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Friday? Must be Happy Hour for Dolphins

Coach Tony Sparano's mood was better today. Fact is, it was good again.

After seeming gruff, curt and borderline ornery on Thursday, Sparano was his old self against today. His mood was good enough that I asked him why he is in such an obviously bad mood the day before.

"Terrible lunch upstairs," he said, tongue-in-cheek.

The fact is, as I wrote yesterday, the Dolphins are under much pressure. They realize they are 3-5 and that makes them a bad team, a team that isn't looking like a playoff team, much less an AFC East defending champion.

So Sparano has ordered something of a reset to make sure his players understand that 3-5 is not acceptable. The Dolphins have a chance to go from 3-5 to 5-5 in one week.

Sparano doesn't want his players to blow that opportunity by not being focused on their tasks -- on their jobs.

"I just made a specific emphasis that the fun and games need to be out there on the field," Sparano said when asked about the declining number of domino games in the locker room. "But I think these guys really understand the importance. They understand where we are. Concentration, all those things, paying attention to the details.

"Only thing I've asked them is I want the conversations around here to be a little bit more about football. There's nothing wrong with, and I am pro the players on their down time relaxing and interacting with each other, It's critical. But it's ok to talk about football, too. I talk about football all the time with my wife."

Sparano seems pleased with his team's preparation this week. He said the team had "three really good practices," and that Friday, "was one of the best practices in a long time."

Sparano said all of Miami's injured players were "a little bit better," today. But that was before the injury report came out.

Paul Soliai was limited in practice Friday after not practicing Wednesday and Thursday. Soliai is doubtful for the game despite the upgrade.

Justin Smiley (shoulder) and Erik Walden (hamstring) adid not practice and are also doubtful for the game. Anthony Fasano (hip) is questionable after being limited in practice all week long.


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I talk to my wife about football but she and I realize NFL stands for not for ladies. Next Thursdays game is no cakewalk.

No games are cakewalks for us Ricky

the 1st buffalo game was a cakewalk

Funny, I barely remember that game, lol...The first half vs New Orleans was too...

Then again, they did have 3 really good practices...They really did...*smirks*

Come on Marc, this Tampa team is horrid. Worse than Buffalo. It will/should be a cakewalk. Next week's Carolina game will be tougher than a lot of people think though.

I don't have a wife, but I talk to my Favorite Hottie about football all the time. She just smiles and gives me the thumbs up.
She never listens and I don't care. It works out great.
She did shock me last night watching the Bears lose. After watching Cutler spike the ball, she asked why? After I paused the game and explained it too her, she replied that's just stupid.
At least she tries.........

Coach Tony Sparano's mood was better today. Fact is, it was good again.
After seeming gruff, curt and borderline ornery on Thursday, Sparano was his old self against today. His mood was good enough that I asked him why he is in such an obviously bad mood the day before.

I don't want to hear about Tony's mood. I don't want to see a smile on a Dolphin face. I don't want to hear any trash talk in the media.
All I want to see is the desperate look of DO or DIE in their eyes!

Good to know that it's ok for football players to talk about football. I was worried there for a second.

Well, I pernally can't stand talking about work, ever, with colleagues, at lunch, events, etc. Of course, I don't get paid to play a GAME! Maybe they should only be allowed to play Madden ;)...Coach and GM too ;)

This will not be a cakewalk ! Not with this dolphins team . Miami 23 -13. Smiley was back at practice riding the bike , which means t surgery or anything like that .

Then again, they probably won't like playing Madden because their ratings are terrible, lol.

Taking Tampa and Carolina too lightly. We will lose both games and be the laughingstock mentioned with the likes of KC, OAK, DET, and STL. In the meantime the good teams will keep winning and we'll again be talking about the 5 or 6 needs we have in the off-season. Then we'll get beat by Buffalo and fall to 3-8 (they will be 6-5 after beating TEN and JAX prior to that). The sportscasters and former coaches will be saying "I told you so" "the Wildcat is a bust, they relied to heavily on it".

Alligators are ornery because of their medulla oblongata!

you guys ready to pick up your turkeys ?

Go away realist. Visit the Jets blog and tell them how bad we are here.
Maybe the fans are taking Tampa lightly but there is some payback for the Phins to shut the talking heads up.
The Dolphins do have a few weak spots but the teams that beat us aren't exactly what we faced last year AND WE WERE IN EVERY GAME.
And Tennessee isn't going to be easy either. Vince Young is back to starter and this team is going to turn it around. A little late but pride. I bet a buck that they didn't bring the right cleats to New England and couldn't make cuts.
There are no easy games in the NFL. I am saying we go 7-1 to finish off the season. It is attainable and the team we lose to is going to be Tennessee.

realist is a damn jest troll.... WE OWN YOU LOSER!! You'll NEVER have a record like the Dolphins.

Headed from Phx to Carolina for the game on Nov. 19th - will there be any other Dolfans there?? I mean besides Armando

I am also going AZPhinFan ,i have red hair and a large head .look fo me brother .

NJ, Phins win by 3 scores.

The bucs won't be a cakewalk. The whole teams fired up over Josh Freeman and their first win of the season.
The defense also had it's best outing of the year picking off Rodger's 3 times, one for a pick six.
This is the recipe for diaster. The Fins have to be on point this Sunday or else.

Thank God I have Rum money and bail money. If we lose to the Bucs I'm going to need it!!!!

Mark in Toronto,

New Jersy said we would win by 10.

You say we'll win by 3 scores?

So what, you think we're going to win by 9?


did you get your turkey yet ?????


did you get your turkey yet ?????

Posted by: ALoco | November 13, 2009 at 05:01 PM


I haven't drank Wild Turkey in years. Thanks for the suggestion, I need to save all the money I can for my bond this Sunday ; )

Odinseye , that right , 3 scores can mean 3 FG's for 9 point win or a TD and 2 fg making miami win by 13 . i said 10 , what's the difference ? LOL !

Just wondering in Fasano doesn't play and ends up having a serious problem, who will be the TE after Haynos? What r we going to do this weekend if we need 2 TE's? any1?


I think it will be very fitting for our 2 rookie coeners to give Freeman a rough and tumble welcome to the NFL.
I'm hoping for a blowout, but I'd be more than happy with a 10 point win!

Key injuries to a struggling team

Just wondering in Fasano doesn't play and ends up having a serious problem, who will be the TE after Haynos? What r we going to do this weekend if we need 2 TE's? any1?

Posted by: Kevin | November 13, 2009 at 05:10 PM

In an emergency I think the plan is for Tony to suit up and show them kids how it's done!

There are only 3 teams worse than TB in the NFL - Cleveland, Oakland, and KC. If they can't win this one, the Dolphins might be picking in the top 10 come April.

Miami can activate nalbone from the PS or continue to use Nate garner on some Te formations. i think it will be nalbone since garner might be starting for smiley.

Obviously by 3 scores, I mean 16+. If you are watching a game and the commentator says they are within 2 scores, it means they can tie or take the lead by scoring 2 TDs with 2 point converts. Come on guys!

You guys are right about not taking the Bucs game lightly. This Bucs team is one we should beat in a convincing manner. 3 scores...I dont know. I would be happy with a win by 14 points.

Mark in Toronto,

I was just TRYING to be sarcastic and funny at the same time.
Guess I didn't do a very good job.


marc in blue has nager issues. Get laid fool!

anger issues

Odin, Hopfully you wont need the $$$ for bail(And i think the villages and hamlets near you hope too)maybe with the money you save you can buy the large wild turkey....

Mark, we're kidding with you but tecnically you are wrong and any good commentator is wrong. 2 scores or 3 scores means any combination of scoring , be it a td or fg. you and they should say 2 or 3 Td's. C'mon man !

what the HE|| is dying bread?

10 points could also be 5 scores if you want to be technical..

5 safeties...

Tell em Cuban!

NJ and Odinseye are being ballbreakers tonight! Arguing for the sake of arguing!

Freeman gets exposed for the flop he is this Sunday

right ! was for the 5 safeties.

Play Misty for me, NJ!

Nalbone sucks ,he's not even good for a practice squad .


I don't think Freeman will be a flop, but the Dolphins should get after him easily on sunday (cameron wake?).

I hope Freeman doesn't get to comfortable with Winslow.

my turkeys are done

Freeman will be better than Cade McNown but worse than Duante Culpepper.



Freeman will be better than Sanchito

Aloco, coming down south for Turkey this year, see you in Hialeah...

Better than Akili Smith but worse than Trent Dilfer


I plan on buying a 28 lb turkey this year, but I am not going to get it until closer to Thanksgiving. For have a fresh bird you shouldn't buy it until a few days before.

A good farmer like you should already know something like this ;)

I will be in Islamorada for thanksgiving menace


I agree. From what I've seen Freeman will be a lot better than Sanchito. At least for the forseeable future.

Jaguars are going to stomp on the hearts of all Jets fans in NY and NJ on sunday

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