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GM Jeff Ireland unfiltered (well, almost)

General Manager Jeff Ireland decided long ago that football season is a  time for the football team and its coaches to be in the spotlight. That and the fact he works for Bill Parcells, a man that wants his people working and not conducting interviews, is one reason Ireland has been practically invisible since April.

After he finished talking about his draft picks, Ireland slid into the background, where he's quite comfortable. He hasn't been doing many public interviews although he always says, 'Hey," when I pass him in the press box. Ireland did speak on the record in this week's edition of Dolphin Digest because the publication is in business with the club.

And that solid 10-question interview with Dolphin Digest editor Andy Cohen provides two interesting nuggets.

Nugget One: Ireland is keenly aware how terrible Miami's receiver corps is without the benefit of a star. This, thankfully, despite the company line from coach Tony Sparano that Miami's wide receivers are fine, and that everyone is happy with the receivers. One assumes Sparano privately agrees with Ireland, but after hearing the coach talk publicly of how happy he is with his receivers time and again, you almost start to fall for that Jedi mind trick.

The Jedi mind trick goes something like this:

Reporter: Tony, what do you think of the fact your receivers can't get open and you need to upgrade at the position?

Sparano: Our receivers are doing an outstanding job, they're improving every day in practice and there are things your lying eyes don't see that football people see which prove our receivers are doing fine.

Reporter: Your receivers are doing an outstanding job, they're improving every day in practice and there are things our lying eyes don't see that football people see which prove your receivers are doing fine.

This has gone on all season.

Well, now we know what the organization really thinks. The Dolphins agree with the rest of mankind that its receiver corps is badly in need of upgrading.

"We have to find players who can give us that chunk yardage that the coach always talks about," Ireland said. "We're not there yet and we're not going to be satisfied until we find those players.

"Every team is looking for them. We're not different. We're all looking for a superstar wide receiver. Those players come at a high price. You are either drafting them very high in the draft or giving up high draft picks and a lot of money to get them. Now, I'm not saying we wouldn't do that. The circumstances just haven't fallen for us to do either one right now.

"Do we want that kind of player on our team? Absolutely. All I can say to the fans is to be patient, we're fighting to try to find those type of guys. We're not going to mortgage the franchise for one player. We're going to try to build this team the right way and if those kind of players come to us, we'll certainly go after them and go after them hard."

And while Ireland recognizes the need to upgrade the wide receivers he will give to Miami's quarterback, he is curiously noncommittal about Chad Henne as that quarterback.

Cohen asks Ireland if he's convinced Henne is Miami's QB of the future. Henne has started seven games for Miami. But the GM declines to say if thinks Henne is the real deal based on what he's seen so far.

"Chad has given us a lot of reasons to hope. He has all the intangibles you want," Ireland said. "He is tough. I mean, really tough. There are critical things you need in a quarterback and Chad has many of those things. He's got some moxie in him and I really like that. I'm going to wait until this season plays out and I'm anxious to evaluate the entire body of work at that time. But I can tell you, I like a lot of what I see in Chad Henne."


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Henne Is the real deal & we do need a hugh upgrade at the rec position . Gibril Wilson should be cut becuz he can't tackle or cover , & please resign J.T & Pretty Ricky

Tuna knows injuries come so he has a false wall of players so with injuries the young pine cones appear. I just noticed this.

David in san Fran

Well maybe not a false wall but he slowly unveils his hand

I wish Ireland would have been asked about Turner, well since he drafted him and all, right?

As for Henne, I don't think that it seems that Ireland is non-committal at all.
Why would he tip his hand and call him the next Marino or the franchise QB for the next 15yrs?
He wants Henne to stay hungry and fight to keep his job, soI think he spoke in a PC guarded moment.
But Ireland also certainly did praise Henne as well for what he knows and has seen so far.

Henne will be fine as the receiver corps improves with experience and WR star finally emerges from somewhere, who ever that may be.

We know the receiver corp needs help, but I do ask Armando, is it possible that our receivers are adjusting because of the change in velocity and delivery?

After all they practiced all of last season, this offseason and the first three games with CP. After 7 games, is it possible they are indeed improving as Coach Sparano has indicated?

Good ? C.S and you might be right and if so maybe henne ought to fire a few into ginns chest without pads and maybe he might learn how to catch with his hands.

THe receivers had a huge game last week. Ginn even caught a couple of passes, right where he likes them low. Bess made a couple of great catches and RACs. And Hartline played great as well.Henne is also coming into his own.

ya,I still think we can make something of teddy.

Another trap game this week and as the season goes on I think henne and the WR's are the key if we win or lose.The D is, eh,ok the kids are getting better and and starting to feel they belong.I am starting to think that if we have the ball last HENNE and the WR's can get the yardage to get the job done.The D needs to keep it close though.

Actually we need only one #1wr. Bess is fine at the slot for the future. The real surprise maybe Hartline at the 2 position once we land our #1.

Reason I say this, and you can check Hartlines stats, Hartline is our present chunk yardage reciever. He's averaging over 17yds per catch.

Ginns future maybe huge pay cut and k/o spacialist or will be quickly shown the door.

Also if he stays around Ginn may double duty in a few specialty plays on offense, just to earn his keep. Because I definitely dont see him on any of the coverage units on ST's.

Turner's still a huge mystery. Hopefully theyre taking thier time to groom him into a well rounded true #1 wide out.

Dont think it'll fly well with the trifecta draft him 3rd to use him as a part time redzone guy. You could easily find a guy in the 6th or 7th rd if that were the case.

I look for them to begin starting the gameday evaluation of Turner as early as this Sunday against the Bills.

Teddy can play. Has to dedicate this offseason to working with at least one legendary wideout. You have to pull all stops when you seek greatness.

Crabtree did not sign till 4th,5th or 6th game of the season?Played right away and caught passes.Turner?On the team from the get-go and has not played one down.I say whatever and play him and see what he does HANDS ON.(GET THAT PART GINN?)

It's really not fair to evaluate henne based on this season since he has no receivers who can get open or if they do get open they drop the ball

Im really confused with the Turner situation. At this point Im begining to think that there is something more then meets the (football) eye if you will.

With all the injuys we've had one would think that one of the WR would come up with a minor injury that would keep them out of a few games so that we all may get a chance to see Turner play.

Sounds crazy but, thats what happened with Hillard, Sperry, V.Davis, Tobor and others.

That,Time Mismanagment, and going to much with the prevent D when we have the lead are my main complaints with the coach. Otherwise I like his demeaner.

Jeff Ireland did a pretty long talk/interview with everyone from the Web Weekend fan sites. The first thing he did was come out and apologize to us. He talked a lot about problems with the team. We have it all on tape. Email me if you want it...

I agree, it's one #1 receiver we need. Bump Teddy down one position and he looks pretty good . His speed can open other areas of the field for a quality wideout. People get too focused on where a guy gets drafted.

Again, need to dedicate Ginn to special teams...can put him in for reverses, etc. But he has no business catching from a QB, as far as a QB, Henne has not done the young QB turn it over thing so I give him props. I mean Henning has kept it pretty basic which worked when we had RB tandem but he might need to throw a little more now. Don't get me wrong Ricky, u da man...just have a few games left and don't want u to wear out. Go Phins!!!

Watch how many times Ginn runs out of bounds without getting touched... I think he was tackled twice in three games, all the rest he pansies.

I just don't see where Ireland is non-commital on Henne....and any Dolphin Fan who has watched these games this rookie has played can see the maturity, ball skills and arm strength of this kid...This kid is the REAL deal!!!

Technically he isn't a rookie....

Henne is garbage, we need a real QB like Sanchez - all those picks too.




I second that motion!!! We also need Rex Ryan!!! ................ Those BUMS I was pulling for them this weekend against the Pats they looked like TRASH!!!

You know what else I am starting to think we need a Running back. Ronnie does good when healthy.Last year Donald thomas was hurn missed the entire year this year everybody was saying he was injury prone.What about Ronnie yes he is good.But we need somebody for 16 games not 8 or9. Thank goodness for ricky.HAS RONNIE EVER PLAYED A HOLE YEAR.


Matt, I think Gary was being funny, and we also have limited picks in the draft, considering we have Hillard, Ricky, Ronnie for another year, I don't think RB is a priority

Henne is the future QB of Miami-they want him focused and motivated. We do need a #1 WR - we will draft one or go after one in free agency. We should keep Bess and Hartline around another season though. Both show the promise of improvement.

Parcells & Co. should stick around one more season, at least. They have not accomplished all of their goals yet. Plus Bill might really like the weather in Miami, its good for those old bones.

The Ginn Option

Get him involved in a running play out of the Wildcat

Use him on KR and PR to increase his trade value

Let Henne take another shot or two at him on a deep pass

then Trade, Trade, Trade - get some draft picks

Anyone catch Steve Young's comment last night after MNF? Regarding the Titans, he said that if the Dolphins are alive for the playoffs then really anyone is...

We got more out of this than we'll ever get from a whole day with Sparano. Even here though, two nuggets out of ten questions is typical of a Parcells disciple.
All one has to do is look at how many touchdowns the wide receivers have and you can see there isn't a break away threat on the team. Henne isn't hurting himself with to many interceptions or fumbles. It is near impossible to say how good he can be without that deep threat though.
I wonder what the other eight questions were.

I don't think the receivers are that terrible. Obviously Ginn is a huge disappointment based on where he was drafted, but Bess and Hartline seem to be quality receivers. Camarillo hasn't gotten back to where he was before last year's injury. I think it's too soon to call Henne an unqualified success. He's had some moments for sure and of course I'm hopeful. That doesn't mean we shouldn't consider drafting/signing a quality quarterback next year should the right player become available.

I think we are all so desperate for a QB that Henne looks good because he hasn't been a total failure. Whether he has that extra something that lifts him above the averages serviceable NFL QB is another story. I for one wish he could get rid of the ball faster...that wind up is like Babe Ruth. Too soon to tell, Ireland is right.


Building through the draft is great but us Miami fans have been waiting to long were just a couple players away jus go get that big wide out wee need and a young gooood nose tackle and i think we will be solid at least enough to win us more games

Go Dolphins! This team can still win the division! The hell with you non-believers!!!

Carlito is right.We are getting set up for a crucial show down with those Patsies in a couple of weeks,and I like our chances!!

Henne Is the real deal & we do need a hugh upgrade at the rec position . Gibril Wilson should be cut becuz he can't tackle or cover , & please resign J.T & Pretty Ricky

Posted by: punishthesox | November 24, 2009 at 02:18

I think Gibril is playing pretty good. as a matter of fact it seems he is always making the tackle once the RB get past the DL.

And he's laying the wood to people fearlessly. I don't know why some fans have it out for him.

DEFINITELY draft QB. every year. maybe even late rounders, until we find the next great thing. But Henne looks promising.

Chris: I didn't hear that friggin' LDS make that Phin slur last night, but it does not surprise me. He is a real schmuck who rarely adds anything worthwhile to the debate. To me, he's just the guy who took the LA Express QB gig when Danny told them to screw off and signed with us!
Berman the Dolphin Hater, Gusher Gruden and the "akka-rat" Jaws can all kiss my Aqua and Orange a--!

Ireland said the right things about Henne. What fool of a GM would proclaim him to be the QB of the future after only 7 starts? But Ireland did say many positive things, as he should.

Ireland is not "sold" on Henne as the future QB, nor should he be. That was a stupid question posed to him.

Does any Fin fan believe without doubt that Henne is the guy? I don't. Although i think he's got a great chance.

Dear Jeff Ireland,
DEZ BRYANT... no need to look any further get'rdone!


Dear Jeff Ireland again,
Arrelieous Benn might be even better and available w/o giving up anything and its perfect like when vontae fell into our laps at 25

Interesting post.
Two Nuggets.
1. The real reason Miami vs New England was "flexed" out of the prime time spot is "Bob Kraft". Bob has the NFL and Roger Goddell in his back pocket. Bob gets what he wants and he DOESN'T want to chance the Prime Time Embarassement of loosing to the Dolphins the way the Phins did the Jets. Period!
Second Nugget:
2 Tim Hassellbeck is not a Sports Caster or Journalist, HE is the PRENTENDER. How about posting his Email address so the Fans of the Pretender Dolphins can let him know their feelsing. When the Pats were beat up with injuries a couple years ago and made it deep into the play offs (I think they made the Big Show that year). Not saying Miami is the caliber team that the Pats were.....but well you know. Care to share his Email contact address with us?
Mike W

"Well, now we know what the organization really thinks. The Dolphins agree with the rest of mankind that its receiver corps is badly in need of upgrading."

Gee Mando,

You actually sound a bit surprised by this!

But considering you are also surprised or perhaps disappointed that a coach is not willing to throw his players under the bus , then it's no surprise at all!

One thing that is certain , if you were a coach , your bus would need a lot of ground clearance!

Why does everyone think that Turner is the answer? He is not active for a reason. Do you really think our coaching staff would not play the best receiver. Please people. Crabtree played right away. You know why? Because he was the best receiver they have. So if Turner is not playing, thats because he must not be that good, period.

Ireland's comments are nothing but contract posturing.
Henne signed a 3 year contract.
This is the 2nd year.
He is going to want a huge extension after this season or he'll demand a trade.
He's not only proved he can win games in the NFL, he's proved he can do it without the wildcard or Ronnie Brown or a top notch receiver.

Steve Young is gay!

There's no way Turner is going to develop into a #1 receiver. He's way too slow. He was drafted as a red zone specialist/possession receiver. His height would be a big upgrade over Bess near the goal line. The problem is, the low man on the totem pole, Camarillo is one of Sparano's faves and he has made some clutch catches. They've probably been waiting for an injury to a WR to introduce Turner, but that hasn't happened. I thought that was way too high of a draft pick (3rd) to use on a mediocre WR. We have too many of those already.

I believe Chad Henne is better than the parade of quarterbacks since Marino put together; except for Chad Pennington. Both Chad's are playing smart football. I my opinion, Chad Henne is overacheiving with this receiver core, period. I also believe he is the future of our ball club.

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water!

Armando you had something good going when you got back. Good stuff till today, you just love beating a dead horse dont you. What do you thing Tony Sparano is gonna say about his WR?
The coach has their back and what his he gonna say yeah we have a problems at that position and I wish they where this or that? Just to fill your blog with something for your dam croonies to read and fret over how ur insights are correct? lol

You just dont get it, and here you are beating off on how unproductive we are at the wide out spot. And needing coach to admit or agree with you. GMAB dude find something else to fill your fetish for a prima donna. You lobbied for a WR since well forever this has always been a issue with you, and the deveolpment of the curent WR spot isnt. You think we need help?! OMG what a epiphany. And the rookies need to play to develop and at least one is. Bess is in his second year and as you have pointed out is not gonna run by most people but he is very dependable and with good hands and very good route running skills. No wonder he is Henne's favorite target. Maybe in the offseason the Dolphins will take a look at that and maybe even add a player however unlikely that may be but to go over this same blog article again and again, THE HORSE IS DEAD MAN DONT WASTE UR BULLETS. lol

About the Jedi mind trick. Am I missing something because this seems SO simple to explain. I don't understand why reporters are having a hard time grasping this concept.
1.Tony Sparano is the head coach.
2.Being the head coach means you are preparing the players that are on your roster every week for a new opponent.
3. As a head coach you CAN NOT, through the media, tell a player that he is not good enough and you need someone better at his position.
Is this not simple to everyone else? If he answers the question the way reporters want him too, ("No ANONYMOUS REPORTER we're not happy with our receiving corp right now and know that we can make huge upgrades at their positions"), he is breaking the trust that a player develops with his coach. He is also breaking any confidence they might have gained (at practice) going into the upcoming game. That goes against EVERYTHING they are trying to accomplish that particular week. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANY COACH IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DO THAT? I can't believe that this is still a topic of confusion with some people. The minute he said he was happy with his receiving corp, I as well as many other people knew he was sugar coating for the exact reasons I just pointed out.

Sorry typos have to go...catch up later Dolphins Nation

Thank you NYScott
OK nation catch you later short work week and have to do some busniess.

Dolphins4life, THANK YOU! My God I was starting to think I was the only one in here that understood where the coach is coming from.

Get Lex Hilliard some more carries. What does the guy have to do to get some game time?


Mike Wallace - picked after Turner! This regime needs to re-evaluate how they evaluate receivers!!!

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