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Heat fans boo Porter -- are they right?

Just did a segment on the Jorge Sedano Show here on South Florida's radio waves and he tells me that Joey Porter was at the Heat game Thursday night, ostensibly to watch the Dwyane Wade and LeBron James matchup.

Well, all the good will Porter built during last season's 17 1/2 sack season has apparently faded already this year. That comes from judging the reaction of Heat fans when the big screen on the scoreboard showed Porter in the crowd as one of the celebrities in attendance.

The fans, Sedano said, booed Porter.

So is that a reaction that you would share?

Porter is having a terrible season. He has not had a full sack since September. Last week, in a big stage moment, Porter didn't even play a featured role against the New England Patriots, failing to make a sack or even a tackle in the game.

And he has been avoiding the South Florida media much of the week while big-timing it on NFL Network.

But does he deserve being booed?

Put another way, should Dolphins fans show Porter their displeasure on Sunday as surely as the Heat fans did?


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Of course he does not deserve to be booed. That is just classless. Porter is not having a good year and Wake should see more playing time over Porter but there is no reason to boo him. He was a large part of an incredible season in 2008 for the phins, it is amazing how fickle fans are.

That's just wrong. He didn't do anything wrong. He just didn't do much right either. Not worthy of booing. How is that going to help anything. Fans need to stay positive and supportive.

We's booing the guy from the press box.


our pass rush has been week all season long, and thas has made our secondary's life miserable.
We certainly should think OLB in the first round of the 2010 draft, and get WR trough FA.

This is a what have you done for me lately league. Fans have every right to boo over paid full of themselves athletes.

Doubt Joey even cares. He's getting paid. he likely doesn't even care if he produces.

Wish I could have been at the game to boo this assclown too.

I don't know about booing the guy, but I'll be cheering next year when he's no longer on the team. He is truly a progress stopper as Ireland said.

Yes, because he's all talk and no action. They should have traded him when he had value during the offseason. Now we are stuck with this guy. All i know is he better makeup for his poor play against the Patriots when we play them again down here or else Parcells will sit him for the rest of the season & give someone else a chance.

he asked for it. if you are going to dish it out you better be able to take it. i dont know what he's got on sparano but it must be good because he plays all the time with NO production. even last year the only tackles he made were his sacks. he's over the hill collecting mega bucks pointing the finger at everyone else.

NO, he doesn't deserve to be booed and I'm glad most people on this blog see it the same way.

Say what you want about Joey but nobody has a bigger heart on this team. He has massive pride and it probably hurts him so deep that he's not playing up to his personal expectations.

I feel bad for him, he just doesn't have it this year. I wish he did as much as he does. As much as I love the Dolphins, we do have a shameful fan base - so, so fickle.

Joey Porter does not deserved to be booed in Miami. He learn his lesson from talk trash and then not produce and be ridiculed across the country. He is having a bad year, but he is on the home team, and this is where Joey Porter should be supported. The season is not over.

I bet this place was full of people who are not Heat fans and only come to see Lebron. Lots of Jets fans probably in the building.

I would have booed Ted Ginn but not Joey Porter :-D For Porter it's not all about getting sacks, as it is for Ted Gin catching balls, especially when they are in your hands!!

I wouldn't have booed him. And perhaps his struggles this year are due to his strained hamstring. However, he has just plain sucked this year. He is getting paid $6.4 million a year (including signing bonus) and he is not even good enough to be an average NFL starter. He is irrelevant on the field. I think he is so bad that if the Dolphins put him on IR tommorow, they would be better off. Matt Roth could take his old spot, and J. Taylor would take Porter's spot.

LOLOL!!!!!! Porter deserves it. But I wouldn't boo the guy. If you ask me, he's been playing hurt all year. You can see it in his play:

He can't stop on a dime or make sharp cuts. It looks like his knees are gone. But it's his fault for playing through the injury. He should rest up, recover, and play when he's healthy.

He is a veteran and a supposed leader on the team. When he plays well (and even when he doesn't) he's the first one out there talking trash. So, I see no reason with the fans talking trash by booing him. In other words...

2.5 sacks and 12 tackles in 8 games? That is horrific, and is absolutely one of the reasons this defense has gotten pushed around all year. Porter is definetely one of the problems.

I think the entire team needs to get booed! I have a feeling that joey's struggles have as much to do with mis-use as anything

Porter definitely deserves the boos when you consider that his performance began to drop-off last season (see last 4 games of 2008), creating a shocking trend of consistently, aweful play. Even the basics are an issue with this guy. Watch the tapes this season where Porter is in position to make a tackle, and he has consistently failed. Please also remember that the bulk of Porter's sacks last year came when it was garbage time, ie.. game pretty much a foregone conclusion. Couple this with his high pay, big mouth, and the fact that he is preventing other players from developing, yes CAM WAKE, and we can sum his impact as a "BUST." Any other player in this situation would get benched. Time to hit the eject button...

I think the booing was warranted. Joey has made an ass out of himself at times this year with his big mouth and small production. His lack of accountability is also extremely gauling. I don't blame the Heat fans (many of whom are the same people in the stands on Sunday I'm sure) for their reaction.

porter got 32 million a few years ago with a 12 miilion signing bonus. how sorry do you feel??? he can get booed like everyone else.

I boo him for his lack of ownership of his trash talking! Talk to your home town fans, Joey, not the NFL network! And take responsibility for your poor play!

He's not big timing it on the NFL Network, it's been a weekly segment all season and I believe it's also contracted once you agree to be involved. Another smirky from Round O'

Joey is better when he's really pissed off. Maybe this will help. Probably not.

Although I am disappointed by his lack of production this year I don't think booing the guy is warranted. And while cheering him as a hero at this point might be nearly as wrong, can we also remember the guy is hurt and has been hurt most of the year. I would like to see the coaches sit this guy for a couple of weeks or at least this week and use him in a limited fashion against the Panthers. Let him heal up so he will be able to help down the stretch.

Whats wrong with those Heat fans. He may being having an off year, but hes playing hurt. He is trying. When they win no one has a problem with him running his mouth.

He talked the talk and didn't walk the walk.....ya get what you ask for! SHUT UP AND PLAY PORTER!

I would be incredibly surprised if porter is on the team next year. He will be released after the season. Bank on it

porter should be booed if he played like he runs his mouth we might be 6 and 2 instead of 3 and 5. that goes for crowder to, big mouth with NO GAME. linebacker is a bigger weakness on this team then the wideouts. NEED A BIG TIME UP GRADE IN THE LINEBACKER AREA.

The real good ones do their talking on the field.

Booing porter at the Heat game is classless and stupid. Obviously he should talk less and play more. But I don't think it's for lack of effort. The guy is passionate. Just not very effective this year. But booing him at a bball game? Ridiculous

This article is a straight up lie. That wasn't boos. Armando clearly doesn't like porter which is why he's reaching for anything right now

No way should Joey get booed. I was in NE for the game and at the end of the game, they put Joey up on the scoreboard and showed that he had zero tackles. The whole crowd started yelling "JOOOEEEYYY" and giving him a hard time. All I could think was "take it all in Joey -- get pissed -- and kick the crap out these guys the next time."

The Dolphins played really well against NE at home. They had a few fatal breakdowns, but nothing that can't be fixed. This isn't like past years, where the Dolphins were just a comedy of errors on both sides of the ball. This is a smart, young team that is going through some growing pains. The veterans need us fans to step up and support what they are doing on the field --not boo them for giving all they've got.

We always want to win and we've come close to some of the best teams in the league right now. Maybe fan support is that one thing that will make the difference in these close games. Show some love and stop all the hating...

No j porter is playing hurt he's out there but wait & see the next 8 games he will make a big difference why does it have to be porter only there more then 1person u can boo on the fins & I'm a big Miami fan 25 year fan so he will be back

J.D Folsom has been cut from the active roster. They will most likely try and put him back on the practice squad

First i read the NFL network appearance was a contractual obligation now hes BIG timing it?! Make up your mind. I dont think your being fair.

who cares......the season' over......begining of end was fasano's fumble in atl.

Fair weather fans boo and put down any players that belong to your team.

** correction**

Fair weather fans boo and put down any players that belong to their team.

C'mon really??? What is going on in South Florida? Why boo the guy?

Log in here, to Mando's blog and rip him here. At least he understands why a person is upset with his play. But to boo him when he is out having a bit of fun. No wonder the Phins won't speak to the media.

No he doesn't. But when he talks and doesn't produce, what does one expect? He loves to talk but he must be thick skinned enough to take the heat as well.

How do we expect big free agents to sign with us when we act like this? It's disgusting and those who boo do not deserve to be a Dolphin fan.

Just stupid to boo a player like that, especially porter !!! The guy is on the injured list every week and gives us all he has.

So Heat FANS boo porter and klindry understands why porter doesn't talk to the media?

What does one have to do with the other?

He deserves to be boo'ed... in Dolphins Stadium.

Everywhere else... would any of you like to be boo'ed in a restaurant, for example, just because you're not doing your job as well as other people thought you should? I thought not.

Joey definitely does NOT deserved to be booed.

But he does deserve to be benched.

I never believe you should boo one of your own! Sure he's having a rough season and he's not backing up his big mouth but he plays hard for us and he's passionate about what he does! I'm sorry to say but most of miamis fans are the ones that need to get the boos!!!! Hating when were losing, not showing at games, but as soon as were winning they're the first to jump on the bandwagon and pretend they're die hard fans like a few of us really are! Go fins baby! Win or lose!

Starting with the year 1970 (the year of the NFL-AFL) merger, the Dolphins' cumulative best record for years ending in the same digit (i.e. 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000) is those years ending in the number 3 (1973, 1983, 1993, 2003). Their cumulative record in those 4 years is 43-19. The Dolphins' worst record is for years ending in the number 6 (cumulative record 28-34).

Dear Mr. Salguero

"The fans, Sedano said, booed Porter"

What you failed to mention was Porters line for the night.

0 pts scored
no rebounds
no steals
no blocked shots

Everytime Lebron had the ball porter was nowhere in sight....it was like he didn't even play.

Soiled :)

Of course JP shouldn't be booed. Does anyone think that the man himself is not tearing his hair out trying to recover his form. JP is an intelligent enough football player to know that performances this season are disappointing. But that goes all along the line where not enough pressure is being placed on opposing QBs.
We need to get behind the team and support them. I don't see any guys coming off the field who haven't given their all. We may make mistakes or be lacking technical skills, but our 'phins players are certainly trying.
I certainly wouldn't want to be the one to suggest to JP or JT that they weren't giving their all.

I stand corrected. The Dolphins' best cumulative record is for years ending in the number 2.

In 1972, 1982, 1992 and 2002, they are 41-14 (winning 75% of their games).

In 1973, 1983, 1993 and 2003, they are 43-19 (winning 69% of their games).

I apologize for the error and any ensuing chaos.

He has been playing hurt, say what you want but at least the guy shows some emotion.

J.Peezy - LETS RIDE errrr LETS LIMP!!!!

I do not believe in boohing your own team or players, unless the person did some criminal act or something. If you do that, you are not a fan. You boo the opposition. Totally showing no class by the people who did that. I must say, though, that alot of New York transplans go to Heat games, especially big event type games like DWade vs LJ, so I would imagine that many of the people who did that may not have been Dolphin fans.

If ur a fins fan planning on booing our guys at the game just stay home we don't need y'all anyways!

Dear Armdo, how are you? I am fime. I wish the peoples would not BOO Joey Poter. Jory Poter has hurts knee. I know this so is not his fault. He didn't mean to hurt his knee. He didn't do it on purpose so he should not get BOO from fans. If they are MIAMI DOLPHIN fans they should not give BOO. If fans he should stand and clap Joey Poter

your friend, Juan Huron

The Steelers let Porter go for a reason.

The fact that he went to the Pro Bowl last year just shows how bad the teams we played really were. Sometimes, it just time to retire.

It's good to hear from Juan huron again. Long time no hear juan ! He 's one of my favorite posters on here . He doens't mean no harm to anyone . :)

Its a personal choice - if you pay for a ticket you have a right to boo.

Personally I would not do that. I don't have any type of resentment toward Porter.

That being said I think his signing was one of a number of bad personell decisions made over the past decade. One of the bigger mistakes.

That is pretty classless of Heat fans, imo. Ya, Porter talks a lot and he hasn't been productive, but come on, he was one of the driving forces behind the success of 2008. You don't need to cheer him, but certainly don't boo him...

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I have a cool Jason Taylor wallpaper up at http://nflwallpaperzone.blogspot.com

Dear Mr.Tom Hartman

"Sometimes, it just time to retire"

Porters body is telling him that right now(you too JT).
But his mind will not accept it.

The money the fame, why give that up voluntarily. He knows he is not twentysomething anymore(it is a young mans game,with rare exceptions)

I myself like Joeys pride and gamesmanship and all he has brought to us. But he is losing a step and that is just natural.

Soiled :)

Forget Porter...Let's get back to bashing Ginn. If anyone out there knows of Star Trek The Wrath of Khan, you'll get this. Picture Shatner screaming, GIIIIINNNNNN! (echoing GIIIINNNNn, GIIIIINnnn, GIiiiinnn, Giiiinnnn). That's what I do every game when the ball slips through his fingers.

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