

Can't find ANY report, AP or otherwise about Brown. Anyone know anything?

So far we hjave 172yds rushing

do they let Henne throw...or just another draw play that goes nowhere?

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